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Fulfilling Destiny

2022-05-25 00:00:04

Fulfilling Destiny

My sex life drastically changed lately. I’ve never been too outgoing in that department, but recently my wife and I discovered a mutual kink. Well, I might be getting ahead of myself. In order for you to understand my situation I’ll give you some background.

I’m a real quiet dude. I don’t have many friends, I’m not social, I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I’m practically a 31 year old kid. That may be a turnoff to most, however I am extremely kind and generous. The few friends I have absolutely adore me, even before I became rich. Oh, that’s another thing, I have a lot of money... like a crazy, fuck you amount of money. I am big in the art industry. I specialize in paintings. Being wealthy is still new to me. It happened somewhat quickly and now I’m pretty sure people will buy anything I paint just because of my name, not the content. It’s sad how that happens to art these days. If you ever see a painting that makes you say, “abstract? Hell, that’s just shapes and nonsense, I can do that!” chances are you’re looking at one of my paintings. It’s a mystery to me how they took off though I’m so lucky they did. I can make thousands with little effort. Suddenly, I went from a quiet nobody to a rich “strong silent type.”

My wife, Destiny, knew me before and after my paintings sold well but we didn’t get married until last year. My family is still suspicious of her. She comes from a lower income background and my Mom warned me she’s just in it for the money. She’s not. She had a scholarship and worked her way through college. I do see where my family is coming from though, Destiny is 25 and she stopped working once I hit it big. She’s completely dependent on me financially. As a woman she said she feels like it’s wrong but she’s so happy being taken care of and never having to work. I hardly have to work, I just paint here and there. I don’t have a problem with Destiny’s choice, I wouldn’t work if the roles were reversed.

When Destiny first stopped working she invested all her time in her hobbies. She was constantly doing everything she wanted and buying anything she wanted. That didn’t last long. Eventually, she got bored, tired and lazy. Destiny is a light brown Latina from the Dominican Republic with long black hair and dark brown eyes. She moved to the United States when she was ten yet introduces herself as being from D.R. Destiny is on the shorter side, about 5’2” but has a big personality. We met in the winter so it was her personality that drew me in. I didn’t get to see her smoking-hot body until the summer of that year. She’s got an amazing figure; C cup tits, a toned flat stomach, small tight butt, thin but strong legs, skinny arms and of course the face of an angel. Destiny took pride in her trim body and she worked hard to keep it that way. Unfortunately, she started to lose it after she quit work. Without work, Destiny rarely went out of the house. This meant a lot less exercise. This is when the dramatic change in our lifestyle took place.

Destiny gained around five pounds which didn’t make too much of a difference, she’s still unbelievably thin. The only change I noticed was in her stomach. I could no longer see her abdominal muscles when she took her shirt off. It struck me as strange but I realized I liked her body even more that way. She had a smooth, soft tummy. I found myself drawn to it when we had sex. As it grew bigger I became more and more into it. Pretty soon Destiny had gained around ten pounds total. It leveled off and she didn’t gain anymore weight. I was amazed at her new figure. It was astounding. She didn’t gain an inch anywhere except her stomach. It’s like all the fat goes right to her belly, not her arms, neck, face, legs, ass, tits, thighs, just her belly and nowhere else. It became obvious to me that I had a belly fetish. I loved to feel and rub her smooth little tummy during sex. Sometimes I’d unknowingly rub her belly while we cuddled. There was something so sexy about the way it grew into a small golden pudge. Destiny hadn’t gained weight for about a month but she was well aware of all the extra attention I’d been giving her belly and that’s when things really heated up.

I got back late from an art show that Destiny didn’t want to go to. It was ten at night when I finally made it home. I was starving and tired from being out all day. Destiny greeted me at the door with a kiss. She was still wearing her blue silk pajamas, she didn’t change or go anywhere all day. I loved her pajamas not only were they soft, but they were from ten pounds ago which meant every slight movement would show off some of her sexy belly.

“I wasn’t expecting you to be up,” I greeted.

Destiny giggled. “It’s only ten!” she laughed. I must have sounded stupid but it wasn’t my fault she’d been lounging around the house all week, sleeping all day, staying up all night or doing the exact opposite and going to bed early and waking up late. “You must be starving, come have dinner with me,” Destiny beckoned me into the kitchen.

“You didn’t eat yet?” I questioned.

“Well I technically had dinner at five but that was five hours ago! Come, I have a special surprise for you,” Destiny teased. Her voice sounded a little sultry. That was strange considering she was leading me into the kitchen for dinner. I didn’t have to enter the room to know what the surprise was. I’d recognize that smell anywhere.

“You ordered pizza!” I cheered. Sure enough, two boxes of Giuseppe’s Pizza sat on the marble countertop. Then I thought it over. I’m a skinny guy with a decent amount of muscle but the most pizza I could eat is three slices. “Oh are we expecting company?” I asked, staring at the two pizza boxes.

Destiny grabbed the boxes and a single plate before heading to the family room. “That’s part of your surprise!” she called.

I was confused. I could hear our enormous television playing some random sports game. I watched as Destiny placed the pizza on a coffee table. There was a button on the side that raised the coffee table up to the height of a normal table. The lights were off but the tv illuminated the room quite well, it better because it took up the entire wall. Destiny seemed to be overflowing with joy. A bright smile spread across her face as she cut me a slice and slid it on a plate.

“Thanks! Want me to get you a plate?” I asked. She stopped me before I could stand up.

“No, it’s time for your surprise. I won’t need a plate and we aren’t having people over, I’m gonna eat the whole pie!” Destiny announced.

I laughed. “Tiny, you’re gonna eat an entire pizza pie?” Ironically I call her “Tiny” from time to time because of her being short and skinny. Even with the recent weight gain she’s still pretty thin. The nickname also comes from “tiny” being in the name Destiny, although it’s pronounced differently, the letters are all there.

Destiny pouted and opened a pizza box. She placed the box on her lap and took out a slice. “Watch me,” she declared as she stuffed the slice into her mouth.

“There’s no way you can eat a whole large pie,” I laughed. Destiny ignored me and kept eating. I watched in stunned silence.

“I think I can do it!” she snapped. She had a playful, fake-angry tone. Destiny took another slice and began to chow down. There was already sauce on her face and grease running down her chin.

“What? Why? Why would you want to?” I looked at her in awe. She usually not only ate healthily, but ate normal portions. “Are you ok, honey?”

“I’m fucking great babe!” Destiny replied once she finished chewing. Her long, pink painted nails dug into the crust of another slice. “I’ve always wanted to see if I could eat a whole pie and now the timing just feels right.”

Her explanation didn’t make much sense. “What do you mean? What timing?”

She giggled while whipping her mouth with a napkin. “Oh please,” Destiny spoke between bites. “Don’t think I didn’t notice all the attention you’ve been giving my belly recently. I’m starting to think you’ve felt up my stomach more than my tits in the bedroom these last few days.”

I blushed. Destiny polished off another slice and stared me down. “It occurred to me that you must like the weight I’ve put on and that’s why you rub my tummy now that it’s a little bigger than before,” she paused and glanced down, “and just as I thought you seem to really enjoy this,” Destiny stated plainly. She was referencing the massive erection pressing against my pants. I did enjoy watching her stuff herself. I didn’t know why. I never thought seeing a woman eat would turn me on but there was something so sexy about it.

“I, uh, yeah I confess I do find something kinky about the bigger belly but you don’t have to do this for me,” I assured.

“For you?” Destiny laughed while picking up another slice of pizza. “Have you had Giuseppe’s Pizza before? You know this shit is amazing, I’d happily do this any day.” Destiny crammed the slice in her mouth and chewed away. She continued to speak after she swallowed, “that’s why I said the timing is right. I get to do this and eat what I want and at the same time I get to appeal to your fetish.”

Finally, I understood exactly what she was doing and why. It clicked that this might be the skinniest my wife will ever be, yet that only excited me. I watched in awe as my beautiful wife wolfed down almost an entire pizza. The more she ate the more her belly bloated. When she only had one more slice to go she looked like she would explode. Her silky pajama top had rode up due to her stuffed tummy and now exposed her creamy brown skin. It was too tempting not to rub. I loved feeling it slowly fill up with each bite she took. I was impressed with how much she managed to eat. Destiny is such a short girl and had barely put on that much weight so to jump up to accomplish something like this was incredible.

Only one slice remained. Destiny readjusted herself on the couch and grabbed her swollen stomach. “Oh fuck, I’m so full,” she moaned. Her hands squeezed her tummy tight and forced it up and down, “look at this!” she exclaimed. “I’m so fucking stuffed! You find this hot?!” Destiny yelled. She played with her tummy roughly.

“Yes?” I replied, unsure of how to respond.

“God, I’m a lucky woman then. I don’t know if I’ve ever heard of a guy that would delight in watching his girl gorge herself like this. Better yet, I’m pretty sure that means I can eat whatever I want and you’d only find me sexier, huh?” Destiny remarked.

I started to stroke her belly. “Yeah, so are you gonna tease me all night or are we gonna take this full tummy out for a spin?” I asked.

Destiny sat up straight. “Not yet, I didn’t finish my pizza,” she whined.

“I thought you said you were full?”

“I am, but I was also full like three slices ago too!” Destiny replied. She was acting like an athlete that couldn’t give up on the final lap. She gazed at the last lonely slice of pizza as if it were her enemy. “Fuck, I’m too stuffed I don’t think I can physically bring myself to pick it up,” Destiny groaned.

“Oh well, maybe you’ll be able to eat a whole pie some other day?”

“No, I’m not giving up!” Destiny scoffed. “I said I’m so full my brain rejects even the thought of picking it up, but you still can. You can help me finish it! Pick it up and feed me, force it in if you have to! I’m fucking doing this.” She seemed determined to achieve this odd goal of hers. There was no way I could refuse, she was so excited. I couldn’t let her down.

“Alright, if you say so,” I sighed while grabbing the last slice. Destiny winced as I brought the pizza closer to her face. I could tell by her swollen belly that she was really full. It looked like it was stretched to its limit. Despite this, she insisted on finishing. I forced the pizza in her slightly open mouth.

“Come on, open wide!” I commanded. Destiny groaned uncomfortably and forced herself to take in more pizza. I didn’t let her stop. I shoved as much of the slice in her mouth as I could each time she swallowed. It was strangely erotic to me. Destiny moaned and squirmed as I forced her to eat more. The sounds she made were sexy, her bloated belly was sexy, me forcing her to do something was sexy, obviously I had her consent but her body was rejecting the actions which gave me the feeling of dominating her. I never thought anything like this could be so hot.

Finally all the pizza was finished. Destiny’s tiny tummy was noticeably bloated. She now sported a cute little muffin top that hung over the waistband of her pajama bottoms. I stared deep into her hazel eyes. I’d never seen anyone eat like that. My cock pressed against my pants, it felt as swollen as Destiny’s stomach. I couldn’t resist and rubbed her beautiful tan belly. She used to be so toned, I never got to feel so much soft flesh in my hands before. It felt incredible, smooth, round and warm. The small bloated tummy kind of gave Destiny this milf-like quality which only made her sexier. Part of me wished it would be permanent, man if her stomach always looked this cute and plump I’d never take my hands off of it. Fortunately, with what Destiny just did and the fact that she had gained some weight recently, it wasn’t so far fetched that she’d gain some more. I didn’t want her to be obese or fat, but that bloated milf-belly sure was sexy. I thought it would be a shame to only experience it once.

“Wow, it’s like my tits don’t even exist,” Destiny stated, interrupting my thoughts.

I gazed up from her midsection to look her in the eyes. “What do you mean?”

“You’ve been feeling up my tummy like they were my tits. From the last times we’ve been having sex it seems you focus more and more on my tummy. I think they’re getting lonely, not getting as much attention as they used to,” Destiny explained. She smirked at me seductively.

“Well I wouldn’t want them to feel left out,” I grinned, reaching for her shirt. I raised it up, Destiny helped me take it off of her. Now her belly was on full display along with her big brown C cup tits. Her belly formed a hot muffin top with her pajama bottoms while her lacy white bra created a similar effect with her boobs. “Huh, maybe they aren’t so lonely after all, they look like they’ve grown a little too,” I observed.

Destiny smiled and crawled on top of me, forcing me to lay down until I could go no further and her chest was pressed against mine. “Oh? Only a little bigger? If that’s true then I just might have to keep eating like this, until they get a lot bigger,” Destiny cooed. She knew just what to say. My cock throbbed. I wanted her so badly. She knew I liked her recent weight gain, she knew I was turned on watching her stuff herself for me, she knew exactly how to tease me.

“I don’t know honey, I think it would all go to your belly before it would make your tits bigger,” I joked.

Suddenly, Destiny grabbed my cock through my pants. “I’m sure you’d be fine with that,” she teased. I couldn’t take it any longer. I pulled her in tight. While we made out I removed her bra and she fumbled with my belt. She couldn’t get it off so she got off of me for a moment. When I stood up to take off my belt and pants Destiny smacked my ass and ran off toward our bedroom. Her laugh echoed down the hall.

In the blink of an eye we were going at it in our king-sized bed. Both of us were completely naked, feeling the heat of our bodies against each other. I wasn’t the only one with kinks. I knew exactly how to drive Destiny wild too. She might be incredibly sweet and caring but when it came to sex she liked it rough. I pinned her down on the bed. Her chest heaved in anticipation. The skin of her soft cheeks grew hot and red. I felt her warm breath wrap around my face as she stared into my eyes anxiously awaiting my next move. While keeping her wrists restrained in my strong grasp, I lowered my head to kiss her lips. She kissed me back for a moment before I started kissing her lower and lower. I planted soft gentle kisses down her body, across her perky breasts and down to her bloated belly. With Destiny laying on her back it was hard to see a difference in her tummy, it only looked slightly rounder than before her pizza stuffing. I was determined to drive her crazier than she did me. Destiny squirmed beneath me. My kisses on her lower belly were quickly approaching her pussy. She couldn’t take it. I continued to hold her arms down, pin her in place. Several moans escaped her throat as I teased her. She struggled to escape my hold but couldn’t.

“You were such a good girl, eating all that food just to get thicc for me,” I praised. The words “good girl” sent a shiver down Destiny’s spine that left her mouth open and speechless. It was one of her favorite things to be called in bed. Now she was shaking. We both had enough teasing. I forcefully flipped Destiny over and slapped her caramel-colored ass as hard as I could. She let out a sharp shriek-like moan. The bed shook from the sudden motion. I hovered over her body from behind. My right hand glided from her decently round booty, across her smooth back and finally rested on the back of her head. My fingers spread out as they traveled through Destiny’s wavy, black hair. The silky texture taunted me to do exactly as I planned. Without warning, my hand stopped running through her hair. I closed my hand into a tight fist, capturing her hair in my grasp. Slowly, I pulled my hand back toward me, tugging on her flawless hair. Destiny’s eyes closed with pleasure while her mouth hung open, gasping, moaning. The slight pain from pulling her hair turned her on more than almost anything. As I slowly pulled on her hair, Destiny’s head lifted up. I leaned into her ear and whispered sternly, “get up! On your hands and knees.” Destiny’s whole body shook. She loved being treated like a slut in bed.

Destiny nodded and got to her hands and knees. I released my hold on her hair. Now that her sexy ass was presented right in front of me I couldn’t help but give it another hard slap. This time I wound back with my left hand and really let her have it. A red hand print was immediately left on her tan skin. Her upper body collapsed from the unexpected pain and ecstasy. Her chest fell to the bed while her arms and hands retracted close to her breasts. The bed sheets strained to stay on as Destiny’s fingers scrunched them up tightly into her grasp. Before she had time to recover from the sudden hit, I slowly entered her drooling, wet pussy. We usually didn’t have sex doggy style but I really wanted to feel up her stuffed belly and give her the rough fucking she deserved.

“Oh, yessss,” Destiny hissed. She was in heaven. I grabbed onto her hips, which finally had a little meat on them these days. “Fucking pound me!” Destiny begged. Gripping her tightly, I slammed my whole cock deep inside my stunning, kinky, wife. She made a high pitched yelp in response. Although I knew she liked it rough, I had never been this rough. It was probably from her stuffing herself with the pizza. I’d never been so turned on before. It brought out an animal inside me. I fucked Destiny harder than ever before. My cock plunged in and out like a piston. My movements were quick and forceful. It was like my dick had to be deeper, each thrust wasn’t enough, it had to be deeper, stronger. An orchestra of noises emitted from Destiny. The sounds of her heavy breathing, moans, gasps, squeals, and outbursts of “yes!” and “oh God!” created a wonderful symphony. The melody of sounds combined with the soft feel of Destiny’s skin encouraged me to go harder, go further.

I slapped Destiny’s nice ass again. This time it barely made a difference with how rough I was being. The smack sent small ripples across her flesh. I enjoyed watching her body jiggle and quake. Destiny’s ass and thighs did not grown much despite the recent weight gain. Everything she ate seemed to go only to her tummy, which was only a bit rounder than it used to be. Fortunately, after eating an entire pizza, Destiny’s belly was much rounder than usual. It was only temporary bloating from the extreme stuffing and only really noticeable while bent over in her current doggy style position but that was enough to drive me insane. It didn’t have to be permanent, I was just happy she ate all that for me in the first place. That being said, I wasn’t going to cum before properly rubbing her distended belly all over.

A visible tingle went up Destiny’s spine when I placed my hands on her stomach. It felt so much better now that it was round. I was so lucky to have a wife who would stuff herself just to appeal to my strange belly fetish. In return I made sure to give her the best fucking she’s ever had. I rubbed and squeezed her soft tummy. Every inch of her felt like silk. In seconds, her stomach heated up like a furnace from all the attention it was getting. I gripped Destiny’s brown belly as hard as I could, remembering how rough she likes it. Soft, caramel flesh flooded over my fingers. She gasped at the slight pain of being squeezed so tightly. I was about to cum and by the trembling of Destiny’s body, I knew she was close too. I took one hand off her belly to grab her hair. I placed my hand on her head and curled my fingers around to trap her hair like a fork with spaghetti. Instead of pulling back like a child yanking a ponytail, all I had to do was close my hand into a fist and the hair wrapped between my fingers would be pulled tightly. Pulling her hair so close to her head prevented her head from being yanked back and also gave me more control over the force I used and amount of hair I tugged. This was her favorite move. She couldn’t take it anymore. The bedsheets came off of one corner as Destiny gripped them with all her might. A small moan choked its way out of Destiny. Her pussy contracted, squeezing my hard cock. Although her orgasm made her pussy clamp down on me, I tried to keep pounding her just as forcefully. It didn’t last long as my own orgasm built up until I exploded a torrent of cum into Destiny’s hot body. Every thrust released another blast of thick cum into her unprotected womb. My thrusts slowed down in rhythm with my orgasm. Finally, I stopped as the last spurt of cum left my body. It was by far the biggest orgasm I’d ever had. Looking at Destiny’s face, I could tell the same was true for her.

Destiny and I were not actively trying to make a baby. We had talked about our future before we got married and we both wanted kids though not right away. In time, we decided to have unprotected sex and let nature do it’s thing whenever it wanted. So far she hasn’t gotten pregnant, but like I said we weren’t trying for a baby, we were still having sex for sex. After cumming inside my gorgeous wife, I snuggled close to her exhausted body and stared at her tummy, wondering if maybe this was the time, if this would be when she gets knocked up. Pregnancy was still more of an afterthought than a goal. We just wanted to have fun and let fate decide when we’ll have a baby.

“God, that was incredible!” Destiny purred into my ear. We were cuddling naked, side by side, my left arm wrapped around her, pulling her close. She laid her head on my strong chest. Our bodies were fire hot and slick with sweat. “I figured you had a thing for bellies but I didn’t think you liked them that much! You were an absolute beast! I could barely breath!” Destiny cooed.

I blushed. “That’s what happens when you tease me all night. I still can’t believe you ate a whole pizza just to drive me wild!”

“I didn’t know you’d be so into it. You really like me all filled up huh?” Destiny asked jokingly. She placed a slender hand on her still bloated belly. I loved the look of her hot pink painted nails against her tan skin.

“Yeah I love filling you up,” I joked, nodding to her cum-oozing pussy. Destiny giggled and playfully slapped my chest.

“Noooo, I’m serious! You have a real kink there don’t you? I don’t think you’ve even touched my tits at all just now,” Destiny observed.

A wicked grin spread across my face. “I know. I won’t touch them again until they go up a size,” I claimed plainly.

Destiny shook. “What?” she laughed. “Come on they’re already C cups, I know you wanna feel them up!” Destiny turned slightly to press her bare chest against mine. I admit, it made it harder to resist but I stuck with my joke.

“Nope, I won’t touch them until they’re bigger,” I beamed. After all Destiny did, it was nice to tease her back. She squirmed against me. The thought of her husband refusing to touch her breasts made her restless.

“Noooo!” Destiny whined. “Everything goes to my belly, I’d have to gain so much weight before I go up a whole cup size!”

“Too bad,” I replied unsympathetically.

Destiny grabbed my arm and tried to force me to touch her breasts. She pulled my hand toward her chest with all her strength but I didn’t budge. Her arms were thin, with no fat or muscle. There was no way she’d force me to touch her. Realizing this, Destiny gave up with a huff and pouted.

“No!” Destiny fake-yelled. She was so riled up she was practically grinding on me. “How big do you want me to get?” she tested.

“Huge,” I replied. Destiny started grinding faster. Her body moved slightly up and down rubbing against me as if she’d jump my bones at any moment.

“Then you’d think I’m fat and ugly,” she complained.

“You could never be ugly and you could gain a ton of weight before you’d be considered fat.”

“I never knew you liked your woman with a little extra. I guess being super thicc is all the rage these days,” Destiny commented.

“Yeah and you’ll be extra thicc when I’m done with you,” I teased.

“You gonna force feed me?” Destiny interrogated. Her movements sped up. In her eyes there was a little sparkle. It was like it was more than a question, like she was asking for it, she wanted it, the idea excited her.

“Maybe, I’ll just make sure that you’re always full and happy and healthy. If you just so happen to gain fifty pounds, I wouldn’t complain,” I jested.

I felt her heartbeat fast on my chest. Somehow she liked this kind of talk. “You mean ten pounds,” Destiny replied.

“Forty,” I corrected.



“Fine, oh my God. But you have to keep fucking me like you did today or even better. Choke me, tie me up, the works!” Destiny negotiated.

“Oh I’ll do all that and more, don’t you worry little one,” I agreed. Little one was the second favorite thing Destiny liked to be called. Hearing it sent a warm rush through her body until her face burned bright hot.

That night marked the start in a dramatic change in our relationship. Destiny behaved way differently than before. Our lives gradually became about nothing but food and sex. All she wanted to do was lay around the house, eat, be fed, and fuck. She loved eating whatever she wanted without worrying about the consequences. Destiny knew the more weight she gained, the more obsessed with her I became. We didn’t keep track of her weight so it’s not clear if she did gain the thirty pounds we joked about that night. It’s possible she gained more or less than that. Our focus was on her body, not the number on the scale. As long as she looked and felt sexy she kept eating and growing. It was incredible to watch. My thin wife who used to eat salads, go to work, exercise and fuck me every so often was now thick, stuffed herself with junk, almost never left the house and craved sex more than anything. Destiny ate absurd amounts of fast food, cheeseburgers, tacos, burritos, fries, shakes. She gorged on Italian food, pizza, penne with vodka sauce, fettuccine Alfredo, lasagna, chicken parm. There was an enormous smile on her face during each and every bite. Cakes, candies, chocolates, ice cream, desserts became her favorite thing on earth besides sex. She loved our new lifestyle. Destiny didn’t always stuff herself or over eat, the weight gain was mostly from the nonstop junk food diet and lack of exercise.

Day after day I drooled over my beautiful wife. Her body blossomed into something I never expected, a thicc, milf-like, kinky goddess. Eventually she swelled to a size we both agreed was beyond sexy. Any bigger and we both knew she wouldn’t look as good or would risk some major health issues. That was the end of her weight gain but the results were unbelievable. Destiny used to be skinny, a stick figure with C cup breasts. After a few months of gaining weight and constant sex she had an E cup, thick thighs that always rubbed against one another and a super sexy pot belly. Most of the weight went to her belly. It was highly unique which gave her an unusual figure. Thin arms, almost toothpicks but a little thicker than before, slim calves with only some weight added to her thighs, a few inches made her ass rounder and jigglier. Her feet, hands and face didn’t change at all. The biggest change was in her belly and breasts. Destiny loved her new E cup tits. She adored the way they spilled out of everything she wore. The most important change was her tummy, once flat and concave now round and chubby. The way her body worked was odd, instead of forming fat rolls, she just had one big, round pot belly. It was smooth and soft, no folds or stretch marks. It hung over her pants, it rested on her thighs when she sat, blocking her pussy. If she squeezed into a dress to avoid a muffin top, her strange proportions made her look pregnant. Even when not wearing a dress she looked about four or five months pregnant. Her belly barely stuck out past her now enormous tits. Destiny’s thin limbs, digits, and face truly sold the pregnant appearance. Unfortunately, she was only a few months along with a food baby and nothing more.

Destiny didn’t leave the house often, unless it was to go to a restaurant or to buy new clothes for her growing figure. Once she stopped gaining weight it was time to find new ways of having fun. We found them right away. She threw on a sexy new red dress that showed off some deep cleavage. Her slender tan arms contrasted wonderfully with her curvy, red-dress-covered, body. She looked truly radiant, a sexy thick goddess. More than anything though, she looked pregnant. If I wasn’t her husband I would have assumed she was pregnant. That’s where the fun began. We ventured out of the comfort of our home to find a poor, unsuspecting victim. It didn’t take long at all. Everyone was congratulating us on “the baby.” Destiny blushed every time, she was part embarrassed, part turned on by the attention her figure was getting. Everywhere we went strangers wished us luck or asked when Destiny was due. To some we played along and to others we told them the truth. They were shocked and horrified with embarrassment and shame upon discovering Destiny had such a round pregnant-looking belly but wasn’t pregnant. A confused perplexed look usually took over their faces soon after. It was as if they thought we were joking, because how could she not be pregnant? Her tummy, tits, glowing tan skin all pointed to pregnant but no, she’s just chubby.

We were walking around the local mall when the perfect victim approached us. He fell right for our trap, our facade of being an expecting couple. He was the nosy type. This man went on and on, asking all the typical questions.

“When are you due?” The stranger asked Destiny.

“About the end of September,” she responded politely.

“Do you know the gender yet?” he questioned.

“It’s a boy!” I announced as a proud father would.

“Have you thought of any names yet?” the guy continued.

“Only a few but we haven’t agreed on any yet,” Destiny replied while rubbing her tummy gently. The man stared down at Destiny’s belly watching her small hand run in soft circles around the tight red fabric of the dress hugging her stomach. He was hypnotized by the motion.

“Is this your first?” he quizzed. His eyes did not move from Destiny’s midriff.

“Yes, it is!” Destiny and I answered in unison. I placed a hand lightly on her belly as if I were trying to feel a kick. I looked like a real dad caressing the belly that was the result of his handiwork.

“Are you excited?” he beamed. The stranger’s face was bright with joy, admiring the cute happy couple before him. His eyes were now lost on Destiny’s pseudo-pregnant tummy. There was no longer any attempt at eye contact. We had him. It was time to rock his world.

Suddenly, my hand pressed forcefully into Destiny’s stomach. My hand sunk deep into her belly in an instant, almost like I had punched her. “Yes we are!” I proclaimed as I shook Destiny’s belly as roughly as I could. I pressed my hand in as deep as possible. Destiny blushed and giggled wildly. She couldn’t hold back her laugh as my actions revealed she was not pregnant at all, just extra curvy.

The man’s expression changed immediately. At first it was terror mixed with fear. His eyes widened and jaw dropped as if to say, “you’ll hurt the baby!” In seconds, it changed again to a look of realization and understanding, she wasn’t pregnant at all. My actions were not possible with a tight pregnant baby bump, only a plump belly pooch. At last, the stranger’s face changed one last time to show a blend of anger and confusion. He must have thought: why did they lie to me? Why did they embarrass me? They kept up a conversation for so long just to make me feel like an idiot? Doesn’t this embarrass your wife, dude? He stormed off in a moody rage, refusing to look at us or say anything. Another victim fell for our evil trick.

It’s true most women would be horrified to be mistaken for pregnant but Destiny was far from an average woman. She had a plethora of kinks and quirks which made the experience quite enjoyable for her. She confided in me that she finds pregnant bellies cute, even sexy. When she was younger she dreamed of being pregnant and having a baby even more so than she dreamed of her wedding. She was never like other girls. There was always a rush of happiness, confidence and excitement whenever she was falsely pegged as being pregnant. The very idea of her being pregnant turned her on. I loved it too. That’s why we started going out more, flaunting her curves, getting looks and attention galore. People change around pregnant women. Strangers smile, ask questions, some forget about boundaries while others don’t know how to act at all. All I knew was that after an exchange like that, Destiny would be soaked and begging for some loving. We were both obsessed with her permanent pregnant-looking belly. It got lots of attention during sex, constant rubs and cuddles and sometimes I’d even rub it in public just to show off to strangers that we were a young, loving, expecting couple. Public tummy rubs drove her the craziest. Destiny was extremely eager to go home.

“You know we can’t go home right away right?” I reminded. We were currently at the mall doing some last minute shopping before heading to Destiny’s parents house for her Dad’s birthday. They had not seen Destiny for five months and were sure to freak out over her recent weight gain.

“Ohhhh but then why did we mess with that guy? I’m so wet babe,” Destiny groaned. She tugged at my sleeve like a little kid.

“I’ll just have to fuck you twice as hard after your Dad’s party,” I claimed, while brushing her off.

Destiny was almost a foot shorter than me so she stood on her tippy toes and pulled at my shoulder to whisper in my ear. “I really can’t wait that long stud,” she pleaded in a quiet, sultry tone. I turned to face her. I was turned on ever since playing with her belly to shock that man but now she was making it harder to control.

“What do you want to do?” I asked.

“My parents are out picking up my sister from the airport. If we leave now and sneak into their house, then have sex in the guest room we could be done before they get home and be there on time for his party and birthday dinner,” Destiny explained.

“Oh alright,” I agreed, my dick doing all the thinking. Destiny did a small skip-like jump of victory with a huge smile on her face. Her big brown boobs bounced inside her dress as she celebrated.

When we got to Destiny’s parents’ house she waisted no time. She pulled me up the creaky wooden staircase and into the guest room. The walls were a bright pink, hinting that it used to be her sister’s room when they were kids. By the time I turned back around from locking the door, Destiny was already out of her dress. The red, velvety fabric draped across a fluffy, white chair. Destiny’s panties were visibly wet. The damp spot was clear to see, even on the black material. Her lacy bra matched both in color and design. My mouth watered at the sight of my plump, sexy wife. Her underwear dug into her curves making creamy, caramel-brown flesh poor over the sides of her panties while her tummy partly hung over the front. Even better was her bra, straining to stay clasped to contain Destiny’s monstrous tits. The round, tan globes of her breasts overflowed each cup. It looked like it would pop off at any second.

I got undressed in a flash. Destiny’s underwear dropped to the rough, carpeted floor. She smiled at me while biting her tongue. Every inch of her soft curves now in plain view. I walked up and put my arms around her. Her large tits and round belly pressed into me as I held her. My erection rubbed against her soft tummy as we made out. She felt like she was burning up. The way she kissed me was like she was hungry, starved for sex. Destiny moved up and down as we passionately kissed. She was trying to grind on me but ended up stroking my cock with her amazing, pudgy belly. The smooth flab of Destiny’s stomach felt unbelievable. Her pregnant-looking belly was so fun to play with, rub, and jiggle but now it was rubbing me off. I couldn’t take it. I grabbed Destiny firmly and shoved her onto the small bed. She let out a shriek from the sudden movement. I knew she loved being manhandled.

“Is that any way to treat your pregnant wife?” Destiny joked. She gave her chubby belly a hard smack as if it were her ass.

“You’re not pregnant, but you’re about to be,” I teased. I pounced on the bed. The comfy little bed shook, causing Destiny’s round figure to shake. I pinned Destiny down, one hand on her wrist, the other on her throat. I squeezed slowly and carefully at the sides of her neck.

“You trying to knock me up?” Destiny choked out. I squeezed harder. She writhed beneath me. When she couldn’t take it anymore she reached up with her free hand to pull me in for a kiss. I released her neck and slipped my hand into her long, wavy, black hair. Her breathing grew irregular and jagged as I tugged at her hair. Soft moans escaped her mouth as her body squirmed underneath me.

We couldn’t wait much longer. I backed off to fuck her properly. Destiny gasped as I parted her thick thighs. They were so soft and round, I loved everything about them. Finally, I entered the furnace of Destiny’s pussy. Her eyes rolled back as another moan escaped her. While Destiny was on her back, her belly appeared smaller. It was too big to disappear completely, but gravity helped it shrink a bit. She still had a sexy, round, pot belly. Her pudgy tummy bounced and jiggled as I fucked her. My hands squeezed and played with Destiny’s wildly swinging tits. They had grown so much that some people noticed them before her big belly. In fact they were so big even I didn’t realize how large her tummy was at times. They could distract me from anything. I rubbed her nipples hard before bending over to suck on them. She liked when I nibbled on them so I took many fake bites. Destiny grabbed my head and pressed it into her chest. That was my queue to be rougher. I bit harder and more frequently all over her plump, bouncing breasts. I loved the new gargantuan size of her tits. Eventually, I had to stop though, as I had to give her gorgeous belly some loving.

Destiny gasped loudly. I forcefully grabbed two handfuls of her belly fat. I used them as handles to fuck her faster. She moaned and panted in response to the rough fucking. I was mesmerized by the rippling flesh of her thighs and stomach. Her big tits bounced all over. I squeezed her hot Latina skin between my fingers.

“Imagine how massive my belly would be if you did get me pregnant!” Destiny teased between breaths. The sudden image of my sexy thick wife getting even bigger and rounder because she was swelling with my baby sent a rush of heat and vigor through my body. I grabbed her wide hips and dug into her love handles. I plowed her harder than ever before. “My tits would get a lot bigger too!” she added. My thoughts ran wild. This is the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen and she’s talking about having my babies, her body growing to enormous proportions because she loves me. She already looked a couple months pregnant already, I wondered how sexy she’d look if she were pregnant for real.

My thrusts became harder and deeper. Destiny knew her words were sending me over the edge. She tried to speak, to tease me more, yet no sound could escape. I was being too rough for her to talk. My hands left marks on her belly, love handles and thighs. I tried to smack her ass but it was more like her hip as she was on her back. I reached down to choke her. “Breed me daddy,” Destiny hardly choked out. She never called me daddy. I’d never been told to breed her before either. It seemed looking pregnant wasn’t enough for her. She wanted to be pregnant. I knew it was something that she fantasized about for so long, something that turned her on even more than hair pulling. All this time we weren’t trying for a baby but that was about to change.

“Get fucking pregnant,” I whispered under my breath. My mouth barely forming the words. Destiny’s eyes rolled back as we both orgasmed. I had to close my eyes. There was too much to process, so much stimulus. Her body, her tight pussy, her words. Everything collided into a powerful orgasm. I came inside Destiny, filling up her womb with cum just as I had filled her stomach with food. The room felt like a sauna. Our hair was drenched in sweat. We were both out of breath. We couldn’t move, we stayed in place for a few moments.

Click! A door was unlocked somewhere in the house. It had to be the front door. “Shit, your parents are home!” I whispered. Destiny’s eyes went wide. They darted down to her pussy, still leaking copious amounts of cum. “Fuck,” she gasped.

Author’s note~~~

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