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The Champions Companion 18

2022-05-26 00:00:04

Marcos went down the hall and found the Queen with Kaarthen and her girls drinking tea.

Marcos walked over to Mara noting the smell of brandy in the room and the women’s red eyes and blustery cheeks. “Here eat this.” He said offering the hair to his little fuckpet.

“You building a one woman harem Marcos?” Kaarthen asked. Beside her, the Queen sat up wondering what she meant.

“I travel a lot.” He said dismissively. “Besides that’s only the second one.”

“We’re watching you.” Kaarthen said drunkenly and fell back passed out next to the Queen.

“Can you do it on your own?” Marcos asked Mara ignoring them.

The Queen perked up again. “Do what?”

Mara stood. “This.” She dropped her clothes and stood unabashedly naked after changing into darkly tanned, robust, massively breasted, dark haired, and voluptous Duchess Clarin Perstavy. She studied her new body in wonder as Marcos inspected her behind.

The Queen looked amazed at the transformation. “That’s amazing! That’s how you got into the palace that night?”

“Mmmhhmmm.” Marcos muttered fumbling around whipping out his cock.

Mara dropped to it quickly and used her tongue to lift and gobble it. She tasted the other woman on him and continued even more frenzied relishing the mixed tastes of both their cum. After a moment, Mara was bobbing quickly using her own style to augment the Duchess’ more capable body. Marcos felt the difference sliding into her throat from Mara’s body and the one she wore now. The Duchess was bigger bodied and her throat was wider for him and her tongue was slightly more coarse, wider, and longer.

“Bend over Mara.” He commanded.

“Yes, Master.” She said turning and dropping to all fours.

Marcos shuffled behind her looked over to the Queen who was shifting around trying not to be obvious as she tried to masturbate. “Kaarthen’s right next to you.” He said with a grin making her blush.

He lined up and pushed slowly into the Duchess’ pillowy ass. Mara’s additional experience made the ride a dream just as he imagined. Her ass clenched him as he buggered her and he barely had to move as she tilted and worked her hips. Finally, she undulated in a quickening fashion that Marcos hadn’t felt before. Her tight ass seemed to spin on his cock as it raised and lowered chaotically.

Finally, he reached up to her shoulders and spewed into her. Mara leaned down and accepted the warmth and let it trickle deeper into herself.

“Wow that was…” The Queen said leaning forward and creeping off the couch toward him.

“Mom!?” The prince called entering the room.

The Queen shot up and moved around the couches and end-tables to intercept him as Marcos popped over to a couch facing away from the prince. “Hello! Aaa…honey. Did you want me to watch you with the horses?”

“Yes, please.” The prince practically beamed. “What happed to Aunt Clarin?” He asked looking over her shoulder.

“…Nothing to worry about...she’s just tired.” The Queen said stumbling for something to say. “She’s…just sleeping.”

“Oh. Well come on.” He said grabbing her and pulling her from the room.

Marcos noted with a smile how he handled her ass.

Turning back, Marcos got hard looking at Kaarthen sprawled out. Her legs were splayed with one up on the lounge’s arm and she had fallen over onto her side. The palace had found clothes for her and she wore a short linen dress that seemed like a shift on her tall busty frame. On the sides, her high pale breasts swelled out the armholes searching for release.

“Hmm maybe one more.” Marcos eased over and plucked a single white hair from Kaarthen before offering it to Mara.

She took it and smiled as she swallowed it.

Marcos dropped down into Kaarthen’s unwitting presence and hoisted her long pale legs to his shoulders. Her short dress fell away and flipped up to uncover her. Her hairless crotch was shinier than usual. Its contrasting purplish grey lips opened and pouted to him.

With a smile, he shoved into her just as the wetness drooled out. His wet cock did some of its own lubricating as it sunk into her. With a start, she opened her eyes. Marcos smiled at her

“Hey.” Kaarthen said clearing her throat squirming only slightly to get comfortable.

“Why, hello.” He replied thrusting into her gently.

The heavy weight of breasts pressed to his back surprised him.

Kaarthen’s doppelganger Mara moved over. Unlike the others, this version wasn’t her twin at all.

Without the magic of the Priestess ensuring an Amazon like appearance, Mara looked like a Drow, which wasn’t a surprise. Kaarthen’s almost transparently pale skin did little to hid the dark flesh underneath. In the absence of sufficient light, her pale skin failed to reflect and Kaarthen looked like a drow anyway sometimes.

Mara stood identical to Kaarthen in form, with the same incredible curves of muscles, Half elfish ears, and wide hips, but her breasts sat slightly lower and flatter without milk and her skin was completely black. Her eyes told the truth and were the pale blue of Mara’s real body. Her hair was also different, though similarly white, it fell freely since Mara hadn’t braided it as Kaarthen had started doing recently.

“Sexy.” Marcos noted and turned back to Kaarthen.

Marcos shoved into Kaarthen harder while looking back and forth between the two ladies. His hands tested Mara’s parts. He found her asshole was wet from his last spending.

Kaarthen pulled herself up and offered him a teat while pulling him in and wrapping her legs around him tighter. Mara drank from the other breast and pressed into Marcos from behind to help her along.

They clung together tightly rocking and squirming together like an odd three headed beast. The room creaked around them and the smell of brandy was everywhere. After several minutes, a grunt from Marcos in the middle of the tangle signified his release as he shot deeply in to Kaarthen.


Kaarthen, Mara, and Ein discovered their own popularity with the ranks of nobles. Her name was Gerris Blacksail. Kaarthen was invited numerous times to her audience but never replied. Marcos told her to have a few drinks with her and just see what happened and tell him what they ended up discussing. He also got hard and smiled stupidly at the woman’s name, which put Kaarthen on alert.

Finally, the svelte blonde Noblewoman dropped pretenses and ‘found’ her way into their apartments. Ein and Mara were playing a game of Queen’s crux alone when she came in.

Posing her full figured frame against the door, she knocked after entering, and looked about questioningly. “Excuse me. Where is your Mistress this afternoon?” She asked watching their game intrigued.

Ein replied without looking up. “Our Mistress is inspecting a room beneath the stables. She is gong to recover the Dark Mother statues for the city.”

The noble woman eased over and sat across from them at a sofa. “Yes, we all love the Dark Mother. Perhaps you girls are bored of that game though. Oh? Is this brandy from Dar Delis it is my favorite. Don’t you girls like it too?” She said eyeing the brandy on the end table. “Come over here and let’s drink and wait for your mistress.” She patted the seats on either side of her.

In short, order the practiced Noblewoman had the two very drunk. Hungrily, she got them both onto her lap as she ran her hands under their body socks. Mara had helpfully cast off her robe and leathers as she got hot and lay back against her topless.

“Oh you sweet girls have big girl bodies mmmm.” She rubbed her face into the bountiful breasts.

“Yes, lick us here.” Mara said rolling back and opening her legs.

“MMmm yes my favorite.” She got over her and pulled off Mara’s pants.

Behind her Ein struggled out of her clothes. Drunkenly, she draped herself over the noblewoman’s back as she licked and slurped Mara.

The noblewoman groaned feeling the girl’s hands caressing all around her. Ein’s fingers and hands caressed her loins and bosom with the shared mind of Mara’s extensive knowledge and experience.

“You girls are so sweet.” The noble woman groaned under the carnal massage.

“Yes… cum for us…” Mara and Ein said in soft unison.

“Uuhh You girls… You girls are good…” The noble woman’s tongue slowed as her mind swelled in the warmth and pleasure.

“We know what you want…” They replied.

“Ya… You sure… You YOU Aaahhh… Ah ah ah aaaa.” The noble woman struggled into a climax and surrendered to it.

Together they push/pulled her up onto her knees between them. “Now let us lick you.”

Ein pulled away her dress exposing her curvy painted body. The noblewoman’s broad hips, shoulders, and thighs were decorated in pirate references. Women stood in the rigging staring out at the horizon across her ribs, or stood over her belly button in conquest, Mermaids poked out furtively from between her thighs, across her back defeated wretched looking men bemoaned their fate under the whips of Wave Mistresses.

“Aaahhh?” She muttered feeling Ein’s small hands reach around and caress her breasts as she leaned back into her.

Mara got in between her thighs and licked diligently sucking onto the flowing softness. She nibbled and sucked on the woman’s bud pulling it out from its hood into the maelstrom of her mouth.

“Oh wow!” The noblewoman moaned trying to lift herself of Mara’s mouth. Her sensitive parts were in the pleasure too intensely.

They noticed her pain and paused. “We’ll try this…” They said cryptically.

The noblewoman felt Ein pull her onto her back over her to lay flat on the couch. From behind she nuzzled and sucked her neck as her small hands rubbed her breasts and pinched her nipples. Mara stayed between her legs and gave her a look of smug mastery that scared her.

“What are you…?” She asked feeling something push into her. Mara shushed her as she moved in tighter. Her cock was starting out at only an average size of five inches since the tight noblewoman was a pure Sapphic lesbian who abhorred penetration.

Ordinarily Gerris would be repulsed but the corner of her mind that wanted dominance and refused to be taken was too satiated, too buzzed by the warmth. Her thoughts of disgusted abhorrence to penetration were muffled and confused by the seductive pair.

The musk of the aroused women kept the noblewoman’s dizzy mind sensitive and receptive to them. Ordinarily her kink pushed her to penetrate others, and only to help them climax, unless some kind of punishment or domination was necessary. The feel of their long hair, the knowledgeable soft mouth and its smooth cheeks, the soft feminine skin under her hands, being under the weight of soft breasts, and feeling the hot cock slide into her. In the back of her mind, the feelings and sensations rang with something instinctive.

“Drink of us…” They softly urged.

Ein shifted and sat across her face and held herself over the supine blonde waiting for her tongue. The noblewoman’s Sapphic urges were placated drinking in the Ein’s carnal slurry. Under her, Mara pushed in deeper and stretched her body in new ways. Womanly thrills tingled her loins as her body reacted instinctively.

She felt the pleasure growing and exploded. Ein’s pussy gushed over her almost sympathetically as she screamed into it. Inside her, Mara’s phallus anchored deep and a spurt, then a stream of heat spewed into her.

“Take from us…” They groaned pressing themselves to her.

For the first, time her body felt the impulse to open itself and accept the offering of its mate. She also felt the immediate urge to curl into herself and sleep. The warmth she had received was at the top of her mind as she slumbered peacefully.

Under the earth outside the palace, Kaarthen giggled quietly as she and Rinis polished the statues with Sister Dellin. Mara reacted instinctively when she wielded that cock of hers. She would allow Mara to keep her cock and have it retract in the form of her clitoris like her Sisters. Kaarthen felt her pleasure in her gentle subjugation and domination of the woman. As a six hundred year old former vampire sex slave she knew what to do to make the fully Sapphic lesbian whimper need fully for her cock. The new experience had lit a fire in the sex slave. She would have to be careful or Mara would become like Marcos, and fuck first and ask names later.


Over the next few days, reports were made and sent off. Marcos purged a majority of the staff at the ambassador’s residence. The women Kaarthen rescued were sex slaves bought from various pirates and slavers. Seventeen women were found in the room. Few of the women could leave. Only three women knew where they were and where they were from. Kaarthen arranged for escort and got them out safely. Most of the other women were too messed up to function on their own immediately.

They were all very quiet and never spoke. They were all very skinny and pale. Most had dark hair and haunted expressions. Some covered their eyes in their hair and shut out the world. Kaarthen worried most because they seemed to have no problem reverting to sex and submitted at the drop of a hat. They fidgeted around men and lingered in their company. Marcos seemed to think nothing was wrong with the squirmy submissive women. If anything, he encourage the little ‘cum hoarders’ to eat.

Various problems developed dealing with the women and helping them heal. Kaarthen had to refer to Mara to understand. The women were very deferential to men as a result of their long captivity. They quietly submitted and offered themselves if a man even looked at them with desire. Mara explained a vast shift in priorities from their ordeal that led the women to associate sex, cocks, and cum with security, warmth, and food.

As a result, the women had to be cared for and directed by a firm hand that would protect them from the unwitting, or outright manipulative people in the palace. Marcos was more than accepting of the idea of bringing them to Mavvus. He knew a house that could take them, give them a job, and keep them protected.

Kaarthen knew he would send them to a brothel where they could be as free as they wanted. She also knew he was going to use them for more of his plots once there. Nevertheless, she was glad that his women would be able to protect them in Mavvus at the very least. One redeeming quality about Marcos is his approach to security. Despite being a complete and unapologetic misogynist, the exotic women he bred were trained and educated to be some of the smartest and deadliest creatures to walk under the sun.

Kaarthen was happy using a ship to get back to Menthino. She understood traveling with the large group would be too difficult. Every stop would become a nightmare of head counts, and sleepless nights wondering if one of the more active women had snuck out to feed an urge.

After another week, Marcos and his group finally left. Arrangements for Partez Rocert were made through the Senate in a series of unanimous votes orchestrated by the newly empowered Queen. The Senate and the Queen needed a political target and scapegoat and he was it. After the death count from ‘the guild house purge’ and the ‘palace massacre’ various heads of noble families and several nobles of high standing were missing. In order for Sellis to keep the satellite cities placated, his punishments had to be known in every corner of the realm, and leave know doubt of where all the troubles came from.

Reports came in on his movements as he made his way to the city. He fully expected to have the nobles in his hand, the guild at his back, and the Queen entangled in an awkward position. He was going to enter the city as the prodigal son of a failed embarrassment. Marcos laughed at the surprise he would get. The Queen had already picked the horse to drag him.