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introducing carrie

2022-09-30 01:09:10

Here is a great story from another wonderful writer.. I take no credit for its wonderful writing skills, But wanted to share it with others.

Sharing my dog with Carrie
by whitney
This story is for a wonderful friend of mine. Her name is Carrie and she is so beautiful inside and out. She is tall, thin, perfect B breasts, long brown hair, big brown eyes and the most amazing smile that lights up a room. I have known Carrie for a short time, but we connect on so many levels. Our talks can go on forever and we have so much sexual chemistry. And, while Carrie is a real person, this story is just a fantasy (for now).

I am meeting Carrie for dinner at a cute, romantic Italian restaurant that we love to go to – we like to reserve a quiet table in the back where we can have a some degree of privacy. I shower, blow my hair out, put on my make up and decide to wear her favorite little black dress of mine, a lacey matching black bra & thong and a pair of strappy heeled sandals. When I arrive at the restaurant, she is already sitting at our table and is just taking her first sip of her glass of wine.

As I walk back to the table she sees me and stand up to greet me. “OMG, she looks amazing!” I say to myself...she has on a short red dress and black patent open toe platfom pumps. We hug and share a very passionate kiss – I am 4” shorter than her so have to get on my toes to kiss her. Our kiss lingers and I know that others in the restaurant are watching as the two girls kiss each other, but I dont care and neither does Carrie. We break our kiss after 20 seconds and sit at the table. She pours me a glass of wine and we toast our passion for each other.

Dinner is amazing in every way. The food is delicious as always – we share an appetizer and order two different meals, which we share too. We hold hands across the table throughout dinner and talk quietly the entire time – we are going to share something very special after dinner that we have talked about so many times before, but tonight we don’t discuss it. The sexual energy between us is amazing and we kiss a few times. For dessert we order a fabulous molten chocolate cake, which we take turns feeding to one another. Normally we would linger a long time over dessert and coffee, but tonight we both know something special is going to happen later. After we pay the bill, we leave the restaurant and go back to my apartment.

We park next to one another and hold hands as we walk. As I go to unlock the door of my apartment, Carrie grabs me, spins me around and kisses me, pushing her tongue deep into my mouth. Her kiss literally sends a jolt to my pussy and I feel myself get instantly wet. Our kiss lasts minutes before we go inside. As we walk in, Jake, my black lab, is sitting right there wagging his tail waiting for me...I call his name and he runs over, jumps up and licks my face with his paws on my shoulders. Carrie laughs watching him kiss me.

I have Carrie sit on the couch, light all the candles I have around the living room, turn of the lights and sit next to her. I touch her hand and lean in and we beging to make out. Our hands gently caress each others breasts and hair. Occasionally, one of us leans in further and kisses the neck and ears of the other – something that we both absolutely adore. As we continue to make out, Carrie puts her hands up my dress, pulls my thong down and slides it off me and begins to rub my clitoris. I can feel my pussy beginning to drip as she touches me. I want to please her too, so I get on my knees in front of her, gently spread her legs apart, lift up her dress, pull down her undies and then lean in and kiss her beautiful penis.

Yes, a penis. You see, my friend Carrie is a transsexual. Unless you saw her penis, you would never, ever know she was a transsexual because she is so incredibly pretty and feminine. And, while she has a beautiful little girl penis, she is a woman to me in every single way.

I lick, kiss and suck her penis with total passion. She is unable to get very hard due to her hormone replacement therapy, but I love pleasuring her penis and licking up all of her pre-cum, which is so sweet. It takes a little while, but when Carrie’s penis is as hard as it will get, I quickly climb on top of her and push her penis into me and ride her as we kiss. She puts her finger on my clit as I fuck her beautiful little penis. I love having her inside of me so much and in just a minute I orgasm all over her penis – as I cum, we share an amazing kiss with her tongue so far in my mouth.

After I cum, I lay motionless to keep her penis inside of me. We kiss again and when we are done I stare into her eyes, run my fingers through hair and ask Carrie if she is ready...she says “yes”.

As I get up, her penis slides out of me – I love seeing it glisten with my cum all over it and bend over and take it into my mouth to clean her. Then, I take her dress off her and remove my dress and bra. Now, we are both wearing nothing but our heels. I call Jake over and he jumps up onto the couch with us. I am leaning against Carrie and Jake is next to me – I start to rub his sheath gently. In just a minute the red tip of his cock starts to come out – Carrie is staring right at it. I ask if she wasnts to touch him, but remind her to do it gently – she has never touched a dog’s penis before. She reaches and puts a finger on his cock and smiles ear to ear. Jake is starting to get restless – he wants to fuck. I ask Carrie if she prepared like I told her too. She says, “Yes, I took my enema just before I left the house and the lube is in my purse.” I kiss her again and tell her to get ready.

Carrie gets up off the couch, gets a small bottle of lube out of her purse and gets down on all 4’s. She squirts lots of lube into her asshole and puts 2 fingers into her asshole and begins to finger fuck herself. She looks so sexy on all 4’s doing this. I get up and lead Jake to Carrie, I pat her on the ass a few times and he immediately understands and jumps up to mount her. I quickly get down on my knees next to her, take his cock in my hand as he is trying to find her hole and guide him to her asshole. He thrusts 2 or 3 more times and finds her asshole – Carrie lets out a loud scream of joy. He starts his fucking her asshole so fast and she is screaming so loud. The look on her face is of total pleasure. All she can say is “OMG Whit, his cock is fucking good. It is so fucking hot in me. You are right – his cock is amazing!” before she starts screaming in pleasure again.

I get down next to her and tell her to wait for what is about to come and then shove my tongue down her throat to kiss her. I feel Jake begin to slow a bit and I know what it is about to happen. Carrie is now screaming into my mouth as Jake’s knot starts to swell in her asshole. She is a size queen and I know she will be able to take his knot. I keep kissing her until I am sure Jake is tied with her. Then, I pull back and see my beautiful friend tied with my dog. I have never shared the experience of being with a dog with anyone until now and it is as special as I imagined it would be with Carrie.

Jake is now filling Carrie’s asshole with his hot cum. She is now moaning very loud instead of screaming and telling me how amazing his hot cum feels squirting in her asshole and how she can feel his knot pulssing over and over. I crawl under her in a 69 position and I take her penis in my mouth and begin to gently suck on it. She rests her head on my pussy, but is too overwhlemed to lick me. In just a few minutes, Carrie starts saying “OMG OMG, I am going to cum! Oh god Whit, I am going to cum!”. Carrie’s penis is only slightly hard, but she cums in my mouth. Her cum is watery and there is not too much of it, but it is always the most delicious cum I have ever tasted – it is so amazingly sweet. I swallow every drop of it.

Looking up, I can see that Jake’s huge knot has her asshole so stretched. It is one of the hottest things I have ever seen. I start gently licking Carrie’s penis as she continues to moan loud. About 5 minutes later Jake is still tied with her and cumming in her and I hear say “Whit. Whit. OMG I am going to cum again.” I take her penis into my mouth and in seconds she releases her wonderful cum into my mouth. Again, I swallow every drop.

Jake has now been tied with her about 15 minutes and I can tell his knot is starting go down as he is trying to push into her to keep it there. Finally, his knot is small enough to pull himself out of her asshole and he does. His cum gushes out of her asshole and all over my face and into my mouth – it is a totally wonderful feeling. I tell her to sit on my face and she does. I push my tongue into her gaping wide asshole and taste Jake’s cum as it continues to run out of her. We stay like this for a few minutes and then Carrie leans forward and lays on me out of sheer exhaustion. I hear her say, “Whit...you were so right – he is the greatest fuck ever. I have never cum like that before!” Then, she rolls off me and turns around and kisses me passionately and licks his cum off my face. We share a long cum kiss, passing his cum across our tongues.

Next, Carrie gets up and takes my hand. She leads me into my bedroom, lays me down on my bed, takes off her heels and mine, spreads my legs and eats me to two wonderful orgasms. Afterwards, we curl up naked under the covers. I love feeling her naked body against mine and caressing each other as we fall asleep. The next morning we wake up early and take Jake for a walk while we get some coffee. When we get back to my apartment, we feed him and then get back into bed naked again and spend the rest of the morning fucking and drifting back to sleep. It is the most wonderful night of my life.