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2023-01-22 00:19:39

Her first experience with Latex

3 years ago, long before I ever found this site, I started this search to find a site, a sex site.
Not a dating site, not some website where I was looking to hook up with anyone.

All I wanted to do was share my stories and thoughts and get some feedback and do some innocent flirting along the way.
Long story short, I found a chat/flirting site and within a couple of years, the stories I wrote were no longer my main focus.

I had a good following of women that requested certain stories and certain types of women understood my dominant side and it was the first time I ever heard the term Dom/sub.
“are you a Dom? Because you write a lot of stories describing a Dom”

After a little bit of research on the topic, I still did not define myself as a Dom. Simply because there were so many variations and some were quite extreme and degrading. That was definitely not my style. But there were elements of how I played, I had rules and guidelines and I came to find out who I really was and what turned me on.

So my style had less to do with defining myself with a title but more a matter of preference, preference that kept me interested and engaged. For example, there is nothing sexier then a sexy, smart, intelligent woman who knows what she wants but the reality is, if she is not willing to perform my tasks and challenges that allow me to push their sexual limits or expectations and guide us both through a path of discovery, then I was not interested.

This story is about one of these women.

Amy had initially messaged me on the site asking me for a story that was inline with her interests. A custom shot story just for her that involved latex and dominance. To be specific, female dominance.
My response:

“Hi Amy, I would love to write a short story for you but I need to know more. Here is what I need to know:
- I looked at your profile and it seems as though you take a Dom approach towards men and women, why would you ask me to write you a short story knowing I am also dominant?
- Why do you want it to be a short story?
- Why latex? I’m assuming it is either a fetish or a fear that you want to explore?
- What other fetishes or fears do you have?...I don’t judge
- Are you willing to follow my rules? By “rules” I mean; if I write you a story, I require a detailed response as to what you thought of the story, how it made you feel, your favourite parts and what you did to yourself while reading it. Details excite me and get me off and encourage me to write more stories for you. If you are in agreement, let the game begin!"

She responded within hours:

“I’m not sure what to say. I’m somewhat bothered and intrigued at the same time. I began to answer all your questions and when I got to your last comment about following your rules, I was taken back. Why should I follow your rules?”

Amy had a valid point, why would she. She considers herself Dominant, why should she take my directions? But it was easy to figure out that she has not quite figured herself out yet. Otherwise, why would she be checking out my profile and focusing on me when she should be focusing on her subs? I knew she was curious and that I would get my way.

I responded:

“You are right Amy, why should you? I can’t answer that for you but remember, you came to me. My time on here is to play with those who value my time and my style and I’m not here to convince anyone or chase anyone. If you change your mind, you know where to find me”

A day went by, then two days and there it was…a message from Amy.

I contemplated open it. Am I wasting my time? Curiosity got the best of me. I opened it and I was not disappointed.

“Listen mister, you have had me thinking for a couple of days and that has to mean something right? I’m not sure what it is about you. You are direct and to the point, without being an asshole but it also seems as though you could care less if I wrote back or was interested in “following your rules”. Maybe that’s what it is, I’m used to getting my way and I don’t think I can get my way with you and I’ve decided that I am willing to follow your rules. To be honest, what you want from me in terms of response is what I would have probably done anyways so here are your answers:
- I like your style
- I want a short story so I can read it quickly and often when I’m horny. I would like many aspects built into a quick story and I want to feel lost
- Latex is a fetish and you are right it is also a fear because I have never done it before but it excites me and scares me at the same time. The same way that guns and knives make me feel
- Bondage would be the only other fetish I have, I have dabbled in light bondage but I know there is more out there.
- YES! I will follow your rules
and here’s a picture to help you put things in perspective [attachment]

Happy now?”

I was happy with her message. Her picture was of her standing with her back to the camera, showing her sexy soccer mom body but I was not going to give in so easily. I did not respond.

I contemplated my next move; message her back or just write the story and surprise her?

I decided that I would take the time to write a short story for Amy that had all the elements that would fill her needs. The lack of response is also going to have an effect on her

She liked direct and to the point, she wanted to feel scared and lost and she had a fetish/fear about latex and bondage. That’s what I had to work with.

3 days of writing and rewriting and I was ready to send it o her.

This was a first for me. Writing a story for someone who considered herself dominant like I am. I had decided to push my boundaries a bit. Make her the submissive in the story and see how she reacts.

This was going to be fun!

I pressed [send]

This is what she sees when she opens my message:

I have you standing up, covered in latex. Showing each and every one of your curves.
You are covered in latex, from head to toe. Both your arms tied to the ceiling but far apart. Your legs are also tied far apart, just like if you were in a permanent jumping jack position and the only holes you have are for your eyes, nose, mouth and a hole at the back of your head just big enough for a ponytail to stick out.

You have been waiting for this moment for a long time. Struggling with the thought of being under someone else’s control. The sound and the feel of the latex covering your body makes you so wet but the tight latex keeps all your wetness in one place. You feel vulnerable about the latex leaving nothing to the imagination. If anything, the latex accentuates all your curves.
After leaving you in this position for 10 minutes, your heart has not stopped beating really hard. You find yourself catching your breath every time you hear a sound, wondering if it’s is me coming back into the room.

Suddenly, you know I’m in the room, even though the light is dim. You can feel my presence.
You see me come into view, walking up to you. You see a whip in one hand, a bottle of oil on the ground and a knife in my hand. Your heart races!!! You can feel it in your throat.
Leading up to this moment, you have been so confident in what we have. But the look on my face and the knife and the whip makes you nervous, not knowing what is going to happen.
I go behind you, you can smell my cologne and for some reason, it calms you slightly.

You take a deep breath.

That moment of comfort and ease is immediately ripped away from you as I put in your place as my submissive. As I stand behind you, I grab your hair and push your head down, forward, and you see the knife blade between your legs and without hesitation and probably natural instinct, you scream and I instantly place a ball gag in your mouth, muffling your screams as you are fixated on the tip of the knife still visible between your legs and against your pussy, which restricts your movement.

I keep the blade resting against the latex until you settle down and only then do you feel the cool breeze and the restriction from your latex outfit release slightly around your pussy as my knife slowly slices through the latex from just above your pussy and all the way to your ass.
The latex is so tight that your pussy instantly pops out from the slit in the latex suit. Making your pussy look swollen and puffed out like a mushroom It trying to find any space available to expand. You can feel your pussy drip and hang from your lips.
Your pussy gushes the moment it hits the air due to all the excitement and pressure building inside you. Knowing the knife is no longer there, you begin to sway as much as you can now that you know I would never hurt you and your confidence is immediately humbled by a hard SMACK!!!!
The whip marks your ass, making you shriek through the ball gag. You stand still as the pain runs through your back and thighs. Regardless of the pain, your pussy just continues to drip.
I smack your ass one more time, making you scream again. Shaking your head, almost telling me it’s too much and the last thing I want is for you to not enjoy this experience.

So to make you realize that I understand, I throw the whip across the room, you see me walk in front of you, grab the knife and bring it up to your chest as it heaves out of anticipation.
You are now wondering if you will be punished for screaming so loud. I hold the knife steady, never making eye contact with you and cut out little circles where your nipples are and release your big nipples and suck them into my mouth instantly as they puff out.
Making your head cock back and moan. “yes Sir”

As you enjoy the feeling of having your puffed out nipples being sucked, I take the oversized butt end of the knife, shaped like a big ball and slowly push past your slippery pussy lips and with a little pressure, you suddenly feel the girth of this thing as it pops into your pussy. It’s just a massive round tip that seems to stretch and pull and almost tear as I slowly push the oil covered tip inside your pussy.

I suck and lick your nipples harder and harder and bite slightly to relieve the pain from me working the butt of the knife in and out of you. Your muffled shrieks fill the room as your nipples and pussy are being manhandled.
I continue to pop the knife handle in and out of you until your lips squeeze tight around the base of the handle and I then release the handle, knowing your pussy has a firm grip, and let it hang between your legs as the blade taps your inner thighs as you sway your hips, sending goose bumps and shivers through your body at a rate that you have never experienced before.
This is making you constantly drip and gush making the most amazing mess on the ground.

Now that my hands are free, I can do what I want to you. I grab 2 small elastics from my pocket and wrap them around each nipple; the burn begins but its slow and only getting hotter, then tingles followed by warmth.
I remove the ball gag to hear you breath and pant knowing that with the elastics and your pussy being full, I am keeping you at the brink of orgasm and it makes your eyes roll back as this constant low moan escapes your body.
Your eyes remain closed the burn from the elastics around your nipples turns to warmth, your stomach begins to feel this new feeling and your eyes open to see where I am and you don’t see me. You call out my name and no response. You wait a bit and suddenly the room goes PITCH BLACK!

You get nervous as you begin to breath heavily and call out my name more and more, louder and louder - still no response!
Your pussy is now clinching the base of the knife handle SO hard and you are not even noticing that your nipples still have those elastics around and then it happens, you smell my cologne and you immediately relax. You whisper my name and I suck in your earlobe and whisper:

”don’t move”

you say nothing........

You feel me cover your body in oil, but its cold and it’s cooling your body because it feels like it is overheating in your latex suit.
I stand in front of you as you anticipate my next move and you are taken bake by the slap I give to one of your breasts. It barely moves as it is tight in your suit but the sound is incredible as it echo’s through the room and it sounds much louder then it really is.
I then slap the other and you love it. Feeling the tightness of the elastics and the knife swaying between your legs almost making you cum as you beg me to let you cum.

I say “NO” out loud!!!

You become instantly quite. I reach up and you can barely see me through the darkness, I pinch your nipples and yank off the elastics and you instantly feel this cooling relief followed by the unexpected gushing your pussy does as it begins to pour around the base of the knife, showering your thighs and the ground. You close your eyes and enjoy every sensation.
I leave you there for a minute, letting all the sensations subside as your legs begin to shake and I have disappeared once again.

Your body jerks as you suddenly feel my body press up against you from behind and you can feel my naked/HARD cock slide over your oil covered ass.
In one quick motion, I grip your hair hard, pull back, reach between your legs and grab the part of the handle of the knife dangling between your legs and pull down quick and hard and pop it of you as a flood of fluids just pour out of you. So much coming out of you and on the ground that all you can here is your juices dripping on the wet floor.
It drives me insane and kicks me into animalistic mode as I pull your hair back again, making you gasp out loud as I push in a butt plug deep inside you.
Your ass squeezes tight making your legs shake even harder and within seconds, I scramble to be in front of you as I grab your hips with both hands, suck in you nipples into my mouth, going from one to the other.
I slide my cock upwards into your pussy as we are now fucking face to face. The constant rhythm relaxes you and allows your pussy to feel all of me inside of you.

We kiss hard and fast like we were a bunch of deprived teenagers who cant get enough. My hands are all over you, wanting more, not knowing where to hold you but I find myself now pounding into your tied up body as you take each pounding as my cock gets harder and harder to the point where it begins to hurt.
I reach up with my hand and pull the lever just above your head and it immediately releases your feet as you almost drop to the ground, hanging by your arms.
I slide my hand from your ass to your thighs and hold you up, as your arms remain tied up.
I aggressively slide my cock back into your gaping pussy and you begin to ride me while being suspended in the air and your movements become frantic, like if your pussy was trying to grip my cock and milk it HARD and you begin to scream out:

”IM GOING TO CUM” as you feel my cock and the butt plug fill your insides, you ask me permission to cum:

“PLEASE LET ME CUM” and for the first time ever, I don’t hold you back, I simply say

“yes...” and right then and there, I reach around and pull out the plug and you instantly scream out loud:


At that moment, I cannot hold it in any longer. I begin to pump long, consistent strokes inside of you, building my own orgasm and right when your body has climaxed and all your strength has disappeared, I release your arms and you drop to the wet ground as my cock slides out of you just as I was about to cum.

You lie there, motionless, you look spent and exhausted and my cock begins to bounce on its own just by looking at you, the sexiest thing I have ever seen and my cum begins to rush through my cock.
I quickly step over you and tell you to open your mouth as I squat down and let my balls hang and I tell you to play with my asshole right as my cock enters your mouth. The feeling of fingering my asshole and how I’m reacting or the feeling of my balls on your chin suddenly give you your second wind and you push deep into my ass and take my entire cock deep and I begin to heavily unload into your mouth as you feel my asshole contract around your finger as you suck harder and harder to milk me for everything I got.

This is where the story ends, for now.
She asked for a custom story, she got what she wanted but under my rules and my rules were that I need a detailed response if I was to continue with her.
Depending on the interest and the amount of likes/Positive Ratings I get, I will post her response to having read her custom story.