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Great Start to College

2023-01-20 21:54:50

My college selection process wasn’t exactly ideal.
My father met my mother while he was serving a term in the peace in South Korea. He brought her back with him when he returned, and I was born about year later. In many aspects I am the stereotypical Asian-American kid, and in all aspects she is the stereotypical Asian mother. Education came first, and you can bet I play the cello like a mother fucker. She ruled with an iron fist while my father giggled on the side line only commenting with a “listen to your mother,” and a devilish grin. I wasn’t the proverbial Asian geek with inch thick glasses, Friday nights spent studying. At least, not once I got to high school. I went behind my mother’s back and tried out for the lacrosse team, which by a stroke of luck I made. Of course my mother forbid it, but for once my father disagreed with her and allowed it, even encouraged it. Flash forward 4 years, and the valedictorian of my high school (surprised aren’t you?) and I was admitted to a pretty prestige university in North Carolina, on a Lacrosse scholarship. Living in California, North Carolina was quite a flight, and as my parents dropped me off in my dorm, still in July, the day before practices began, they left me almost as quickly, hurrying to catch their flight back. And there I was, in a small apartment style dorm room, with an empty bed across from mine, and nothing to do.

I found out earlier in the summer my roommates name was Nick. That was all I knew though. I emailed him 3-4 times throughout the summer, trying to introduce myself, learn more about him, and find out what he was bringing. Whether he never got them or ignored me, I don’t know, but he and I never spoke. I knew he had to be an athlete of some sort, given that only athletes stayed in my dorm, but I had no idea when he would even be there. I spent my first night just getting some food, and wondering around the mostly deserted campus.

Practice started at 7 A.M. the next morning, and went on through the rest of the day. At 8 that evening I trod across campus from the practice field, body drenched in sweat, my duffle bag swung over my shoulder, and my stick in my left hand. The sun was almost completely down, but the air was still heavy and wet. I entered my dorm and the heat only got worse. The antiquated dorms went without air conditioning, and the ceiling fans in the lobby did little but stir the hot, humid air. I lumbered down the hallway to my room, and fumbled with the lock on the door, only to find it swung open. My anger in finding I left the door unlocked, subsided as I saw that my roommate had finally made his appearance.

Now I was by no means an unattractive guy. I had a pretty nice body, a few year of sports will do that to you, but I was nothing compared to this guy. Nick stood at probably 6’1, a good bit taller than my 5’3. As well, I couldn’t believe the body on this guy. He was a typical bro, t-shirt too tight to show off his muscles, but I couldn’t believe that someone could even build up the musculature this guy had in only 18 or 19 years. His biceps looked as thick as my head, stretching the sleeves on his shirt to their limit. His pecs were equally defined in the shirt, 2 square masses jutting proudly from his body. It was like I was in some trance looking at this guy, what the hell? I was snapped back to my senses when he extended his hand, taking mine in a firm handshake.

“Name’s Nick,” he said with a firm handshake.

“Li,” I replied apologizing for how I looked and how I smelled. Nick just laughed as I dropped my gear on the ground.

“If you want to man, we could go grab some dinner after I get a shower, get to know each other,” I suggested as I grabbed a towel and headed to the bathroom. Lucky for us, each room had its own bathroom albeit it wasn’t much larger than a closet. I shut the bathroom door behind me, the room already stuffy with the lack of air movement. I shed my shorts and shirt, pulling my jock strap off, tossing it on my pile of clothes as I climbed in the shower, just standing in the stream of the warm water. The hot water relieved my sore muscles, and after what felt like an hour, I finally shampooed up my hair, stopping only as my eyes were closed and I thought I heard the door open.

“Hey man you don’t mind if I take a piss do you,” Nick asked as he walked across the bathroom to the toilet.

“Uh no go ahead man,” I said with a nervous laugh, slightly turning in the shower. The shower curtain was one of those where it was semi opaque plastic, where you could see who was behind it, but just an outline really. I had played sports for years, so I didn’t really have a problem showering in front of other guys, but I hadn’t really even met this guy yet. He obviously didn’t care though. I listened as he unzipped his shorts and started a stream of piss that sounded like it had enough pressure to cut through the bowl. “Christ dude It sounds like you could beat a horse in a pissing contest,”

“In a dick measuring contest too,” he shot back almost instantaneously, eliciting a heavy laugh from both of us. Nick finished up, and left the bathroom. It left me wondering though, was he really that big “down there?” As an Asian guy, I had heard my fair share of small dick jokes. Thankfully though, I was an exception to that, and by exception I mean I’m pretty averaged sized, and just lucky that because I’m shorter, I look more well endowed than I actually am. What about him though? Nick was a good deal taller than I, not to mention looking like he was a month or two away from being big enough to do a body building competition.

All this was running through my head as I got out of the shower and dried myself off, wrapping my towel around my waist. I walked out of the bathroom only to be stopped in my tracks. Facing the window, with his back to me, for a brief second, I saw Nick’s big, bubble butt while he was pulling up a pair of tight boxer briefs. I could tell he was going to be naked a lot, and had no problem if I saw. I turned my back to him as I dropped my towel, and quickly pulled on a pair of boxers, and then the rest of my outfit, some cargo shorts and a tank top. I turned around and Nick was dressed similarly, now showing off his engorged biceps. “Damn dude how much do you bench,” I asked, stepping out of the room.

“Just 400,” he said with a shrug as we both busted into laughter.

At dinner we got to know each other, and the more I heard, the less I believed he was a real person. Besides his perfect body and good looks, which several of the girls noticed while we were eating the cafeteria, I learned he was also number 2 in his class, and his family was loaded. REALLY loaded. Both his parents were surgeons, and as he nonchalantly spoke of their summer vacation in Italy, or their winter house in Breckenridge, I knew that the two of us came from drastically different backgrounds. Hell he wasn’t even an athlete, his dad had friends on the board, and got him into the dorm because they were the best ones (which made me REALLY not want to see the worst dorms).

After dinner, we headed back to the room, and despite it almost being completely dark out, the room was still stuffy and hot.

“Fuck me,” Nick moaned as we walked in the door. I plopped on our futon, and wiped the sweat off my brow, my shirt already sticking to me.
“I think I know what ill work for this,” Nick said as he opened his mini-fridge. A few seconds later he joined me on the couch with two red plastic cups, “Rum and coke,” he asked, offering it to me, not really letting me say no as he shoved it into my hand. He took a long drink from it like It was ice water, I took a drink and acted like I had just taken a shot of Draino.

Me and alcohol don’t exactly mix well. First off I’m Asian, so It doesn’t take much to get me tipsy. That, on top of me being a little guy, results in me being drunk well before anyone else.

Well I had told myself that night that I wasn’t going to get drunk, but Nick had other plans, and after a few drinks, both of us were sitting in just our underwear, in an intense match of Call of Duty, on the futon. The room was still hot, and both of our bodies were shining with sweat. For the fourth time that night, I growled as Nick once again beat me, and as per our rules, the loser had to chug a drink. Had I been more sober, I would have seen how much amusement he was getting out of seeing me in such a stupor, but alas I couldn’t tell. As I finished my drink, a knock came at the door, and I instantly froze. Alcohol wasn’t allowed in the dorm, and the last thing I needed was to get kicked off the team. Nick apparently saw my distress though and laughed.

“Don’t worry dude I invited a friend over,” he said as he opened the door. He didn’t say though, that his friend was a girl, and a very hot one at that.

Maggie, as she was introduced, was a little taller than me, not saying much, and had brown hair cut short around her chin. Whatever she was wearing, she wasn’t wearing it for long, as she stripped down into just her underwear and bra. It was an underwear party she had been told apparently. Even in the state I was in, I could tell she had already been pre-gaming for this “party.” As Nick made her a drink, the alcohol had started to hit me. I stumbled back onto the futon, and tried to center myself. I remember Maggie and Nick joining me, Nick putting on a movie, and just as it started, I blacked out and was dead asleep.

Our room was arranged so that the futon and tv were in the middle of the room between our beds, so that if you were sitting on it, you could see either bed. Much earlier than I would have liked to have been I was awoken. I slowly opened my eyes as someone was shaking me awake. The room was dark, the clock on Nick’s night stand said it was 3:30. The only light in the room was the little bit coming in from the window from a streetlight across the street.

“Dude get up, ” Nick said shaking me again. I sat up, groggily, rubbing my eyes.

“Wha-what why,” I asked squinting. I could barely see him, as he stood over top of him.

“Go have a go man,” he said nodding across the room. Apparently the look I gave him told him I Had no idea what he was talking about. “Her,” he said pointing. Illuminate by the light from the window, I could see that, lying on his bed, was Maggie, not dressed in her underwear though. This time she wasn’t wearing anything. My eyes snapped open now, and I slowly stumbled over to Nick’s bed. She was lying on her back, naked as the day she was born, and legs spread. Her breasts, while perky, weren’t overly large, handfuls at most. Her legs were spread and I saw her bald pussy, red against the milky white skin around it.
“GO for it man, she’s done, no way she is going to wake up,” Nick said behind me.

Now sober me would know this was wrong on so many levels. But still kind of drunk me not as much. Plus I was still trying to impress my new roommate. But it was wrong. But she was hot. ‘Oh look my dicks hard, problem solved.’

“Hell fucking yea,” I said, which elicited a laugh from Nick. I climbed up onto the bed, pushing her legs up to her chest. I lined my cock up to her pussy lips, rubbing the head between her folds. I slowly pushed in, my cock sliding smoothly into her warm wet snatch. I moaned as my cock entered her, grabbing both her boobs in my hands.
“She’s tight isn’t she,” Nick said, reminding me that he was still there. I froze up as he spoke looking over at him. I hadn’t noticed that when he woke me he was naked, and now in my intoxicated state I probably looked him over a little more than I should have. My eyes shot straight to his dick, which I could tell was semi hard. Even half soft, he was bigger than I was hard (of course) and thick as hell.
“Uh yea, did you already fuck her,” I asked him, the answer obvious.
“Of course,” he said laughing, and giving me a high five.
I laughed back and returned back to Maggie, becoming aware that Nick was going to watch me fuck her. I hunched over her, and pulled my hips back, grinding into her as I sucked on a mouthful of tit. I wrapped my arms around her passed out body, and hunkered in close. I was pistoning my hips in and out of her quickly as I held on, a quiet moan slipping out of her lips. Some movement out of the corner of my eye cause me to furtive look, seeing Nick standing there, and to my absolute shock, furiously stroking his rock hard cock. I snapped my eyes back quickly, hoping he didn’t see. Simultaneously I was thinking this was the weirdest thing that had ever happened to me, and yet strangely, being jacked off to, made me harder and more turned on than ever. Grabbing her hips, I picked up even more speed, my eyes fixed on Maggie’s tits, as they swung wildly around, matching my thrusts. I’m sure that if she were awake she would be screaming loud. I felt myself getting closer and closer, and quickly pulled my cock out and jacking furiously. Slick with her juices, it only took a couple pulls before I shot my load over her. My first three shots in her in the face, the fourth landed on her stomach. I wiped my still dribbling cock right above her pussy as I took a heavy breath, my head spinning. The thing is, my head didn’t quit spinning, and a few seconds after I came, I collapsed next to Maggie, into the best sleep of my life.
The best sleep of my life, ended with me waking up with the headache from hell. My eyes slowly opened, snapping shut when the light hit them. I slowly opened them, realizing I wasn’t in Nick’s bed anymore. I was laying in mine, covered up, but still naked. I didn’t move but my eyes flicked over to the futon, where I saw Nick still naked, but Maggie wasn’t asleep anymore.
Sitting with his legs spread wide, arms spread against the back of the futon, Nick sat naked, a big dopy grin on his face, and Maggie was in between his legs, sucking his cock. I kept still, eyes barely opened but watched intently, at this girl bobbing up and down in between my roommate’s legs. She had obviously done this before, as Nick was moaning in pleasure. His eyes flicked over to mine, meeting for a second. I froze, not sure if he could tell my eyes were open. He winked at me, giving me a thumbs up before returning to resting his hands on her head. She picked up speed, sucking and slurping really loudly. Nick moaned loudly, as he shoved her head down onto his cock, he held her there obviously as he was cumming. She struggled in surprise, trying to pull up but unable to. He finally let her go, gagging, and spitting as she did. Cum was dripping out of her nose as she gagged and coughed, her anger towards him clear. She quietly yelled at him, obviously trying to keep from waking me. I watched as she got dressed and stormed out of the room, the two of us dying laughing as she left.
All I know is that, if my first days being at college resulted in me getting laid, and watching some live action porn, It was going to be a great four years.

(I hope you guys enjoyed this story, and there are sure to be more installments. )