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Sweet temptation

2022-11-06 14:12:59

Roxanne broke into her house, throwing her phone. Cool! There would be no Halloween party, and no chance of getting a little sugar on her own.

Jake, her date, had just called to cancel, giving her the excuse that her grandmother was sick, even though she could hear a party in the background. It wasn't like Jake mattered, and let's face it, she probably couldn't get any sugar tonight or any other night, but that was the bottom line.

Roxxie looked at her watch, sighing and shaking her head. She and her friends had planned to go on a river cruise, on a boat that was paid for by all of them. They had been pressuring her to get to the dock before the ship left, but thanks to Jake she was going to be late. By the time Bella had to leave, it would already be fifteen minutes late. And with the traffic, even more.

She rolled her shoulders, feeling the scarlet wings flex with the muscles in her shoulders. Running her hand through the black cloak that clung to her body, she ran her fingers through her chocolate brown hair. The horned headband was a bit silly, but she had to keep it up for now. Right now, she would stay dressed while she examined her options. She might be able to save tonight, who knows?

"Stupid car," she mumbled, looking out at the driveway and the empty space where her car usually sat. It had broken down yesterday and was downtown with the mechanic. She had told him earlier today that she had a bad distributor cap and that was going to be expensive, she would have to work overtime at the clinic where she worked. At least as office manager, she could be scheduled for some overtime. It wasn't like her job was really difficult.

The doorbell rang and Roxxie walked up to the front door, her scarlet fuck me boots hitting the hardwood floor. She opened the heavy wooden door and smiled at the kids trick-or-treating.

"Happy Halloween," said the leader of the little group, a boy in his teens. From what Roxxie could tell under her zombie makeup, he stopped abruptly, her mouth hanging open.

"Whoa, you're hot, ma'am." One of the kids said from the other side of the door, which had apparently experienced a growth spurt. And probably puberty, if his open-mouthed expression was any indication.

"I'm not a ma'am," she corrected him, trying not to roll her eyes. He was quite a handsome boy, but a little old for trick-or-treating.

She reached into his plate, gestured for them to open their bag, and tried to ignore the fact that she was barely dressed. The children and the younger siblings surrounded her, chattering excitedly. They were probably halfway to eating too much sugar.

She did not envy the parents of these children, when they burst into a sugar coma.

The boy muttered something and said goodbye to her, Roxxie stood in the doorway for a moment, waving them goodbye and trying to hide her sigh. If this was how the rest of her night was going to be then it would have been a waste to dress up.

After she closed the door, Roxxie went to get her phone and made several calls. She was out of luck, everyone was working, or overtime at her job, or on the river cruise. She could go to any of the bars in town, but she didn't want to do it alone. As a team, she could dodge male attention, and she wasn't always nice, but she knew she would be more comfortable with her friends.

The doorbell rang several more times and she crossed the room to hand out candy to the neighborhood kids. Where was her daddy anyway? He should be home now.

She looked at his watch, it was half past eight, his shift should have ended hours ago. He was a good guy, so he probably took some extra hours to cover for the guys that had kids.

Her daddy, Donny, was a real saint. He took her mother when she was at her lowest and then helped her get back on her feet. The two of them had a pretty good life so she was born in a pretty good family, the only problem was that her mother had one final relapse that cost her her life, leaving him to raise her on his own.

He had done a pretty good job in raising her despite everything and she was thankful for that. So thankful she wanted to show him how much she cared for him and how she would happily take her mother's place by his side but he never paid attention to her in that way so all of her efforts had been in vain.

Sad and bored, Roxanne went into the kitchen, opened a bottle of wine and poured some into a glass. After all the stress of the day, between work, her car, and this stupid situation with Jake, his muscles were knotted and needed to relax. She picked up a chocolate brownie and brought it to her mouth, taking a slow bite, her eyes closing. Between work and getting ready for the night, she hadn't eaten dinner, thinking she'd get a bite out of it on the ship. Now her stomach growled at her, letting her know that she had to better feed herself regularly.

Between sips of her wine, she finished her brownie, and was about to have a second brownie when the back door opened and someone exclaimed. She turned around, caught the chocolate between her lips, and smiled.

Mike "Donny" Donaldson couldn't believe what day he lived in, damn it, he walked into his house, exhausted after a twelve hour shift at the office and stood up, staring in shock.

He hadn't expected his daughter to be home, and he certainly hadn't expected her to be wearing that costume. A growl that he didn't even try to stop escaped and hung in the air between them. She was motionless, staring at hia wide-eyed, a piece of chocolate pressed against her full lips and a glass of wine in her other hand.

She was dressed for Halloween, or for a leading role in a pornographic movie about fallen angels. Her black and red shirt was form-fitting, her breasts spilling out on top, and her skirt, if what she wore could be called a skirt, finished off a pair of inches below her crotch. Horns came out of her head and tall red boots, toppled with a choker wrapped around her ebony skin. And scarlet wings spread out behind her.

She looked like sin and he wanted to drown her. But he couldn't do it no matter how much he desired it.

Donny could feel his member hardening under the brown pants he was wearing, pants that didn't hide a damn.

He tore his eyes away, went to the fridge and took out a beer by removing the lid. He'd had half the thing down before he thought he might be in control enough to even try to hold a conversation.

"I thought you were going out."

"Jake canceled on me," she replied, sharpness in her voice. She heard a sound deep in her throat, purely sexual that made his cock start to throb and ache, then he swallowed, finishing his beer in one gulp, and placing the empty beer bottle on the counter.

He turned around, seeing her *********** another brownie and pop it into her mouth. Her lips closed around it, eyes fluttered closed and he couldn't take his eyes off her. Watching her eat the piece of chocolate was a sexual experience.

Looking at his crotch, the ebony teen could see her teasing was starting to work. All he would need was one final push. She made her way towards him and didn't stop until their bodies were pressed together.

"Don't you want to have some fun with me, daddy," she told him silently, dropping her hand to his hard cock, he allowed herself a single squeeze, before he remembered it was wrong, he pulled her hand away. He wanted his little girl and it wasn't right. She was just a kid and his own blood nonetheless.

They were close friends, roommates, the only family they had.

But nothing sexual. What the hell was happening to him?

He had felt the sexual charge since the first time Roxxie had come home from highs school, emerging from the bathroom in a very thin towel, revealing her mile-long tanned legs. She had passed so close to him that he would swear, after all these years, that she had deliberately pressed her breasts against him, her ghostly hand on his abdomen.

And when his wife had died, they had both been too broken. Bella had been a real support for him, even though her mother had died, she had been taking care of him when he most needed her, buth nothing like this.

They had created routines where her sexual attraction had never been discussed or spoken, even though he knew what she was trying to do. And Donny would hear her screaming late into the night, her guttural moans making his cock hard no matter how tired he was.

He had learned to come to her screams, he would wake up and start whispering. And in the dead of night, he imagined that he was spilling his cum down her throat or deep inside her wet, young pussy.

Now with her in that costume, all his restraints were off.

Jake was an idiot to ignore this. He would no doubt be chasing another skirt. Stupid boy, it was always the same problem.

Don''s eyes were drawn to Roxxie's throat, the way she swallowed the chocolate, the smile that touched her lips, a bit of chocolate crumb clinging to the fullest part of Bella's lower lip. The chocolate against her scarlet lipstick was driving him crazy, and her path to invade his personal space, sliding his hand over her mouth and then over her lips.

Her tongue darted out, the tip caressing the side of her finger, and she groaned. All pretense of nobility gone, she wanted him as much as he wanted her. And she was going to get what she wanted.

He looked her up and down, running a nervous hand through her hair.

"You look amazing," he told her, his voice rough and husky. "If only you would dress like this more often, you would drive a man to madness."

"It's just a costume, daddy," she whispered, her eyes wide and luminous, the smell of her pussy driving him crazy.

"It's for Halloween, right?" He asked, stepping back to put some distance between them. He had to get out of her personal space, he couldn't think with her smell wafting between them and grabbing him by his balls.

"Who wouldn't dress up and trick-or-treat," she answered, a smile on her face.

"You always loved sweets, didn't you? You know that girls who eat a lot of sweets have rotten teeth."

She moved and put down the glass of wine. Her red painted nails contrasted in the light, against his blue shirt, if she moved any more it would graze his nipples. Her hips thrust forward of his and it felt them like a punch, even though he had tried to stop her.

"I love sweets," she whispered as she swayed in front of him, her lips almost brushing over his before she turned around, and her bloody skirt hiked up indecently, showing him the virginal white of her panties.

He clenched his fists as she leaned forward leaning over a bowl containing some candy corn and peanut butter candy. When she turned her head toward him, a piece of candy corn was pressed against her lips and her tongue was flicking the tip.

His cock jerked once more in her pants.

"Fuck Bella, stop this" he growled, moving in front of her, flipping her over and pinning her between him and her counter. She was hunched over, her pelvis snug against the counter, her ass presented like a sensual buffet.

And he was a hungry man.

“I must take you here."

"What are you waiting for?" she challenged him.

That attitude was bugging him. She forgot that he was the owner of the house, the one who made the rules. She had a lot to learn from now on.

The feel of her father behind her, his cock pressing against the lush curve of her ass, rubbing her pubes on the counter, thrilled Roxxie beyond reason. She had loved Donny for a long time, in fact she couldn't remember a time when she didn't fantasize about him on some level. That had been her secret throughout her sophomore years.

Just a couple months ago, she'd almost crossed the line, and ever since then, she'd been different. Something that wasn't entirely sexual, but that she had always been there simmering beneath the surface and had recognized that they were both sexual creatures.

A couple of times she had toyed with his sexual arousal. Donny had contributed with his look to her when she had "accidentally" stepped out of the shower.

But it had all ended when her mom had died, but Roxxie knew that her father still had needs, even if he didn't dare admit it outwardly. To her, anyway.

She assumed that he should go out, although no one mentioned it. And she always washed the sheets that he stained with his semen, although he tried to hide it by running the washing machine himself.

He wasn't that old, only twenty years older than her, and only in his late-thirties, though he looked at least ten years younger. And he had to have a healthy sex drive if the hard cock pressing against her ass was any indication.

She glanced over his shoulder, licking the piece of candy corn. Donny's eyes were locked on her mouth, and she moaned around the tip of the treat, sucking and swirling the candy in her mouth.

He popped it out, aware that he was pressing himself further against her. She arched, rubbing her pelvis against the edge of the granite bar.

"You're so hard, daddy," she panted, putting down the rest of the candy and gripping the counter with both hands, pushing her ass in her direction. "Please."

-"Please what?x' he asked, hia tongue tracing the shell of her ear. "Please, what little bitch?"

She moaned, the words going right to her pussy. She knew he loved the game they were playing, the forbidden game between her daddy and his daughter, but she didn't expect her pussy to be dripping with sticky juices at the thought of this man, her daddy, fucking her. She couldn't deny it because she was sure as hell, he wanted it too.

"Please," she concluded, unable to articulate anything more than that. She didn't care what he did, or how he did it, just that she was down and hit her hard.

"Just a moment," he whispered, leaving her ear, dragging his mouth down the back of her neck. She moaned as she felt him take his weight off her, and her jaw dropped as he reached under her skirt and pulled down her panties, exposing her wet pussy to the cool October air.


"Shhh, honey, Daddy's here." She fell to her knees, spreading her legs apart, pulling her to bend over, as he settled between her legs, she felt his breath move over her hole and then in her pussy. He blew a stream of air over her pussy and then his lips reached her juicy clit.

"Daddy!" She screamed and moaned as he ate her pussy, the vibrations from his lips tearing her apart. He began to lick and suck on her pussy, sticking a finger inside her to probe. He found her G-spot with clinical precision and began to draw circles on it.

"Oh fuck," Roxxie was ready to jump out of her skin, as the sensations built rapidly, the need to go to the bathroom and end those waves of desire, burning her pussy from inside her and then went outside. She cupped one of her breasts, pinching and pulling at the nipple, jerking her hips over her daddy's face. "Daddy please!"

He pulled her further apart, her tongue like a harpoon, and Roxanne balanced on him, rubbing her juicy pussy. He was incredibly depraved and he turned her on so much. He then went back to her with his finger and made something with his tongue and her fingers at the same time, making her scream, unable to hold her breath long enough, unable to think. She was coming in waves, her body clenching and releasing him, even though the invader was too small to satisfy her.

Gosh, she needed to be filled! She needed his cock.

Roxxie closed her eyes, the sensations beginning to subside, letting her head fall back onto the cool granite countertop. Her pussy was drenched, drenched with need, and so swollen she was sure she wouldn't be able to get her legs to close.

Don stood up, looking at her with eyes full of lust. His penis was pressed firmly against the fabric of his pants, the boxers couldn't hide how hard he was. Her musky, pungent scent rose over him and she started to drop to his knees to return her favor, when he shook his head.

He reached around her and grabbed the bowl of treats, causing a piece of peanut butter to pop in her mouth, and then closed the distance between them, capturing her mouth in a deep kiss that tasted of him, her, and chocolate.

The taste exploded on Roxxie's tongue, she began to grope over the drawstring of his pants, realizing that her hands were unable to deftly handle the knot she needed to untie. She muttered, and started to reach for a knife, but her daddy anticipated what he was going to do and stepped back with a smile, undid the knot on his pants and let them fall to the floor. In a quick move he dropped her boxer shorts as well.

“Go to the counter, little one. Daddy's taking his own Halloween treat."

It must have sounded ridiculous, but the need in his voice made everything else fade away. If he wanted to do it from behind the first time, what did it matter? As long as that monstrous cock was buried deep, that was all that mattered.

It was what she needed. Even though her mouth watered for him.

"I want to suck you."

"Later. I want to be inside your pussy first,” he replied, running her hand down her back.

Hard, he pushed her down a little more and realized that his dominance added another layer to her arousal and ripped off her outfit, exposing her juicy large breasts. She leaned in, her bare chest brushing the counter. The sensations of the cold counter were like darts from her that made her moan and spread her legs a little wider, planting her boots firmly on the hardwood floor.

Donny came up behind her, guiding his cock between her pussy lips, brushing against her clit, her breath gasping in her ear.

Roxxqne pressed back, begging him to be inside her, her body aching.

"Please daddy."

"Patience," he whispered, ending with a small growl. “You've been making fun of me for years and now daddy's getting some candy. Now it's your turn to wait, little one."

There was nothing else but the edge of the counter for Roxanne to cling to, and it was clearly not good enough for her Daddy. He carried her into the living room and lowered her onto the overstuffed arm of the sofa.

"Hold onto the cushions," he told her, pressing his pelvis firmly against the arm of the sofa. “If you're good, at some point we're going to do this with someone on the couch below you. Maybe one of my friends… or one of yours.

She moaned at the thought of sharing her daddy with one of her friends or she would be filled to the brim with one of his friends. The sole thought made her even more wet than she already was.

He jerked the bulbous head of his cock over her clit a couple of times, rubbing it over the edge of hers for further stimulation.Boy, this was good.

“Or maybe I'm going to tie you up, all open on my bed and just see you there. I bet you look beautiful with clamps on your nipples and clit." His fingers left his cock and squeezed her clit, the stab of pain from it made her moan and sob. She pressed her pelvis against the sofa, wanting more stimulation. But unlike the counter, the couch was overstuffed, leaving her wanting more.

"Daddy. Please. I need…'

"You waited long enough," he replied as his voice trailed off. "You have to get used to this, Roxxie. Daddy won't let you go now that he has you." He pinched her clit hard and when she cried out at the pleasure of the pain, he buried himself inside her soaked channel, filling her to the brim, he felt as if he was home, as if he should be buried there. He let out a hoarse cry of triumph that was drowned out by her deep satisfaction.

Don began to move in short movements, squeezing her ass with one hand and holding her hip with the other. Roxxie was squeezing the couch cushion clinging to it. Her mind blank, her entire being focused on the waves of pleasure coursing through her body.

Daddy's cock filled her perfectly, slamming his heavy balls onto her clit with each thrust. As he went faster, both of his hands gripped her hips firmly and he pounded longer, going incredibly deep, her arousal easing the way.

Roxxie tightened her pussy around him and his strokes faltered from her, letting his head fall onto her back, her wet hair caressing sensually over the delicate skin of her shoulders and tickling the back of her neck.

Emboldened by his reaction, she raised her ass and pushed her hips back, drawing a moan from her daddy.

"Roxxie…" he gasped, his voice trembling.

"Please daddy!" she begged, waving her ass like a bitch in heat, one hand letting go of the couch cushion to cup her thigh, her nails nipping at the soft, furred skin there. She cocked her hips out even more certain that her daddy was holding her and moved down a bit so she could actually get inside of her.

He didn't need an engraved invitation. Her body curved around his and he went faster and faster inside her. His strokes punished her, almost to the point of pain but not quite. It was just enough stimulation to drive more and more need. The light thumping of his balls on her clit, finally breaking through her defenses.

She closed her eyes, letting all the air out of her, and left her suspended for an endless moment. Then she was screaming, screaming, clawing at the cushion and her legs and her pussy were flying, tightening around him, the spurts of her cum filling her hungry pussy.

Roxxie vaguely heard someone screaming, long, endless breaths, until the person ran out of oxygen, and she realized that someone was with her. She gasped, gulping in big breaths of air, her pussy shaking from the aftershocks of her orgasm, and she still felt her daddy's hard cock inside her.

He moaned against her back, placing a soft kiss against her spine, and slowly withdrew from her. Roxxie groaned at the loss of him, turning, looking into her eyes. Her daddy's big cock was dark red, almost purple and was covered with her juices.

She fell to her knees, her legs trembling menacingly from collapse anyway, and she licked him clean with her tongue, wiping the mixed juices from him and letting the taste settle on her soul.

After a few seconds, he shook her head, making goosebumps rise on her skin and pulling her up onto her feet.

"I'm too sensitive," he murmured to her, pulling her close in her arms.

After a moment, he leaned down, slipping an arm under her legs and lifting her up as if she weighed nothing. He led her upstairs and into the master bedroom, depositing her on the bed.

His hands moved to her boots and Bella spread her legs. He removed them with gentle, patient hands. When she was barefoot, she stood up, stripping off the rest of her costume, including her devil horns, and tossed them into a corner but when she was about to take off the choker, he stopped her. "Keep it," he grunted at her with dominance and all she could do was nod obediently.

Daddy took off her robe and shirt, climbed onto the bed, and placed soft kisses on her breast, the tip of his tongue circling over one nipple while he squeezed the other one.

"God, you taste so good baby girl," he told her in a sultry voice just before he bit her nipple hard. Roxanne arched her back and let out a shocked scream from the mixture of pain and pleasure she was feeling right now. All the sensations were so overwhelming it felt like she was going to lose her mind.

"Daddy, please!"

"Please what, baby?" He told her with a smirk on his face as he moved back and moved between her legs, smacking her swollen lower lips with his member. "Tell me what do you want me to do to you?"

"I want you to fuck me like the bitch I am!" She yelled at the top of her lungs, not caring that anyone could hear her. "Breed me like your slut I want you to empty your balls inside your daughter's womb!"

Those last words gave him such a wicked joy, hearing his own baby girl screaming such lewd words to him was something he imagined only in his darkest fantasies. And what kind of father would he be if he didn't give his daughter what she wanted.

"Good girl, here's your reward." He told her before he rammed his entire length inside her.

Roxxie arched back, screaming in ecstasy. Her legs instinctively locked around her daddy's back, pulling him closer, as the slap of his skin against hers echoed in her ears. Her backside hurt from the strength of his thrusts, the skin on her ass reddened by the repeated impacts with his thighs. And she loved every second of it.

Donny didn't stop either, he has been holding himself back for a long time and now that he was able to have a taste of the forbidden fruit he couldn't control himself.

He pressed his body against her and began making out with her, their tongues wrestling inside her mouth as he continued pounding her harder and faster.

"Fuck daddy, you're so rough!" The ebony teen moaned against his lips as she dug her nails on her daddy's back. "I'm cumming daddy!"

"Cum for me baby girl, I'm cumming too," after he said that, he immediately started to thrust wildly, no finesse or gentleness in its movement. Just pure instincts to impregnate her. With one final thrust, Don pushed his length as deep as he could into his daughter's fertile womb and shot his load inside her.

Roxanne made a noise that was barely human - an undulating, pitch-changing animal warble - and her eyes rolled back in her head. Her tongue slid out of her mouth. The feeling of warm cum getting deposited into her needy hole made her tremble and shudder under something brilliant. She was helpless now, cumming again, feeling so good and so happy as she succumbed to this hazy bliss.

When he finally shot the last string of warm cum inside of her, Donny slowly retracted from her abused pussy and laid next to her, exhausted after having fucked her like he was still half his age. Then, he felt her body pressed against his and smiled as he saw his baby girl hugging him with a bright smile on her face.

That was so good daddy, that was the best sex of my life. Jake could never compare to you," she told him gleefully as she gave him a small kiss on the lips. "Can we do it one more time daddy?"

"Later, Roxxie. We have time for all that later. A lifetime,” he added a moment later, looking into her eyes. "Go to sleep. We'll have another round of trick-or-treating later. Happy Halloween."

"Happy Halloween, daddy. I hope you like sweets." She told him as she snuggled close to him, knowing it was the best Halloween she had in her life.