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Beastful Mind

2022-10-20 00:50:39

My name is Dwayne and I like to fool around with dogs. I'm 5'10" and weigh 185 pounds. I lift weights regularly and I run during good weather. I have blonde hair and blue eyes with very fair skin. I consider myself a fairly regular guy...well aside from my fascination with bestiality. The following is the entirely true story of how this part of me came into being.

While I now consider myself an avid fan of the zoophile world I haven't had many chances to express it. My first encounter came back in 1998. Away at college during my freshman year I received an email from a friend of mine. It was a pretty well known video of a girl blowing a horse until it cums in her mouth and she coughs and gags it all up. My group of friends would always send eachother stuff like that in an effort to gross the others out. While I pretended to be grossed out by it I actually got very turned on by it.

I'm still not sure what I like most about bestiality. I think it's the degradation of sexually servicing an animal. I like being degraded. I also like to be submissive. Either that or it's my fascination with cock. I'm not gay, but I fantasize about sucking dick and getting fucked in the ass. I don't find men attractive and the thought of kissing a man sickens me. But the thought of sucking his cock turns me on. Taking it in the ass is also a major turn on for me as well. I stick all sorts of things in my ass when I masturbate. Strange huh? I'm sure that all goes back to my desire to be degraded. But I digress, maybe I'll get into that later in another story.

Well I must have jerked off watching that short beastiality clip a dozen times that semester. I also got into reading bestiality stories and enjoyed the pictures wherever I could find them without making my interest in animal sex known to my roommate who shared the computer with me. A little bestiality was good for a laugh but I feared what he may say if he started to suspect I actually got turned on by it.

When it came time to go home for the summer I was pretty bummed out since I had no computer at home so I'd have no bestiality to enjoy until the Fall and my return to school. See, I never even thought about actually trying it in real life.

One day that summer I was over my friends house and we were just hanging around playing video games. He was locked in a epic battle of Madden 1999 against the computer and I was getting tired of watching him run the same plays over and over so I got up and left the room. I went upstairs to get a drink. No one else was home so when I saw his dog lying around in the living room I got a very naughty idea.

My friends dog is a Golden Retriever and his name is Captain. He is a very large dog as well. He has also been fixed so I figured he'd have no interest in fooling around with me. While I had the chance I decided to find out for sure. I got down on my knees and unzipped my fly. I pulled out my rapidly enlarging cock and kind of waved it in his face. I think I also said something dirty like, "Hey boy, you want to taste something new. You wanna suck some cock?" The dog sniffed at the underside of my now fully erect 6 inch hard on. Then he licked it a few times. After that he got up, presumably to walk away and escape my sexual advances. But I was wrong. He was just getting into a better position to get at my cock.

My heart was pounding. Here I was on my knees with my dick in the mouth of the dog that belonged to my best friend. Not only that, I was doing this in his living room while his family was out somewhere and could return at any moment. That thought got me so hot I felt short of breath. So naturally I had to keep going because I was too horny to stop. The dog kept giving long slow licks to my dick. He'd start down at the base of my cock and balls and keep going up to the head. Every few seconds or so he'd stop at the head and lick off any precum that had oozed its way out. He must have liked the precum because he'd kind of nibble at my head whenever he tasted some like he was looking for more. It kind of hurt but it was a good pain.

"Keep it up Captain and you'll get a whole lot more to lick up." I said through gritted teeth as I held my foreskin back to ensure I received maximum pleasure from this taboo act.

While I knelt there I kept thinking..."I want to blow this dog right now." With a bit of remorse I put my rigid cock back into my shorts. Captain looked at me kind of like I was taking away his food before he finished eating it. I felt my cock throb in my pants with the thought that this dog might actually enjoy giving me head.

"It's OK boy, I want to return the favor" I whispered to him and then opened my mouth and let him stick his tongue in. I hadn't intended to kiss the dog but it just happened in the heat on the moment. I then forced my tongue into his mouth. I probed his mouth with my tongue and I must say it felt amazing. If not amazing then surreal at the least. My tongue ran over his teeth and the roof of his mouth. Our tongues wrestled in his mouth and then back to my mouth and back into his mouth and all the while I was pretty much breathing in the air he expelled. As I withdrew my tongue from his mouth I closed my lips around his tongue and sucked on it. It was another amazing feeling. In the span of about 5 minutes I had let a dog blow me and also french kissed him as well. My cock almost exploded at the thought of how dirty this all was...and I hadn't even finished yet.

As I knelt there next to this large blonde dog I knew I just had to taste his cock. I owed it to him after the enjoyment he just provided to me. As I said Captain had been fixed years earlier so I didn't even know if he could get a hardon. I nervously reached down and touched his sheath. He basically turned into a statue at this point so I figured he liked it. Slowly I began to jerk him off trying to get his dick to appear.

"You like this boy?" I asked seductively. "You want me to suck that doggie dick of yours?"

It was no use. His knot was huge and it prevented the sheath from being pulled back. Sadly I stopped. The dog seemed equally saddened by the lack of success in this deed. I got the dog to stand up so I could get a better look at the situation. Now that I could see more clearly I knew there was no way I could get the sheath back with him this aroused.

I had come so far, I just had to do something. So I got down under him and began licking the hairless skin around his sheath and the area where his balls were before he had been fixed. I kept stroking his hairy sheath and running my mouth and tongue over the bulge in his sheath where the knot was. He didn't seem to be in pain since he just stood there like a statue. I kept exploring the area with my mouth. He felt so warm and smelled strong but not unpleasant. I liked what I was doing. At that moment I felt truly submissive to this large friendly dog. I just wanted to pleasure him with my mouth.

I started licking his hairy sheath then. I figured I could at least pretend it was his cock. I could feel his cock inside the sheath. It wasn't as large as I figured it would be, but that could be because he was fixed or because he was stuck in his sheath. Either way I didn't really care. It was the experience I was looking for not the size of his member. I was licking and sucking at the head of his sheath while stroking it at the same time when I was rewarded with the tip of his cock poking out a little. I was pretty shocked to all of a sudden feel his partially free cock poking my mouth where there had just been fur a moment before.

The taste of Captains cock was a bit different than I thought it would be. It tasted pretty sharp, almost bitter. I licked at it for a few more seconds and knew I had to finish up before my friend wondered where I went. I got up and thought about what impact fixing a dog has on it. There was no doggie precum so I guess fixing him stops all cumming. I wondered about the size of his cock and if fixing him impacted it at all. It was all too much to think about since in just a few minutes I went from curious male to gay bestiality guy. I figured I'd give him a few more licks at my boner and then I'd put it away and go back to playing video games. Once I touched my dick I knew I was in trouble.

Once I touched myself I got that feeling like I was about to blow my load if I even moved. Christ, if a slight breeze hit my boner I'd probably shoot cum all over my friends living room. So what did my considerate doggie lover do? Of course he bent down and approached my cock again. That was it, before he even touched my cock I lost it. Just the realization that Captain was coming to blow me again pushed me over the edge. That orgasm is forever locked into my mind. The first stream of cum shot out and hit Captain in the nose. It splattered on his snout and some got up his nose and some of it ended up in his whiskers. The following two shots ended up on his forehead.

After about 5 seconds of bliss I started to get worried. Like all guys after I blow my load I almost instantly return to clear headed thinking. The gravity of what I just did hit me hard. I just french kissed and blew a dog and I also let the dog blow me and I finished off by giving this dog a facial. Amazingly instead of shame I felt proud of myself for actually going through with it. After patting myself on the back my mind turned to covering up the crime. I guess I mean that literally since bestiality in illegal. With the cum on Captains head and snout there would really be no denying what I did if my friends video football game ended now. If I were fondling or even licking Captains sheath I could have said I was trying to pull off a tick or some other terrible lie. He wouldn't believe it but at least it was something. If he saw three strings of cum all over his dogs face then he'd know his friend was a perverted bastard.

I tucked my cock back into my shorts and tried to clean the dog up. I wanted to go get some toilet paper or paper towels to wipe my mess from his snout but when I went to get up the dog started to follow me. The last thing I wanted was for this dog to get up and wipe my cum on the walls or furniture. I couldn't let the dog out of my sight. I began wiping my jizz off his head and letting him lick it off my hands. He seemed to like it and I liked watching him eat it. With the cum eaten and my cock tucked back into my shorts all was well. I had done it and felt good about it.

"You like eating my cum?" I said to Captain. "There's a lot more where that came from boy". He responded by licking my face. I opened my mouth and took his tongue and any of my leftover cum into my mouth and enjoyed the taste. I hugged the dog and grinded my crotch against his large frame one last time and went back to join my friend for some video games.


My first experience with bestiality was amazing. I spent the rest of that summer fantasizing about my encounter with Captain and since he was pretty much the only dog I had any access to, I spent time trying to figure out ways to get him alone for some more fun.

As I said Captain is the large Golden Retriever that belongs to my best friends family, unfortunately he was fixed so I would not get the full bestiality treatment from him. As usual I spent a lot of time at my friend Sean's house that summer just hanging out and generally being a lazy good for nothing college student. Well this lazy good for nothing college student had just discovered his love for fooling around with dogs and I was going crazy at not having a chance to experiment further.

Seriously, I think I was going crazy with desire. It was getting to the point that if my friend left the room and went downstairs to go to the bathroom or get something to eat I would be on my knees with my cock in Captains mouth before Sean even got to the bottom of the stairs. I never did this with hopes of cumming. I think it was just some sort of subconscious desire to get caught and see what would happen. Sean would usually only be gone for two to three minutes so we (my canine lover and myself) would barely have time to get started.

Usually I'd just have Captain lick my cock until I had a nice hard on going and then I'd masturbate while I open mouthed kissed him. No ejaculation, just a little fun. We did this all the time. I'd listen for the toilet to flush downstairs or the fridge to close or some other sign of Sean's impending return so I could put my dick away and get back in my chair before he came back into the room. As you can imagine, the times I heard no such sound to alert me to Sean's return would lead to some terrifying near misses. It wouldn't be until I heard Sean's feet on the stairs that I'd know I was about to be caught. Thank God that Sean's door is weighted so it closes automatically or else he'd have found out his best friend enjoys gay bestiality several times. I think a part of me wanted him to find out but I just didn't have the courage to admit it.

I'd like to share one of the most exciting near misses with you all now. Sean got a call from his mother one afternoon. She wanted him to go pick up his younger brother at school since he had to stay after or something like that.

"I gotta go pick up my shithead brother at school. You coming?" Sean asked.

"Fuck no. This is the Superbowl." I replied in reference to another wasted afternoon playing Madden Football.

"OK, I'll be back." Sean said as he walked out the door.

My heart was already pounding when I heard the front door close and I knew I was finally alone with Captain. As usual Captain was sleeping on the floor of my friends room. I shut off the Madden game because video game football can't campare with sex...even (or maybe especially) with a dog.

"You hear that boy? We're finally alone. I figure we have at least 20 minutes together. Do you think you can make me cum in 20 minutes? I think you can. If you try hard you can get your bitch to cum all over you. Would you like that? How about a nice afternoon snack?"

Personally I don't like the taste of my own cum...but if Captain does then who am I to complain. Yes, I have tasted my own cum. After facials got so popular on the internet I got curious and gave myself one. One night I leaned back off the couch until my head and shoulders were on the floor and I was looking up at my own dick. Well it didn't take long until I blasted a whole load onto my own face.

In the split second it took for my cum to get from the tip of my cock to my face I decided it was a bad idea...but it was obviously too late. All I could do was start to turn my head before the hot cum arrived at it's destination. My first reaction was "Wow, it's a lot hotter than I figured it would be." Given my love of kinky, dirty things this obviously turned me on and led to a far larger load than usual. Or maybe my load just looked larger splashed all over the side of my face than it usually looks in a tissue or gym sock.

I carefully got up and walked to my mirror. I looked just like those girls on the websites. I had cum all over my right eye and a wad of it on the tip of my nose along with several other little splashs on my cheeks and lips. It looked so dirty I decided I needed a Polaroid. My camera was in the other room but I figured it was late enough to chance running to get it. I listened for any of my family moving about and when all I heard was silence I went for it. I live in the basement of the house and my parents and siblings live on the second floor so they'd have to come down two flights of stairs to catch me so I knew this was a pretty safe risk. But still, walking naked around my family house with a load of cum on my face was so perverted I was already hard again by the time I got the camera (yes, being naked where I shouldn't be is another huge turn on for me). I made it back to my room and snapped the picture but it didn't really come out that well..and don't even ask for me to scan it and send you a copy ;)

At this point I was so horny the thought of tasting my own cum sounded like a good idea. This should come as no surprise to any of you since when I'm horny I blow dogs. Now, I had tasted my own cum before while kissing Captain after he ate my cum, but I had never tasted my cum by itself. By this time the big wad of cum had made its way down off my nose and was hung up in the hair on my lip. I slowly stuck out my tongue and found the wad and brought it back to my mouth to swallow it. Yeah, it tasted pretty bad. Since I was horny I managed to swish it around and get a good feel for what it tasted like and I swallowed. I experienced the same feeling I got after the first time I tried bestiality with Captain. I was overcome with a sense of accomplishment. I had just swallowed my own cum.

Sorry. Where was I? I wanted to share that story but I want to keep my stories together and didn't want to write a whole new one to tell that brief cum eating story.

Ah yes, Sean had just gone to pick up his brother at school and I had about 20 minutes to fool around with his dog. Sean has a swimming pool so in the summer I usually wear my bathing suit over there. It makes it easier to go swimming if you are already wearing your suit. It also makes it easier to do deviant things with his dog since it is so easy to get in and out of.

Bam, just like that my bathing suit was off and on the floor. Captain immediately made his way over to me and started happily licking away at my cock. By this time I had learned that Captain liked it if I "forgot" to wash my cock head. Hey, if it made him lick longer I'd do anything. Plus I liked being able to taste my own cock when I kissed him. I laid my hands aside his head and slowly rubbed behind his ears while he blew me.

After the events of my initial story I looked into bestiality more closely and learned more about the male dogs anatomy. I knew that getting a dog aroused would be messy and hard to cover up in a hurry. Since I still wasn't sure what kind of response pulling Captains sheath back would prompt I left his cock alone. I had no idea how aroused he could get since he had been fixed. I hated not being able to reciprocate for my lover...after all I thought of myself as his bitch at times like these.

Although I longed to service this dog fully the thought of getting caught with his huge doggie pre-cum spraying boner fully exposed was too risky. Incredibly arousing, but too risky. I had never seen his cock at all aside from our little sessions so I knew no one would buy it if they found him with his sheath pinned back behind bis knot in a full state of arousal. But then again he was fixed...it was a terrible situation. I had no idea what to expect, so I wimped out and left his cock alone.

While I was debating whether or not to service Captain his tongue got under my balls and he started licking at my ass crack. I couldn't believe it never occurred to me that Captain would eat my asshole if I gave him the chance. Immediately I went down on my back and held my legs up and spread my cheeks for his tongue. Captain played his part and went at it with a vengeance. He was pushing at my hole trying to get his tongue all the way in there. It felt amazing to masturbate while a dog licked my asshole.

I had a towel with me to dry off after I went in the pool so I decided I would let Captain make me cum and I could quickly clean up with the towel. I got up on my knees and opened my mouth to accept Captains tongue. Not surprisingly he tasted like ass...my ass. This pushed me right over the edge and I quickly closed my mouth and pushed Captains head down to my cock. He licked a few times while I feverishly jerked off.

"You did it Captain. Your bitch is about to cum. You made me cum. Get ready, here it comes."

It was amazing, Captain kept licking while I blew my load and he ate it all. I had to pull my dick away because it gets pretty sensitive after I cum. Since I was naked from the waste down on my knees in front of this dog I had no place to hide my sensitive cock from his tongue. He kept trying to get at it so I figured I should just occupy his tongue with mine to keep him away from my dick until I was ready to get dressed. This time he tasted like my ass and my cum. Like I said, the dirtier the better. I kissed him with some force. I got my tongue in there and ran it along his teeth would have gone down his throat if I could have. Then I heard the front door open.

It had only been 12 minutes by the clock on the wall. Sean couldn't be back already. But I immediately heard his feet on the stairs. He really was home already. I rolled towards where I had flung my bathing suit and put both legs through at once. Thankfully I was near Sean's CD rack because once I got to my knees he opened the door to his room.

I stared at the CD rack hoping he didn't suspect anything.

"Who won the Super Bowl?" Sean asked.

It took me a few seconds to realize he was asking about the Madden game I was playing when he left.

"There was a bullshit call so I shut it off. There's always next year. Hey, where's that Led Zeppelin album? I can't find it." I hoped that would explain why I was on my knees over there in the corner of his room.

"Right the fuck in front of you." He bought it.

"Oh yeah, I must be going blind." I smiled as I said that. It was the smile of someone who just realized they got away with something. In this case I had just gotten away with another gay bestiality session with his dog.

There you have it. That was the closest I had been to being caught. I hope you liked it. Again you can email me at [email protected]. I loved hearing from you and I hope all of you who emailed me after my first story will give me your opinions on this story as well.


After that near miss as Sean's house I pretty much stopped fooling around with Captain for a long time. While part of me thought about all the good outcomes that could happen if my love of bestiality was discovered the majority of me realized I'd probably be pretty screwed if anyone I knew ever found out.

At home in bed I would fantasize about being caught by Sean while blowing Captain or doing something inappropriate with him. My desire to be demeaned would really come into play in these fantasies. In one Sean would catch me engaged in some sort of sex act with his dog and he would make me his slave in exchange for keeping my secret. That's where things really got good.

I'd fantasize about blowing Captain and Sean while he called me "fag" or "pussy". I'd dream about one of them fucking me in the ass while I continued to blow the other one. And my ultimate fantasy was Sean forcing me to let Captain fuck my ass. Since this was a fantasy Captain would tie with me of course. When the dogs cock was locked in my ass Sean would call several people into the room to see what a good little bitch I was. That was the one that got my cumming on lonely nights alone in my bed. Being caught in a tie with a dog...now thats demeaning. I love it. At this time I had never had any sort of cock in my ass so it was just a fantasy. That would change soon enough.

Despite all my fantasies I realized that in all likelihood if Sean ever caught me servicing his dog he'd probably kick my ass. I hadn't started weight lifting yet so I was just a pale scrawny weakling so kicking my ass wouldn't have been hard at all. Even if Sean didn't kick my ass, our friendship would certainly be over. Sean and I had been friends for years, and I would never jeopardize our relationship. I'm not attracted to Sean or any man for that matter...just cock in general. Any cock will do. My cock, dog cock, another guys cock, horse cock. I'm just a straight guy who likes cock when he gets horny.

So as I was saying I had pretty much stopped experimenting with Captain and since he was the only dog I had any access to I pretty much gave up on bestiality all together. In it's place I started devoting more time to my other "hobbies". I really started getting in to sticking things up my ass.

I learned early on that masturbation feels even better with some anal play I started out with candles but I soon moved on to larger things. My favorite home made toy (I am far too shy to go into a sex toy store and buy a dildo) is a Fisher-Price ring stacking piece. It's a yellow pole that is about a foot long and gets gradually thicker as you go down towards it's base. That way kids learn which ring to stack on the pole by the size of the hole in the rings...but I was more interested in the pole and my own hole.

I found one of these in my parents basement one day while looking through my childhood toys. It's anal play potential was obvious to me immediately. It took me a while to even get the tip of the pole up my ass. After a few sessions I could take the tip quite easily. From there I could take more and more of the pole every few days as my asshole loosened up. One night while drunk I taped the pole to a dictionary and started riding it. I was having a great time fucking myself in the ass with this toy. I looked down and saw that it was in me up to it's base. I had taken the whole thing! This was no small feat. This thing is pretty wide at the base.

As I sat there nude on my floor watching porn with a large pole up my ass I was quite excited about my next thought. I figured I could probably get my fist up there too I thought aloud. And do you know what? I could. I fisted my own ass. I figured that must look pretty cool so I crawled across the floor with my entire hand up my own ass so I could look in the mirror at myself. I was right, it looked pretty cool. I had a great orgasm that night and happily went off to bed...after washing off my hand of course.

I woke up the next morning with a bit of a hangover and a very sore ass. I spit on my finger to engage in some Early Morning Asshole Play to loosen up my hole and maybe lessen the pain. I reached down and felt a large bump on my asshole. Yup, I fucked myself so hard that I gave myself a hemorrhoid. For the next week or so I dealt with a literal pain in the ass. But eventually it went away and I got to return to action. I kept up the ass play not only because it felt good but I figured if I kept my hole loose I could probably tie with a dog if the opportunity ever presented itself. If I could take my own fist I could take a dogs knot.

I would get my chance about a year later. Sean called me one day to ask if I could take care of his dog for a few days while he and his family went to a wedding in another state. Usually when his family would go away he had a cousin or uncle take care of the dog. Since it was a family wedding, all of his relatives would be going as well leaving me as his primary dog sitter.

"You've got to be kidding me. I don't want to watch your dog." I was lying, but it felt right to pretend not to want to do it.

"Come on, all you have to do is come by twice a day to feed, water and let him out to go to the bathroom. You live right down the street you ass. You can even use the pool while we're gone."

"Well, OK I guess I can do it. How long will you be gone?" Aha, I had won the right to use his pool for the weekend. I knew there was a good reason to drag my feet.

"We're leaving tomorrow and we'll be back Sunday night so you'll have to come by for 4 days."

"OK, I can do that." I tried to sound like I was doing him a favor but inside I was giddy. Four days alone with Captain. I could finally do all the things I wanted so desperately to try. I hung up the phone and immediately my mind started racing. I couldn't wait to get over there the next day.

I felt like a high school girl the night before her prom when she knows she's going to get give herself to he boyfriend the next night. I knew I'd give Captain my virginity...well my anal virginity. I guess I was still an anal virgin since I'd never had a real cock in my ass. I knew Captain was fixed so he may not want to fuck me but I'd give him every opportunity. My fist and my home made toys were one thing but I really wanted to get something hot and alive up there.

I spent the rest of the night making myself more presentable for my canine lover. I knew Captain wouldn't give a shit how I looked but I guess it all played in to my submissive side. I decided a good start would be to shave my pubic hair. I went with the landing strip look...just a thin strip extending above my cock. That looked nice but it wasn't enough. I decided to go with the fully shaved look. One of my college girlfriends used to shave her pussy and she convinced me to try it one night. I'll say one thing...having sex when both partners are freshly shaved feels amazing. I suggest you all try it some time.

I looked in the mirror at my hair-free pubic area and thought I looked kinda lame with a bald crotch and hairy legs and chest. So I did the only logical thing and shaved my entire body. It took a while but eventually I was hair free from the neck down. I even shaved my arms which was in hindsight a stupid idea. I would be forced to wear long sleeves for the next couple of months. But at the time it was a great idea. I noticed that without any body hair I looked like a flat chested girl. I was still very thin and scrawny and aside from the cock and balls I looked very feminine.

"That's good. I am after all Captains bitch. If I'm going to get fucked like a bitch I should probably look like a bitch." With that thought my dick sprang to life. I knew we could be having some fun over the next few days. In order to make sure my asshole would loose I engaged in a rigorous self fisting session that night. I drifted off to sleep dreaming of finally getting a cock in my ass.

I went over to Sean's house the next day at noon. On the kitchen table was a note from Sean's mother. She left instructions to feed the dog twice a day and let him out 2 or 3 times a day. I laughed to myself at the part where it said to feed the dog twice a day.

"Yeah, I'll give him dog food twice a day...but I plan on feeding him my cock as many times as possible."

Captain must have heard me since he came running into the kitchen with his tail wagging. Immediately I dropped to my knees to say hello to my doggie lover. We engaged in our usual sloppy open mouthed kiss.

"I missed you boy. Now we have all weekend to have some fun. We're going to try some new things too. You'll like them, I promise."

I couldn't wait to show my lover how nice and smooth I got for him. I stripped naked for him right there on the kitchen floor. I pulled him close to feel his long fur against my fully shaved body. It felt amazing. My entire body felt aroused at once. One look down at my cock was proof about that. My cock was fully erect and already leaking precum.

"I'm here to serve you Captain. As long as I'm with you this weekend I'll be naked and ready to go whenever you want it." With that I vowed to strip as soon as I entered the house and not put clothes on again until I planned on going home.

My first goal was to give Captain the blowjob of his life. Well, since he's a dog he's probably never gotten a blowjob but never mind. I had never even seen Captains full dick. I'd never been able to get him out of his sheath due to fear of getting caught. With Sean's whole family in another state I had no more fear. I got Captain to lie down and slowly started masturbating him in his sheath with one hand while I stroked my own cock with the other.

"We're just getting started boy. I wanna see your cock. Let me see it all." I said this as seductively as possible.

I gently pulled his sheath back and got it to stay behind the knot. There it was. His dick was there fully erect and in my hand for the first time ever. He got soft pretty quickly...I guess that's the drawback to being fixed. I figured a little oral action would brighten his day and bring his cock back to attention. I grabbed his cock behind the knot and attacked it with my mouth. Aside from the few times I tried to suck Captain while his dick was still in his sheath this was the first time I had had any cock in my mouth. I figured I'd just stuff as much of it in my mouth as possible instead of just tentatively licking at the tip for a while. You know, like it's better to jump in a cold pool all at once instead of slowly wading in.

Well, I guess I should have tasted his dick before ramming it into my mouth. It tasted horrible. It never occurred to me that since he was fixed he never got a chance to clean his whole cock. The tip was OK, but the further back I got the worse it tasted.

"Sorry, boy. We're going to have to get that cock cleaned off before I can suck it."

I filled a bowl with some warm water and was about to go to work cleaning his dick when I thought about what a mess all that water would make. We'd be better off going outside to clean up. I reached for my clothes to get dressed when I remembered my vow to remain naked until I planned on going home.

"A promise is a promise. I guess I'll be going outside like this. I hope no one is around." With that I stepped outside into the warm afternoon sun.

I had never been nude outside before in my life...well at least not during the day. I experimented with night time public nudity (maybe I'll share those stories another time) but never in broad daylight like this. The sun felt wonderful on my smooth naked body. It felt especially great on my fully erect cock.

Sean's yard is surrounded by an 6 foot high wooden fence so there wasn't much chance of anyone seeing us. Unless anyone decided to clean their gutters or look between the cracks in the fence we were safe. We must have been quite a site...a pale skinned fully shaved guy with a hard on and a long haired dog also with a hard on hanging down between his legs. I was pretty nervous so I decided to get down to the business of cleaning Captains cock quickly so we could get back to the safety of the house.

I decided to sit down near Sean's pool. I chose this location so in case anyone did catch a glimpse of me they might just think I was skinny dipping or something far less perverse than cleaning off a dogs cock so it would taste better when I blew him. I called Captain over and began washing his cock with the bowl of warm water. I gripped him behind the knot to keep him hard and gently washed away the nasty stuff.

"Well, I think you should be clean now. But there's only one way to find out." I winked at him as I said this and slowly lowered my mouth to his dick.

I took the dogs cock into my mouth for the second time that day and was much happier with the taste this time. I practiced deep throating to make sure the back area of his cock was clean too.

"Now you taste much better, lover. I love the taste of your cock now. I'll suck it all weekend long if you'd like. Would you like that? Hmm? You want your bitch to service you all weekend?" Actually I said that with his cock in my mouth so it really sounded like a series of satisfied grunts.

Obviously I didn't really love the taste of his cock. I don't think anyone would define dog cock as good tasting. I told him I liked the taste to demean myself more. Apparently my dirty side was taking over again. Captain obviously wanted me to stop talking and go back to sucking because he started to get fidgety when I took his cock out of my mouth.

"Ahh, so you do like this. I figured you would." I was about to lead Captain back inside to finish giving him head when a dirtier idea came over me. My perverse side was certainly in control now because I decided to just keep blowing the dog right out there in the middle of Sean's back yard.

For the next few minutes I sucked on Captains cock while the sun warmed my skin. I was content lying there practicing all the blowjob styles on this dog. I thought back to all the porn I had seen and all the things girls had tried on me. I was about to try the hands-free blowjob when an amazing thing happened. I let go of Captains knot to get in position and he humped my mouth. I almost gagged when he hit the back of my throat...but that wasn't the amazing part. I figured since he was fixed he wouldn't hump, but he did. They were only a couple of weak humps but he still humped.

"Later on we'll put that humping to good use...I promise." I then let him stick his tongue in my mouth for a few seconds before going back to my blowjob.

"How am I doing boy? This is the first cock I've ever had in my mouth. I hope I'm doing a good job."

I went back to sucking when Captain apparently let me know that I suck a good cock. I noticed a new taste in my mouth. I stopped sucking to think about what it could be when I felt a stream of fluid shooting in my mouth. It wasn't much but Captain was cumming in my mouth. I was shocked. How could a fixed dog cum? Later I would learn that some fixed dogs can still ejaculate prostatic fluid from their prostates. I went back to sucking to see if captain had any more surprises for me. I let the mystery fluid dribble down my chest and stopped blowing Captain after he started to lose interest.

"I guess you did like it huh boy? You came in my mouth. Thats so fucking dirty...I love it! OK, now what about me? You wanna help me get off? I'm about ready to shoot so it won't take long. You came in my mouth so I would think I should get to return the favor." With that I spread some of the dog cum/saliva fluid on my cock and began stroking.

I stood in front of Captain masturbating while he licked under my ball sack trying to get at my asshole. I spread my legs to give him better access to the hole I hoped he would later fill with his cock. Once his tongue hit my asshole I lost control. I barely had enough time to aim my cock at his muzzle before the first cum rope shot out. It was quite an impressive load. When I was done Captain had a facial worthy of some kinky internet porn site.

I cleaned up Captains face and he cleaned up my chest and face and we went inside to recover. I had big plans for later. I laid down on the carpet next to my doggie lover and we took a nap for a while. My smooth skin felt wonderful against his fur. I drifted off to sleep dreaming about his cock in my ass. I only hoped the real thing would be as wonderful as my dream.

I woke up and Captain was still asleep. I had a hard on but I didn't want to wake the dog up since I was out to please him this weekend and not the other way around. Instead I snooped around Sean's house bare ass naked. I found a home made porn video in his parents closet. It was pretty poor quality. I watched a few minutes of it and knew at the very least it would change how I looked at his parents forever. His mother is a very proper woman. She sure wasn't being very proper in this video. She was talking so dirty it amazed even me. The scene went from anal (I think) to a facial. Then she cleaned off her husbands dick with her mouth. I couldn't believe it, she put a shit covered cock into her mouth and acted like she really liked it. I took the tape out and put it near my clothes. I would bring it home and make a copy for future use. No, not blackmail, I mean masturbation. I still jack off watching my copy of that tape.

I then went into Sean's sisters room. Her name is Amanda. She was 23 at the time (I was 20 for the record). I had (and still have) a crush on her for years. My dick almost exploded at the thought of looking through her personal possessions. I went straight for her underwear drawer. I imagined her wearing these tiny sheer pieces of fabric and got dizzy. I put on a pair of her panties and looked at myself in the mirror. I liked how I looked fully shaved with a pink frilly pair of panties on. If not for my 6 inch cock poking up out of the panties I looked pretty feminine. I would begin lifting weights in a few years and that would end my resemblance to a flat chested girl.

In the back of the drawer I found Amanda's dildo. My heart skipped a beat as I looked at it. As I picked it up I prayed that she hadn't washed it off after she used it last. I wanted to taste her. I began sucking the dildo and I did indeed find out what Amanda's pussy tasted like. Suddenly I felt something cold in my ass crack. Captain had woken up and crept up behind me. I reluctantly put the dildo back in the drawer and took off the panties. There was a little precum on the panties but I figured it wouldn't be noticed since it was in the frilly part.

"You ready for my gift to you boy? I want to give you something. I've never had a cock in my ass and I want you to be the first." Then I used all sorts of euphemisms for losing my virginity like "pop my cherry". I knew they didn't apply to anal virginity but it felt good to say them anyways. Christ I loved being subservient to this dog even if he didn't understand.

I led Captain into the living room and laid a towel down next to the couch to catch any bodily fluids that may spill and then we went to "work". I knelt down in front of the couch and then I bent at the waist so Captain could get a good look at my asshole. I spread my cheeks and Captain almost buried his tongue in there. It felt so good that I actually began moaning as this dog ate out my asshole.

If I was going to get fucked in the ass by this animal I knew I would need some lube and I had forgotten to bring any. A quick trip to Sean's kitchen fixed that right up. I grabbed some olive oil and a turkey baster. I filled the baster with some oil and then filled my ass. With some of the oil up my ass and some around my hole I figured we were ready.

"Your bitch is ready for you boy. How about you? Are you ready? Are you ready to plant that cock in my ass?"

I dropped down and began masturbating Captain to get him ready. I blew him briefly to get some saliva on his cock as well. I figured you can never have enough lube when having anal sex. Some of the olive oil ran out of my asshole while I blew Captain. I knew it was time to find out if this would work before I made even more of a mess.

I led Captain back to the couch and got back into position on my knees in front of the couch. I had Captains cock firmly in my hand while I crawled under him and lifted his paws onto my back. I inserted his cock into my anus about an inch. It felt so warm it was amazing. I slowly worked it all the way into my ass until just the knot remained outside my ass. I still had a firm grip on his knot. If the time he humped my mouth outside was any indication I figured he would hump at least a few times once I let go of it.

I let go of his knot and was pleased yet scared to see I was right. Captain lunged forward and pulled back for another thrust when he realized his knot wasn't buried in his bitch yet. On the third thrust his knot popped into my ass with a little bit of pain. Immediately his knot grew larger. The whole thing took only a few seconds but it was over. I had gotten a dog to fuck my ass and now he was locked in there. His humping had been much stronger than it was outside. I guess not even getting fixed kills off all his urge to mate. All it took was some coaxing and I had gotten a neutered dog to bury his cock in my ass. I felt a little bit of pride at that thought.

I still wore that initial expression of quizzical surprise at least a minute after his knot dropped into my ass. The ferocity of the thrusts freaked me out a little and his knot popping into my ass freaked me out further. Now bent over the couch with most of Captains bodyweight lying on top of me...not to mention his cock locked in my ass I began thinking. I knew that a dogs knot will gradually shrink after he cums. Since Captain had been fixed I started getting nervous that since he can't release sperm he may be tied to me for a long time. Usually I just let go of his knot to let his erection subside but since my anus was holding his knot that wasn't an option. His knot had grown far too large to come out of there in that state.

At about this time I felt the mystery fluid begin shooting in my ass. There wasn't much of it but I felt his cock flexing a little as he shot it deep in my ass. I hoped that the prostatic fluid he was releasing would be enough to get his erection to fade. It was too late to worry about that now. I just settled in and enjoyed the feeling. It took me about 3 strokes to get my own cock spurting. Thank God I put the blanket down or else I would have blasted a nice sized load on the front of Sean's couch.

A few minutes later Captain got down off of me and began to turn around. He began pulling and I was obliged to follow him. I crawled backwards over to where he liked to sleep and he laid down. This was the moment I really felt like a bitch. He used me for sex and now he was taking a nap. I had done that to a few girls in my life and having it done to me was pretty embarrassing.

"Whats wrong Captain? Did I do something wrong?" I felt pretty low with his cock still buried in my ass and he seemed like he didn't want to be near me. Then I snapped out of it and remembered he's just a dog and thats probably how they act after they have fuck their bitch. Since I was most certainly the bitch here I figured it was OK after all.

A few minutes later I pulled away from him a little bit and felt his knot slosh out of my ass. We were away from the sex blanket so I immediately stuck a few fingers up my ass to try to avoid too much leakage of dog cum and olive oil. I hobbled into the bathroom and took a shower. My legs were weak, I felt completely spent.

A few minutes later I emerged from the bathroom praying there wouldn't be a huge stain on the carpet that would forever mark the place where Captains cock came free from my ass. Captain was licking a spot on the carpet right where the event took place but I could see no stain. I french kissed Captain and could taste olive oil so I guess he licked up the spill before it could stain. God, I love that dog. Was there anything he couldn't do?

"Thanks boy, you were great. You really fucked your bitch hard. I gotta go now. I'll see you tomorrow." I kissed him hard and deep after I said that. It was by far the deepest kiss I ever gave him. I was half expecting him to bite me or gag.

With that I dressed and went home. I had been there nude with Captain for about 5 hours but it felt like only a few minutes. We had 3 more days of encounters like this before Sean and his family came home.


My real hot and heavy experiences with Captain ended that summer. I knew after going all the way with him that just letting him lick my cock or french kissing him would pale by comparison. That doesn't mean I didn't do it of course. Whenever the chance arose I still would open my mouth and let his tongue in or I'd whip my cock out for a quick blowjob, but I never sucked his cock or let him mount me again.

During our final years in college Sean and I drifted apart. Not entirely but after the weekend I watched Captain things began to change. We're still friends but I don't spend nearly as much time over there any more. Maybe it's because we both grew up, maybe it was because his mother suspected that I found her secret sex tape she made with her husband (my god I do love that tape). Maybe the family figured out I liked to take it in the ass from dogs. Or maybe it was because I ended up fucking Seans sister at a New Years Party. Yeah, I finally got Amanda. We dated for a few months. She was wild and the sex was amazing. In fact if this site didn't focus on "alternative sexualities" I would devote this entire story to the things we did.

I was joking when I rattled off the reasons why Sean and I may have drifted apart. It was certainly the whole sister fucking angle. Our break up was as amiable as a break up can be, but afterwards I had to be treated like her exboyfriend instead of Seans best friend. Sean and I still hang out occasionally but after fucking a guys sister it's probably a bit much to expect to be welcomed into his house with open arms.

Why even mention this? Good question. With far less access to Captain my desire to be a bitch for dogs went unchecked. I simply had no access to the kind of good hard dog fucking that I wanted to make a regular part of my life. So basically I had no man-dog action for quite some time. It wasn't until I graduated from college that I would get it again. It was also the last time I had sex with a dog.

After I graduated I planned on taking that summer off before joining the real world. It would be a three month party where I could get it all out of my system before saying goodbye to my reckless youth. I volunteered to drive up to our family lake house a week early to get everything in order before we began using it as a vacation home off and on for the summer season. My father usually did it, but since I had no job yet it made more sense for me to go up there and get it all out of the way so that our family could enjoy the vacation house all summer long.

I had a week to get it all ready. I had to mow the lawn, paint the porch, and fix anything that broke during the winter. I bought my provisions at the local grocery store several miles away. I had ample beer and meat to grill and I set out to make the old lake house presentable. I'd drink a few beers and work on the house during the day. Around twilight I'd finish up and take a swim in the nearby lake. Our house is up on the hill overlooking the lake. A backyard slopes down and then there is a long stairway down to the small boat dock and diving board we use.

We live in a corner of this lake and our few neighbors are all out of sight from each other. Our lake is pretty large but in our little corner there are 4 other houses. Our lake joins with a few others so there is a lot of boat traffic in most areas but our little out of the way part sees little traffic especially this early in the season. There is also a boat launching ramp about 3/4 of a mile away. The dirt access road for it is closed off by a locked gate until some time in June. Since it was still May this would be a perfect spot to indulge in one of my newest pleasures...outdoor nudity.

I walked the 3/4 miles to the access road and then followed the gravel road about 2/10 of a mile into the woods until I reached the boat ramp. There were no houses visible until you swam out a ways into the lake since the ramp was in its own small inlet. I found a nice little out of the way place to hide my bathing suit and just like that I was bare ass naked. I walked out to the end of the small dock and hung my feet in the water and enjoyed the naughty feeling of being nude where I wasn't supposed to be. I did some swimming, ran around, walked in the woods and rolled in the grass all without a stitch of clothing on. This became my evening fun every night I was there.

On the 4th twilight I swam across the lake to my neighbors house. I knew the house was vacant still since all the shudders were still closed up. I took this opportunity to walk around their property nude too. That got boring pretty fast so I got back in the water and swam back to the boat ramp. As I got closer I noticed a large black shape was sniffing around where I hid my bathing suit. I was terrified that it was a wolf and he'd attack me and the newspapers would read: "Skinnydipper Eaten By Wolves" or something like that. As I slowly inched closer I noticed it was in fact a very large Black Lab. This dog was huge. It noticed me and happily ran to the end of the small dock to introduce himself.

As soon as I could touch bottom I stood by the dock to pet the dog so he wouldn't suddenly attack me once I climbed out. The water was up to my shoulders so my head extended only about a foot above the dock...pretty much face to face with this dogs cock. I noticed he was intact...and what a pair of balls he had. I stuck out my hand to let him sniff me and he licked me and began wagging his tail. Evidently my new friend was friendly. His tongue was huge. It was long and extremely wide at the end. My heart began racing as I thought about how that tongue would feel in my mouth or wrapped around my cock. It was wide enough at the tip to completely surround my cock I estimated.

Now I'm no expert but it was almost like he smelled my arousal before I even realized it myself. A few seconds later his "red rocket" came into view. The tip began peeking out of his sheath. It was hard to ignore when it was about 10 inches from my face.

"Wow boy, is that because of little ole me? Allow me to repay that compliment."

Now the lake was pretty cold but my cock began springing to life under the surface of the water. Now to those of you who have been reading my stories you know what happens when I get horny...I pretty much lose the part of my brain that prevents me from avoiding risky situations. I gave my own stiffening cock a few jerks and reached out to touch this dogs cock. I expected him to move away or at least stand up when I touched it. To my surprise he just kept sitting there as I gave him a quick hand job.

"Does that feel good boy? Have you ever had a human service you? I'd like to make you feel good if you don't mind."

With that I leaned forward and took his cock into my mouth. I pushed his sheath back and squeezed behind the knot to get him to grow to full size. This cock was huge to put it mildly. It looked like some of the cocks you see on the bestiality websites. I'm thinking this dog had some other breed in him since I didn't think Labs had such large members. Once he was more aroused he did get up and as I stood there in the water now looking up at his cock hanging there above my head I knew we'd go a lot further that night.

"If your cock gets any bigger you'll probably pass out due to oxygen deprivation to your brain boy", I said as I watched his hanging cock swing back and forth as he walked along the dock beside me as I left the safety of the water.

He began whimpering and nudging me as I tried to dry off a bit in the evening air. He was probably just really horny. I had nothing to base this on since he was the first non-neutered dog I'd ever fooled around with but it almost seemed like he had experience with human lovers. I'm probably just being silly but it felt good to think he was initiating further sexual activity.

"Jesus, you want it more than I do, huh boy?" I asked as he kept trying to mount me and he whimpered almost non-stop.

"Let's go somewhere more secluded and I'll take care of that boner for you." I winked at him and led him all of about 20 feet back up the dirt road and into a grassy area.

I turned and thrust my hard on at his face and without any surprise he licked it hungrily. I was right, his tongue was so wide that it completely wrapped around my cock. It felt amazing. As close to a real blowjob as I imagine a dog could ever provide. He didn't lick long because this dog was too horny to worry about my sexual needs. I took the hint and dropped down by his side. He tried to mount me but there was no way I'd let that happen.

"Sorry, boy. That thing is a little too big for my ass. We can try it some other day maybe."

This dog just kept humping and whining as he tried to mount me. It would have been comical if I wasn't trying to get his cock back into my mouth. Finally I grabbed him with both hands behind his knot. This calmed him right down and the pre cum began flowing before I even got my lips around his huge penis.

Since this dog was intact he really seemed to get into it more than poor old neutered Captain. This got me off too. I really went to town on this dogs cock. I had to dribble his precum out the sides of my mouth every 15 seconds or so simply because there was so much of it. His knot just kept growing and growing in front of my hands. I could see it grow with my eyes too as I kept sucking. Finally I tasted a change in the fluid he was shooting into my mouth. This dog just blew his load in my mouth. He kept cumming for a few minutes. It was real doggy cum and not the same old precum. The dog cum filling my mouth and dribbling down my face was like a gold star. I suck a good cock it seems.

"You haven't fucked me so I guess I'm not your bitch, but maybe this makes me your cheap whore?" I asked playfully as I let the cum shoot onto my face and chest in quick little bursts. It just kept shooting. I let him shoot a couple of sprays into my mouth and I even swallowed it. It tasted a lot different from Captains since this one was full of sperm and poor Captain had no balls so therefore he had no sperm.

I laid there under this strange dog getting cummed on and marveling at the level of my own depravity. I jerked off with one hand while I held tight to the base of his cock with the other. Aside from a few licks to my cock this dog never paid any attention to me. That turned me on even more. This was all about my desire to degrade myself by servicing a lower species. With that thought I lost control and blew my own load up my chest. A little bit shot so far that it hit me on the chin.

I let go of my own cock to wipe my cum from my chin. I looked at it there stuck to the end of my finger. Human cum is much different from dog cum. Dog cum is much more thin and runny. I lifted my finger to the dog and offered to let him lick the cum off my finger. He lapped it all up and I returned to staring at his giant cum shooting cock.

Finally it looked like he was almost finished cumming. Then my heart stopped. I heard the sound of voices...and they were pretty close.

"Duke!" I heard a female voice call out. "Come here Duke!" "Where are you boy?" another female voice called out.

"Oh shit, you must be Duke." I let go of the dogs cock and stood up. I quickly took stock of the situation. I was bare ass naked. I was covered in this dogs cum as well as a nice load of my own. The voices were coming from the lake...which is exactly where my bathing suit was stashed. I figured I had about 10 seconds to get the fuck out of Dodge before I was caught in the act of having sex with a dog.

I ran off through the tall grass where only seconds before I was happily blowing a nameless dog. Now I knew him as Duke. The woods and relative safety were only about 20 feet away. I ran onto the woods and his behind a large fallen tree. This would have to be safe since I risked being seen and certainly heard if I ran any further.

"There you are boy. Where have you been?" This must be the dogs owner. She was about 16-17 years old and obviously concerned about where her dog had been hiding. With her was another teenaged girl. They were both pretty damn beautiful but I was too worried about getting caught to really think about that.

"Oh my God, look at his thingy!" the second girl said. "It�