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Sharon J.

2022-09-29 00:52:27

A week after I gave Rhoda her first erotic massage in several years, I got a call from her daughter, Sharon. She said, "Pete, I know it's only been a week since Mom’s massage, but her birthday is next week. She told me how much she truly loved that massage. As a matter of fact, she talked about it almost every day of the week. I’m hoping you might be able to come back this Saturday and work your magic on her again. It will be a birthday present from me."

All sorts of thoughts were running through my head. I also, thought about her massage every day last week. After a few seconds, I said, "Certainly, I have Saturday free and will be more than happy to give your mother a special ‘birthday massage’. What about your massage? You missed yours last week." Sharon replied,” If I wake up before noon, I would love to get a massage." I said, "O. K. have a good time Friday night and I'll see you Saturday."

I couldn’t believe how fast Saturday arrived. I got up early today to make sure I had everything needed for the perfect birthday treat. I was even early to arrive at Rhoda's house. Rhoda was already up and had the coffee pot brewing as usual. Sharon was out late again last night and the birthday woman got to go first again; no surprise there! Rhoda said, “Sharon probably won't wake up until at least noon again.” I said, “That's quite all right. How’s your lower back since last time?”

She exclaimed,” It could use some extra work today! That Magic Wand of yours seemed to help a lot last time. Do you think you could use it again on me?” “What ever you want today Rhoda; after all it is your birthday and I want this massage to be special for you.”

It was hotter than last week and Rhoda suggested leaving the door open to get some circulation in the room. Sharon won't be down for hours so it will be O.K. I had other thoughts.

From the previous session, I suspected Sharon had watched the proceedings of her mother’s massage from the darkened depths of the living room while waiting for her own massage. As I was prepping my table for her to receive her massage, my peripheral vision caught a fleeting glimpse of something in the living room. In my mind, I may have imagined it was Sharon. It appeared as if she was covering herself up with her robe and I also thought I saw a flash of a shiny toy protruding from her robe pocket. If I was right, today may be very exciting and adventurous.

After last week a few changes were noticed. Rhoda had only a robe on and she took it off right away and lay on the table with no sheet or covering at all. The beauty of her voluptuous curves was so inviting. My dormant cock didn’t hesitate by its reaction to the sight. Rhoda was ready and anticipating this birthday present. I gave her a full hour and a quarter soothing relaxing massage the way she likes it. Rhoda, again, had ideas of getting that little extra release today. She'd been saving up all week, hoping today would be as pleasurable. Sort of an extra birthday present from me. I went to excuse myself and said I'd be right back to continue the balance of her birthday massage. After a bathroom break and checking the living room from the corner of my eye, I saw that familiar silvery flash. I wasn’t imagining last week. It was still dark in there and difficult to really see well, especially after being in the brightly lit dining room for the past hour. But there was some definite movement on the sofa.

I came back to the dining room and Rhoda was lying on the table. Knowing that Sharon was pleasuring herself already in the living room, I thought it would be good to give her another show and then see what type of massage she was in the mood for. I asked Rhoda if she needed anything. She said a little extra release as a birthday present would be nice. I said I got just the thing. Because I was just getting into erotic massage, I told Rhoda, “Turn over onto your tummy again and I will do my best to give you an erotic massage.” Without all the details, I will say that Rhoda was very, very wet before her back side was done. Her body shuddered several times and the moans of blissful pleasure spilled from her lips to announce approval. She was ready for the intense front massage

I asked her to turn on her back again and at this point I took a chance at a side glance into the living room. Some sunlight started to creep in there and I caught a glimpse of Sharon's nude spread eagle body on the couch. She was unaware enough light had entered the room to display the erotic highlights of her curves. She was busy; her thrusting dildo was glistening in the sunlight. Apparently Sharon was a very sexual person enjoying watching and doing. Anything sexual was a super turn on for her, even watching her own mother getting pleasured. I quickly turned back toward Rhoda to finish her birthday fun.

Rhoda was lying with her eyes closed and her legs spread slightly. Her hands were folded across her tummy. She was breathing slowly and deeply. Her magnificent chest rising and falling managed to make my thick cock began throbbing. Her breasts were demanding to be massaged first. This was exactly where her erotic birthday massage began; with a full breast and nipple treatment. Rhoda loved her breasts massage. It made her very wet and arouse. Today was no exception as she moaned and squirmed while I manipulated her soft flesh. My swollen cock was already dictating my next move as I boldly took another daring step in my career. Making sure her nipples were totally aroused and peaked to her approval, I gave each nipple a gentle wet kiss to keep them that way before moving down her body. It was the right move. “I was hoping you would do that. If you didn’t, I was going to ask you to. I felt my nerves twitching and sending tingling sensations through my tummy.” she whispered. I felt my own hunk of meat twitching and dripping.

I’ll say it was the right move. Her sexual excitement and aroma of her wetness increased exponentially. It was about this point that I decide to stay at the side of the table so that Sharon could get her voyeuristic eyeful; and if she didn’t totally let go, I knew she would want the full works. I was ready for her today. In addition to the erotic treatment of last week, today’s birthday special include a couple of new items; the ‘clock’ and the G-spot coupe de gras. Rhoda was quite happy and also immensely satisfied with her special birthday massage so far. She had several small quivers and breast massaging spasms, but not the big one, yet.

As wet and swollen as ever, she still needed more stimulation for the big release. I positioned her feet on the table, and raised her spread knees. Her gaping gash was dripping with sex. As I began the clock massage on her vagina, I thought I heard a muffled wince from the living room. It was short and too quick to determine its direction. It could have been coming from Rhoda. After all the living room door way was only about eight feet away and Rhoda was making quite a bit of verbal utterances. She was massaging her breasts again but this time she was pinching and twisting her taught nipples. Her hips and butt were squirming and gyrating. She was on the brink and still couldn’t let go. She released her nipples and grasped the edges of the table once more.
Anticipating the big one, I slid along the edge of the table just far enough so Rhoda could feel the massively swollen head pressing against the back of her hand.

I could see she needed the ultimate G treatment. After completing the ‘clock’ I began the G-spot treatment. Almost immediately Rhoda started with the oohs and ahhs and a few profanity syllables. Her hands released their grip from the sides of the table; her left pressed in on her tummy while her right turned and grasped my manhood and squeezed. As I strummed her clitoris with my left hand, my right worked her G-spot. Rhoda’s grip began softly jerking the swollen log through my sweat pants as she began a series of deep raspy, “Oh my God, Pete what are you doing to me. That feels so fucking great. Ohh ,Ooooh aahh oh Fuck, Pete.” Her toes curled tightly. Her cunt went into contractions as her whole body shook. She screamed, “I’m commmminngg,” loud enough to wake her daughter; if her daughter was still sleeping. With Rhoda’s hand still wrapped tightly around my shaft, I felt her squeeze it each time she had a contraction. My cock was shooting a torrent of precum straight into the side of her hip as she continued gripping and releasing

I continued to lightly massage her clit and lips until her spasms decreased.
While Rhoda was moaning and shouting that she was about to come hard, at the final scream of, ‘I’m coming’, I heard Sharon pack up and pitter patter up stairs through the other doorway at the far end of the living room. She was definitely getting her massage today also.

Rhoda got up and put her robe back on. She said, "Thank you so much. That was the most wonderful birthday present I have ever had. The only thing missing was what you did for me last week. I’ll make that part up to you next time, Son, I mean Pete. I'd love to join you for a cup of coffee, but I can't today. Go help yourself to some, and I'll get Sharon up. I'm sorry I have to run out on you but I also have a hair perm appointment in an hour."

While drinking my coffee, I began to fantasize what it would be like to give Sharon her first erotic massage. She was almost like a younger sister; a younger twin of her mother. Same proportioned shape; breasts not quite as large as mother and hips not as wide. Her skin was tighter along with her soft fleshy parts a bit firmer. My cock was still semi hard and oozing from my fantasizing as I heard Sharon coming down the stairs. With a fake yawn she said, "Room for one more massage?" I said absolutely. I'll be done with this coffee in a couple of minutes. Why don't you hop on the table and make yourself comfortable?

Then I remembered I didn't change the sheet yet from Rhoda. I quickly went to the dining room and there was Sharon noticing the still wet spot where her mother had just came. I quickly ducked back and from the kitchen announced wait a minute. I didn't change the sheets yet. This was getting more interesting each visit. Sheet changed and I went back to finish my coffee while Sharon made herself comfortable on my table. I was heading back to the dining room just as Rhoda was coming down and saying goodbye as she left for her appointment.

My cock noticed it first as it pulsed and shook a cold drop of precum (left over from Rhoda’s treatment) down my leg at the sight of Sharon’s totally nude form on my table. A younger, tighter, firmer duplicate of Rhoda was displayed face down on my table. My cock was going to taste that sweet pussy some day. I don’t think today would be right because I needed to introduce her to the pleasures of erotic massage. No need to rush things, for I knew a long relationship was building in this household.

"Well Sharon. I said, “what kind of massage can I give you today?" She said she'd like something slow and soothing. Her feet and legs were still sore from dancing half the night and her lower back, like her mother's, could also use some extra. For her, I opted for the magic wand right away. I knew she wanted to know what this power stick had. She wanted to know how it felt when her mother used it last week and again today. “If your muscles are as tight as you say, perhaps you won’t mind if I use my Magic Wand on you. It gets deep and hard to reach areas as it works to help soften up tight muscles.” “That sounds like a good idea, Pete.” She replied.

I said let's get started. Let me do your back first. It seems most of the aches and pains are there. I didn't waste any time getting the wand on her tight lower back muscles. With the wand to the side of her coccyx, it sent the penetrating vibrations through her pelvic bones and tissue and into the base of her clitoris deep into her lower abdomen behind her pubic bone. She probably didn’t even know her clit had such deep roots. While pushing down on her lower back and rocking at the same time added extra stimulation. I could see she was truly enjoying this. I felt a few shudders and a slight moan escape her lips within minutes. She tried to hide it. I made like I didn't hear anything. I said, "Things seem to be loosening up a bit. You should be feeling a little more comfortable with a lot of that tension released in your lower back." She said, "Much better, Pete. That feels good." I said to myself, "I bet it does!"

After her lower back I continued with her feet and backs of her legs. Her sore feet and legs also deserved some extra attention. I was going all out today to supply the finest in massage for Sharon. She was expecting to receive a similar massage as her mother and I didn’t want to disappoint her. I didn’t want to make every move exactly the same, for she would not have the thrill of anticipation if she already knew what was coming

Being in a mischievous mood, I thought I would try a risky move to see what would happen. It seems from Sharon's previous actions watching her mother get a massage; I was assuming she likes all things related to sex. Having been divorced for a while, active sex has been lacking. So as I was doing the backs of her legs I decided to go a little higher than normal almost to her hot wet cunt. I slowly slid my hands up the back and inner thigh of her left leg.

I could feel the heat emanating from her crotch. Nudging her soft pubis curls with my fingertips, I said immediately, "I'm sorry; I didn't mean to go up that far." Her reaction was a soft moan and actually spread her legs wider. With her head still face down I could hear her say, "Don't be. I liked it" No modesty here. So I went back to work on her other foot and leg. By this time Sharon had spread her legs wider across my table. When I got up to her thighs to massage with side pulls and strokes I noticed her lips were slightly swollen and spread to see a very excited clitoris and a lot of lubricating fluid had been produced.

As I climbed up her right leg, I went even further, beyond her short curls into the moisture saturating her lips. She winced slightly and said that felt nice. I didn’t apologize this time, but continued with a few more gentle strokes up into her wet labia before stopping to ask.
“How do your feet and legs feel?” She answered, “They feel nice and warm, Pete, but could you use your Magic Wand some more on the backs of my thighs?

I obliged using the wand and massaging, rocking and pulling up along her inner thighs. All this extra treatment seemed to put her sexual arousal into high gear. and as I did I allowed the wand to gradually slide between her thighs and remain achingly close to her clitoris. Even though it wasn’t touching, she could feel the vibrations teasing her vulva. With a few accidental nudges pushing it right up against her engorged clitoris. She could hardly lie still at this point. She twitched each time the wand got a little too close. After twenty minutes of this teasing I stopped and said that's all I could do for her legs today. She wouldn’t admit it but, she was dripping with lubrication. My pole was also dripping from the sight and fragrance of her arousal.

I said, "It's time to turn over." With a slight moan Sharon reluctantly turned over for her front massage. I don't think she knew that I knew how she was feeling. But, knowing she was in a high state of excitement, I decided to keep her there and see what she would say. With very light strokes I began on her hands and arms to give pause and bring her peak down a bit. The light strokes kept it alive. She had such a satisfying smile across her face. If I didn’t know better I would have thought she had came already. Time to wake her up again.

Moving to her chest and abdomen I managed to ever so lightly brush across her nipples. So lightly that she would think I was totally unaware. I noticed they were starting to get slightly aroused so I felt another light pass would help start things up again. It did. It was then that I asked, only because she seemed to already enjoy her back massage. Sharon, “I noticed how much you liked your back massage and didn’t seem to mind when I went a lot further than I was supposed to. Would you mind if I turned this massage from a regular massage to a special erotic massage?” What do you mean by “erotic’?” she replied. I continued to explain to her, and she felt that an erotic massage was just the kind of massage she needed to help her relax. Enough said, the next step was to give her the experience of her first professional erotic breast massage.

Softly I attacked her firm left globe of flesh with both hands, circling clockwise and counterclockwise; squeezing and kneading. Gentle clawing before raking my fingers across her areolas from her nipple to its rim continuing around like drawing spokes on a wheel. By the time I had her nipple between my thumb and forefinger, she was getting out of control with lustful bliss. Her hips were gyrating and moving up and down. Her right breast received a duplicate treatment and as I was finishing up on her stiff right nipple, I got a fresh scent of excitement wafting from her lower half. I’ve never seen anyone, except for her mother, so thoroughly enjoy a breast massage as Sharon. She was mine to do as I wished.

Forcing all her sexual energy down toward her lower abdomen and into her nerve center of passion was the main reason to give Sharon the super tummy treatment
After a very soothing abdominal massage which included a little lower touch to lightly brush over her pubic hair to invigorate and stimulate sexual tension, I could see mound and hips in motion again. She wanted more, but I could see she wasn’t quite ready yet. No need to rush things. After all Mom wouldn’t be home for some time.

I stopped and started on her feet again for a little extra rest and anticipation time of what's next. When I did start on her feet, she right away spread her legs again and let one hang over the side of the table, leaving everything in full display. Her pussy was gorgeous, all swollen and shiny from moisture. She was not modest at all about showing her attributes. As I hoped, her peak had subsided to the point where it needed to be revitalized.

I was about to bring it back up a notch. Continuing up her legs to her thighs, I went all the way up, further than I had gone before. This time, I purposely applied a slight shiatsu pressure on her labia, so her slippery inner lips would crash into the side of her now semi swollen clitoris. I didn't say anything this time. I looked up to her face and she only cooed, "Nice." I let go of her thigh and continued the shiatsu massage down the whole side of her labia to her honey hole and back up to her clit. After several repetitions of this, her hips were writhing and she was moaning in pleasure. My meat was throbbing. Things were perking up.

I worked on her other foot and leg and ended with another shiatsu treatment between her legs. Everything was more wet and swollen than before. Her pussy was pumping out fluid like a fountain. Sharon still had both feet off the side of the table, saying, “Don't stop, Pete.!” So what’s a guy to do. I went back to her vulva with some very moderate pussy patting all about her lips and clitoris to increase blood flow and get things out into the open. At this point I felt I had to apologize again, and said, “None of this happens in a relaxation massage. And I appreciate you allowing me to practice on you.” All she said was, “This is my kind of relaxation massage and so far the best I ever had”, and continued, “Keep practicing! Don't stop!” I felt honored that I was doing so well.

I said, “I would like to work more on your vulva as part of this erotic massage I've been practicing.” Again she said, "Don't stop and keep doing whatever you want. It feels so relaxing and exciting" So I began again; this time with some warmed personal lubricant poured gently over her parted lips. She melted and spread wider as she felt the warm slippery fluid seep over her hooded nub and between her slit. I started lightly grasping her lips and between my finger and thumb gently pulling from her vagina to her clitoris and back again, then repeat the same procedure on the other side. Pinching her lips again between my thumb and forefinger, I slid my hand up and down several times. Each upward stroke would slam into the underside of her exposed clit.

Softly with a circular motion on her clitoris then back and forth and side to side. Sliding her swollen nub in and out of its small covering was torturing her. She began shaking and had a few mild tremors. She tried to hold back. Her cunt was screaming for release. Soon she was tensing her legs and shaking uncontrollably. I put my left arm across her left breast while my hand rested on her right breast playing gently with her hard nipple. My right hand just rested on her abdomen and just held it there until her little mini quake had passed. I could feel her tight abdomen contracting beneath my right hand several times.

Sharon soon calmed down only to have her excitement elevated one more time. I explained what I was about to do next, just so she wouldn’t be too shocked. My right hand was ready to start the clock massage. More warm Astroglide was poured over her vulva and my right hand. Slowly I gently slid my lubricated thumb about an inch and a half into her awaiting vagina and squeezed lightly at about the 12 o'clock position. While gripping her steaming, I slowly moved my thumb in and out about an inch for about a minute. She could feel the walls of her canal being pulled and pushed with each motion. Then I moved to the 1 o’clock position in her vagina and squeezed and gripped as I drove it in and out for another minute. Stretching and pulling the walls like a giant cock rubbing on every square inch a little at a time. I continued this motion, stopping at every hour to massage the walls of her slippery and hot tube. By the time I got to about 7 o’clock, I had to remove my thumb and switch to my first two lubed fingers to continue back up to 12. Sharon was bucking and moaning a quarter of the way into the clock. She was holding back for dear life not wanting me to see her climax from what she thought was just as simple massage.

This massage many times produces a moderate climax. Sharon was no exception. Her hips were bucking and flaying with each in and out mini thrust. She was squealing with lust and excitement. I now knew from which parent she gets all this sexual energy. By the time I approached the 12 o’clock position, Sharon was panting and contracting her vaginal muscles around my fingers. This time her climax was the biggest yet; but not the last. I wanted her to know the big one.

While still in this very high state of excitement, her vagina is now ready for the G-spot massage. This massage produces the most profound and strongest orgasms and even causes some women to ejaculate; sometimes lasting up to half an hour. I'm getting ahead of myself, Sharon was coming along fine. The clock had made her come and she needed that release badly. She shuddered and shook and let out an, “Oh God that felt so nice!” But I wasn't done yet. I felt she had at least one more orgasm hidden inside her.

With my left hand on her soft furry fleshy mound and fingers lightly pressing on her swollen clitoris, I gently and slowly manipulated her clitoris as I began the G-spot massage. Being so excited from just having experienced the clock, her cunt never felt my two well lubricated fingers slowly thrusting into her hot, slippery, relaxed love canal. About 2" in I found what I was hunting for; the G. With a come hither motion with my fingers against the spot and my left hand applying a slight downward pressure on her mound while rubbing her clit, Sharon was a happy camper. Sometimes I would alternate between clits and breasts while doing the G, but today, Sharon took care of the breasts and nipples. I only had to concern myself with her steamy pussy.

At first she just laid there running her hands in circles around her twin peaks, then her hips began gyrating. Within minutes she was pinching and pulling her erect nipples as I continued driving her G-spot to the point of no return. She was due any minute as her breathing became more rapid and irregular. She opened her mouth to say something, but only a rush of air and some throaty animal sound bellowed. She tried again, but only got as far as, “Oh, Pete, Pete I’m…. “ and a pause for a deep breath. Before she could utter another sound, she lifted her firm ass completely up off the table. My hands worked more rapidly making slurping noises as they drove her pussy to a boiling frenzy.

I could feel a slow and strong buildup. At first a few twitches, hips moving slightly and when her hips rose off the table, I felt a huge contraction on my fingers. Her back was arched up as fingers became locked inside her. She lay there motionless while her vagina crushed my fingers. It felt as if she was trying to suck my fingers in deeper. This time she let the whole house know as she finally blurted out what she was trying to say a few seconds earlier, “Oh God I'm cooommmiiing. My massive boner was hurting and throbbing as never before. On Sharon’s second vaginal convulsion, she ejaculated. It furthered my excitement. I could feel my cock flowing precum into my shorts. I knew Sharon was now relaxed. That kind of climax cannot be faked.

I gave her a nice soothing connecting massage after her climax and covered her over with a sheet and told her to just lie there a while and rest. I was in need of another earned cup of coffee. About fifteen minutes later, Sharon came into the kitchen with her robe on and couldn't thank me enough for the most pleasing and relaxing massage of her life. She never knew what she had been missing until today. From now on she said, "I want all my massages to be erotic massages." I said, "Thank you for allowing me to practice on you. Next time I promise it will be even better." Sharon now understood the pleasures that her mother received, and from today’s session I received several referrals by Sharon.

A few weeks later I got a call from Carolyn, one of Sharon's friends. She is worth writing about also. Another time.