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The Hot Essay

2022-09-25 13:10:19

In the cool, dim light of his abandoned classroom, Professor Belford sits grading essay after essay of mediocre student work. It has been an especially taxing day, lectures are one thing, but it’s always an overwhelming stress fest when term papers are due. He can feel the tension in his students when they arrive to class with worried faces. He can even see the anxiety in each typed letter of poorly slapped together papers by students rushing to finish at the last minute. It’s a head ache for him too and they know it.

That’s why he thought he would go soft on his college students for once and give them a broad topic to write about. He hoped this would encourage creativity in his students and also save him the chore of having to read the same identical damn paper all night.

“Write about something you love.”

It was the only guideline he gave them, and deep down he was hoping for a flood of inspired pieces about the adventures of travel or the priceless beauty of art. Instead he got a heap of duds. One was about dogs, another about was about their grandma, and even another was about restaurants that stay open late at night.

Professor Belford was speechless. He expected far more intense work from these rising college students. He longed for something to catch him off guard, intrigue him, and make him fall in love with the very object of their devotion too. Perhaps he expected too much from them. After all, these were young and wild creatures that filled his classroom. Their minds undeveloped and inexperienced, but their bodies filled with raw emotions. If only one person could capture that.

That’s when he finally picked up the last essay to grade from the pile. As he read the opening thesis statement, his jaw dropped and he nearly fell out of his chair. It was nothing he had ever seen before in all his time teaching.

- I must confess this personal secret, what I love and think about the most in the world is… wild and stimulating sex.-

The first sentence hit him like a sledgehammer. He kept reading and reading, feeling heat burn through his body as he read the student’s profound testimony to all things carnal. Professor Belford couldn’t believe what he was seeing. It wasn’t as shocking about how unconventional the topic was, it was stranger about how honest and vivid the student was as they described all their most intimate desires and longed for escapades. The words were bold and revealing, it was an outstanding paper – about something that could have a student expelled.

-I can’t help my thoughts are ruled by it. My obsession is rarely tamed, and I find myself even finding the most enticing arousal build between my legs as I just sit in class and listen to the teacher.-

Professor Belford felt another wave of heat surge through him as he realized the student was speaking about him. It was crazy to write about something so intimate and then turn it in for him to read and grade. His body quivered at the thought of such outlandish acts. Who could this daring student be? Who would have the boldness to be so blunt on such a deep subject? He was breathless as he read the student’s name at the top margin of the paper.

-Laura Halter-

Suddenly, his mind was flooded with memories of the beautiful and curvaceous student that sat in the back of his class every day. He definitely remembered her. Oh yes, he had noticed her many times before and found himself lost in awe of her pink plump lips and mesmerizing blue cat like eyes. She was a siren if there ever was one. Her lovely hourglass figure could reel any man’s attention as she walked into class with big luscious breasts barely contained under her thin shirt, and a round fat ass hopping beneath her short skirt. Her waist was thin and her stomach was flat, her legs were long and slender, and her hair was a blazing mane of fire orange that only highlighted her out of the crowd even more. He could barely concentrate when teaching for fear of locking eyes with that ginger temptress in the back row.

If Professor Belford followed through with policy and did what his job required him to do, he would report this to the dean and have Laura kicked out of college. Her Jessica Rabbit ass would be automatically failed and have to take the class over somewhere else. And yet, Professor Belford trembled as he held the girl’s paper in his hands. He felt a bulge begin to harden in his pants and strain against the seams of his khakis. He never known the young girl was a nympho. He would have never imagined such kinky and naughty thoughts raced behind those sapphire blue eyes. Oh, Laura. She could never fathom the unprofessional thoughts that he fought to restrain every time he saw her and now this… A hot and steamy confession that had his heart racing as he read her essay.

Professor Belford groaned as his dick became even harder. It was too late now, he could never fail her when all he could think about was fucking her. He needed release. Badly. Professor Belford slowly and hesitantly unzipped his pants and pulled out his throbbing dick. He began stroking and rubbing up and down his shaft as he filled his thoughts with the lustful student. He imagined a lovely and explicit scenario of her dropping her pencil in class and then bending over to pick it up in front of him. The teacher breathed hard as he jerked off in his classroom after hours.

He imagined her black skirt lift up over her juicy round ass as she bent down to pick up the pencil from the floor, and the tender pink folds of her pussy suddenly reveal themselves to him. A horny young girl like her would not be hindered by frilly panties in public. No, he would see it all. He would see the glistening wetness build around the lips of her cunt as she stood before him. And he would know that her clit was swollen and red with desperate anticipation for him to enter her. Laura wanted to be fucked.

She wants him to see. Laura wants him to know how bad she needs it. And Professor Belford could see himself rising and standing behind his active student, and suddenly squeezing her plump ass with both hands until a small whimper escapes her red mouth. He slapped and played with the fatness of her ass as she allowed him to do so. He would then ever so casually press his thick fingers into the gorge of her moist pussy. Laura purred with excitement as he touched her. He then rub her most sensitive areas as she pushed her body into his hand. It was glorious touching her tender, wet flesh. “Please don’t stop, Professor, it feels too good!” Laura Halter cried and he obliges her by continuing to stroke her.

He imagines himself rubbing her swollen clit and stimulating it until she arches her back in front of him like an animal in heat. She lets out a loud moan that proves to him that she is enjoying every minute of his touch. Professor Belford fingers her until she is bucking out of control with ecstasy. She moans and cries at the overwhelming pleasure he is giving her. Such an unexpected delight. Who is Professor Belford to complain?

The students in class heat up with arousal as they watch, they cannot take their eyes off the couple in front of them. Each student squirms in their seats as their most primal emotions take over. Such a weird thing to come to class to learn English and find yourself watching your teacher finger a student! They attentively watch the two in front of them and feel the most taboo and delirious enjoyment from watching. Should they stop them? Should they do something? After all this is quite the scandal. And yet it is all too much to handle. Each student drops their classwork and watches without any idea of interrupting. They are eager to see what happens next. Will the teacher fuck her? Will he bang her brains out until she is raw and filled with delicious cum??

Their bodies are filled with an agonizing tension that burns inside their pants. It is so intense and strong, like a wave of heat scalding through them. Something must be done to find relief. Each student releases the building angst in their pants by masturbating to relieve themselves.

Their hands move feverishly to probe their sensitive parts. Some guys even get up from their seats and approach other students with their mad erections keenly displayed. Professor Belford imagines all of it. He can see the young athletic guys with lithe and sculpted bodies approach other females who are obviously also turned on. They find their consensual partners and begin petting their vaginas and pawing their ample breasts as they watch Laura and the teacher go at it. The female students breathe their happiness at such attention and relief. Such a sight!

Professor Belford notices and gives the audience what they want. He finally unzips his zipper and pulls his pulsing hard dick out of his pants. It is long and stiff due to the sensual girl before him with her ass pushed up and her legs spread just for him. He grips his thick cock and guides it under her until it is at the gate of her entrance. Laura flushes red and feels herself get wetter at the thought of her English professor fucking her in front of everyone. She glances back at him and sees his mahogany brown eyes stare intently at her with adoration. “Yes, Professor, please do it. I need it badly. Give me it all.” She begs and he licks his lips with agreement.

He pushes forward and finds his cock shoving deep into the tight hole of her pussy. Laura instantly moans with the impact. Her pink vagina grips him with a hot, cozy feeling that he never wants to leave. The rush is amazing. Professor Belford then starts pushing in and out and feels the slickness of her body. They both grunt with pleasure and he knows that this is what she wants. He picks up speed and pounds her faster and faster as she shakes wild and passionately before him. Her ass bounces with alluring rhythm and shakes out of control as his dick plunges in and out of her clean hole. Watching her move only turns him on more and he can’t help himself from shoving his cock to the deepest parts of her canal. Deeper and deeper still until he is nearly balls deep. She lets out a loud animalistic growl, letting him know that it feels absolutely wonderful in the most primitive way. All sensations take over and there is nothing else in the world but this man’s dick inside her.

Professor Belford then reaches in front of his busty student and grabs her round and thick tits with both of his hands. He squeezes them as little yelps escape Laura’s open mouth. Her body is so beautiful. Like an amused teenager, he slowly wraps his fingers around her hard pink nipples. He twists the buds between his index finger and thumb. Laura likes this, he can tell and so he pinches her whole areola. Such attention has never been given to one of his students before and this makes her special if not exquisite. He continues to grind her pussy with his swelling cock as he gets lost in the movement.

Laura gazes ahead with sea blue eyes and sees the sweaty faces of all her friends and fellow students. They are manically rubbing themselves and climaxing before her. One guy pours his seed all over his desk while another girl soaks her seat with her juices. Even other students are full on fucking in the classroom. Laura sees her roommate, Sabrina Diller, getting pounded in the ass by some jock they know. He fills her crotch with his shaft and thrushes her insides with lhimself as she screams with pleasure. “Oh god, yes. Yes! Yes! Yes!” Sabrina shouts over and over as the cocky asshole grunts inside her. Her roommate is laying stomach down on her desk, with her ass in the air for the boy to fill and her taunt boobs hanging over the other side of the desk jumping at each push.

Suddenly, Laura watches as another guy – this one slender and more reserved, approaches her roommate, Sabrina Diller. He steps in front of her face and shows her his long and agile cock. Laura’s roommate only nods as she is being banged senseless from behind. The other guy then shoves his penis into her mouth and fills it all the way to the throat. Laura’s roommates gags a little, but then catches herself and begins sucking up a storm on his member.
“That’s right. Just like that. Keep going.” He demands and she sucks and sucks. All you can hear is the smacking sound of skin against skin. The two guys continue plugging her roommate with tremendous force. Sabrina closes her eyes and lets the vibrations in her moist anus send her over the edge. Her muted shouts carry over the skull fucking and lets everyone know that she is creaming. “Don’t stop. Take it all, bitch.” The guy in her ass commands. Their sighs only encore Laura and her heated session with her professor.

Laura feels a climax begin inside her too at the sight of them and rush of it all. “Ohhh.” She moans and begins shaking with her first wild orgasm, mirroring Sabrina. The professor fucks her as she cums and he can feel her vagina tighten around his dick with a smooth as velvet hold. She pants hysterically before him as the orgasm consumes her. Laura then releases a flood liquids onto the professor’s body. And yet, he does not stop riding her.

Soon, the noises she makes catches back to the crowd and the jock banging her roommate plunges deep inside of the Sabrina and fills her ass with warm sperm. He releases a long sigh and slowly pulls his penis outside of her anus with a stream of white cream following. The liquids pour out of her butt hole and roll down her cheeks in thick trails.

With near synchronizing finishes, the slender boy in the front also cums and spats a load of warm jizz into the face of Laura’s roommate. Sabrina purrs with joy as both boys finish and pull out of her. Sweat glistens on their bodies under the fluorescent lights of the classroom.

Laura’s focus is distracted by sight of them. “Ignore them, child. You’re the only teacher’s pet I want.” Professor Belford explains and then picks Laura up and walks over to his cherry wood desk so all she can see is him.

“What are you doing?” Laura asks in haste.

“I’m giving you extra credit, dear.” Belford replies as he carries her. He sits her bare ass on the cold wood of his big desk and spread her legs far apart until her pink pussy is showing again. It looks wet and creamy with all their liquids mingling in her folds. She is such a sight of beauty! Such a naughty fucked school girl with a teacher’s precum clinging to her exposed pubic lips. The professor then presses his dick back inside the warm cave he adores so much of his favorite student. He pumps inside Laura over and over until soon she is throbbing on his desk with another orgasm. She wraps her long legs around him and pulls him in. This is absolutely thrilling for him to be inside her.

Finally, the teacher feel his ejaculation surface inside him. He pushes the red head of his penis deep into the warmest crevices of her belly. “Not inside!” Laura shouts, but it’s too late. The professor spurts and fills her womb with his seed like a fool hardy young boy. It rushes inside her and streams with warm trails of cream.

“Ahhh.” The teacher moans with relief. Laura’s face twists with worry as she begins to whine but the professor quickly hushes her with his lips. He kisses her red mouth passionately and slides his tongue across her own. A well timed distraction that seals his escapade with romance like a hand shake at the end of a deal. He then sucks the bottom of her lip masterfully as his cock goes soft inside her. The softness of her luscious lips is too much to bare. After a long and amazing kiss, the teacher releases her and pulls his satisfied penis out of her curvy body. A stream of sperm pours out of her used pussy and she looks bashfully down at herself. Laura flushes red - looking so damn cute with embarrassment. This is the last impression the professor sees as he appreciates the best sex he has ever had in a long time.

In reality, the professor is jarred from his vision as his own actual orgasm occurs right in his seat. He groans loudly as the head of his cock suddenly explodes cum all over the place. It lands on the desk, the chair, but most of all…..on Laura Halter’s essay. Globs of white cream suddenly soak the pages of her typed term paper and the professor shrieks. This is not good. Not good at all. He has to grade that and return it to her! He picks it up with a glimmer of optimism, but sadly his load has soaked through the pages and lost some of the words – diminishing all hope of him cleverly retyping it on new paper. The professor is screwed. He let himself get carried away with feelings and do the most forbidden thing a teacher can do – masturbate in public college property. Only thing worse would be for him to full on actually fuck the poor girl on the desk.

Such an unprofessional and careless thing for him to do. Now he is lost on what to do next. Anxiously, Professor Belford starts cleaning up the mess he created – but the stuff is sticky as hell. He cleans it up everywhere until not a drop is left to be seen. Then he decides to hide the final piece of evidence. He pulls up his brief case packed with school material and unlatches the locks. Picking up Laura Halter’s essay, he goes to place the soiled papers into his brief case with the intentions of taking it home and hiding it from anyone to ever see. He can later simply explain to her that her essay was not fit for school grounds and that he threw it away in the trash like the responsible disciplinarian he is supposed to be. Laura would be crushed, but it was the rules.

This moment could be erased and no one would ever have to know the feelings he has been harboring for the gorgeous student ever since he met her. He could get away with it and fail her at the same time. This would allow him to keep his job and get rid of her tempting eyes and presence in class all at once. With renewed confidence, he sat the hot essay down into the safety of his brief case, the final sin of his acts tucked away into concealment.

Just as he latched the brief case closed, Professor Belford suddenly heard a sharp knock at the door.

---Aria Black---