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2022-09-23 00:08:16

copyright: Lesley Tara, 2012

Jolene was a pussy-hunter, and proud of it. She specialised in pretty young white blondes, spreading their creamy thighs and breaking them in to a life of lesbian submission. As she was a charismatic, tall, statuesque, mature black woman with big breasts and a ripe rounded ass, she usually got what she wanted, overwhelming the naive and feeble young white chicks with the sheer force of her commanding personality, blowing them away with the voluptuous curves of her bootylicious body, and scooping them up like a sexual tornado – leaving them afterwards breathless, stunned, shattered and thoroughly turned around.

She was on just such a hunt right now, following up a tempting trail and stalking an unsuspecting young Scandinavian-style blonde. Soon the bait would be laid, and the pretty skinny little bitchlet would fall right into her clutches. Jolene had every reason to be confident – the tell-tale signs had been there on her ‘scouting trip’ two days ago. This was what the powerful black dyke called her trawls through the shops, bars and sports facilities (always a good place to pick up a lesbian – both lean young frisky fillies, and their older experienced cunt-devouring coaches) of the city in which she lived. Her meandering progress might seem aimless, but it was intended to trail her tempting tush in front of any female who might get wet at the sight of such a stunning big-titted black bitch, and so she dawdled in the process in order to see if any sweet babe took up the opportunity to check her out.

Now 35 years old, Jolene had been entirely lesbian for her whole life. She had realised that she was gay even before she became a teenager, and had never had any qualms about it or the slightest regrets. Her figure had come in early, and she was already hot stuff and filling out a C-cup bra when, at the age of 14, she had been easily seduced by a 16 year old African-American girl who was the daughter of a neighbour. Jolene had been delighted to surrender her cherry to the tall and athletic high school student, and even more delighted to find out that the girl was also being fucked by a 30-year-old black woman who was one of her teachers. Their duo now became a threesome, and for the next four years (and even more easily when Jolene moved up to the same high school), she had enjoyed a wonderful lesbian education at their hands – and their mouths, their tits, their cunts and their strap-on dildos.

Jolene had discovered her taste for white pussy nearly two years later, a few weeks after her sixteenth birthday. An attractive blonde teacher who Jolene had already suspected was gay asked her one day to stay behind after school to help with a project, and when they were alone together had come on to the black girl, fondling her now substantial 32D breasts. Jolene had responded at once by kissing the woman, mashing their lips together and thrusting her tongue into the startled blonde’s mouth, whilst seizing her breasts with both hands for a mauling grope through the thin fabric of her tight red lambswool sweater and the bra beneath. The teacher was taken quite by surprise at this vigorous and eager reaction, where she had expected to have to coax tempted timidity with soft sensuous seduction – for she had no idea that her black colleague had by now fucked Jolene more than two hundred times! Whilst the woman was still off-balance, Jolene pounced upon her and pushed the rangy white bitch onto her back across her own desk, hauled her pleated grey linen skirt up to her hips, yanked the gusset of her lacy black panties to one side, rammed three fingers like a spearhead straight into her vagina, and then savagely fist-fucked her into multiple orgasms until the pulverised 28-year-old had begged brokenly for mercy – and then afterwards had beseeched Jolene to come back to her house, and do it to her over again!

The lust-fuelled black high school student had readily agreed to her teacher’s request, and that had been the first time that she had ridden a white bitch with a strap-on dildo. Once in the woman’s bedroom, Jolene had been undressed and then presented with this wonderful bitch-fucking implement, as the schoolteacher knelt submissively before the young black Amazon and buckled the harness straps around her waist and between her legs. In exultation, Jolene had then almost torn off the blonde’s clothes and lingerie and hurled her onto the bed, before giving the mewling and moaning woman an aggressive shafting with her own dildo – drilling her first as she lay sprawled on her back, with her legs stretched wide apart, and then afterwards turning her over onto her hands and knees, and pistoning into her cunt doggy-style from behind, until the woman was utterly demolished and collapsed into a shell-shocked stupor. This experience had taught Jolene the pure pleasure of taking a white cunt, preferably blonde, and preferably whimpering in spread-eagled submission. Over the years since then, Jolene had had plenty of black lesbian lovers as well – but it was having a moaning white blonde climaxing convulsively from the powerful thrusts of her fingers or the hammering plunges of her biggest strap-on that gave her the greatest thrill of all, whenever the opportunity arose – and hunting excursions like this made sure that it regularly did!

Jolene often thought back fondly to her very last day at high school, to what she called her ‘graduation ceremony’: an amazing sapphic marathon one warm summer evening in the Principal’s office. The black teenager had had the 41-year-old brunette Principal bent over to lie on her stomach across the middle of her own leather-topped desk, with her cute curvy baby-faced blonde 22-year-old secretary in the same position next to her on one side, and the big-titted, wide-hipped and broad-assed 34-year-old half-Hispanic school counsellor likewise on the other side. All three women were naked except for their shoes and hold-ups (or, in the Principal’s case, brown leather boots and cream opaque stockings in traditional style, held up by a yellow suspender belt), and all three had both of their wrists tied to the bottom of the desk on the other side. Jolene had next bound the secretary’s left leg to the Principal’s right leg in two places, once just below the knee and other at the ankle, and then similarly roped the counsellor’s right leg to the Principal’s left, leaving all three white women with their butts invitingly thrust out into the air over the edge of the desk, their thighs pulled wide apart, and their cunts and assholes vulnerably displayed.

Of course, Jolene had fucked all three of them many times before, individually and in pairs, and they were completely in thrall to their young big-busted black dominatrix. To give them something to remember her by, for the next two hours Jolene had taken the white bitches apart, starting with pinching their breasts and pulling their nipples, then caning their butts, followed by repeated savage pussy-shafting with a massive ribbed strap-on, mounting each of the moaning women several times, and finishing up with ass-fucking each of them in turn. So much saliva dribbled from their open mouths and so much pussy-juice dripped from their gaping vaginas, that the desk top and the carpet were permanently stained. Jolene’s ravaging was so forceful that the sweet young secretary passed out in the middle of her butt-fuck, and afterwards even the two more experienced women could barely manage to walk to their cars or sit in them to drive. That powerful experience had confirmed Jolene in her tastes: black women for sensuous loving companions, and white girls (in which she included those demure slim flat-chested Japanese and Chinese twats) for fuck-puppets, for making into submissive sex-slave sluts, and then passing around her already extensive circle of tough black dominants for merciless use in gang-bang after gang-bang.

The handsome mature black woman licked her lips, for here was a perfect prospect, and she was quite sure that all that she needed to do was lay the bait and then reel the blonde cunt in. Jolene was self-employed, which gave the freedom to set her own hours; earlier in the week, in the middle of a quiet afternoon, she had strolled through one of the large shopping malls, seeing if she could pick up any action. Sure enough, in the clothes department of one of her favourite large stores, there was a new young blonde shop assistant, from whom she at once felt a tell-tale vibe.

It wasn’t surprising that Jolene had caught the shopworker’s eye. On these trawls, she always dressed to look like the super-hot fuck-machine that she was; in this case, she had been wearing white leather boots, tight white hot-pants and a skimpy red halterneck, under which a good deal of her scarlet bra and mounds of black flesh could be seen. As Jolene strolled around the clothing racks, she watched the young assistant unobtrusively from the corner of her eye. Yes, sure enough – the girl was at least bi-curious, or probably just emerging as a lesbian and shyly inexperienced. There was no doubt about it – the little hottie was checking her out! The store had been very quiet at the time, with only a couple of other customers browsing and no supervisor or manager in sight. Jolene watched covertly with carefully-concealed satisfaction as the blonde shop assistant manoeuvred around the racks of clothes, appearing to be engaged on straightening various dresses on their hangars, but in reality angling to get the best undetected (as she naively thought) view of the mature black woman’s bust and ass.

Jolene was not in a hurry: she preferred to be sure of her ground before making the decisive move, and so on that occasion she had wandered on, heading for the sports centre where late in the afternoon a competition was due to be held between the local high school cheerleading teams – this took place every month, and was often a good fishing ground, not only for fresh young white pussy but also for hot-bodied athletic teenage black chicks. As it turned out, she didn’t get a definite score that day, but it was always fun to sit in the front row of the public gallery and watch so many pretty young females bounce around in their skimpy girlish costumes, their tits jiggling and their panties regularly exposed. One lithe and lively white girl had certainly seemed to take more than a casual interest, and, whilst waiting for her team’s turn to perform, her eyes had strayed constantly to Jolene’s cleavage. Well, OK, she was a brunette rather than a blonde, but she had a sweet face and a bubble-butt ass, so Jolene was willing to stretch a point – and to stretch the lissom cheerleader’s vagina as well, until it would accommodate her longest and widest strap-on. The handsome black woman had caught the brunette’s eye in return and given her an encouraging smile, but it seemed that the babe was quite shy, or perhaps still not sure of her sexuality, as she had blushed furiously, and then resolutely looked away until almost the end of the event, when once more her eyes had seemed magnetically drawn to Jolene’s well-displayed frontage.

The black woman had not felt rebuffed; from her long experience as a pussy-hunter, once the seed was sown it would soon start to sprout, and there was a good chance that at the next month’s cheerleading contest she would find an opportunity to have a quiet word with the perky brunette – maybe even try the gambit of offering her a lift ‘home’. Of course, they would detour first to Jolene’s apartment, where she would break the girl in and almost certainly take her lesbian cherry – and quite possibly her actual one, too. There was nothing that turned Jolene on more than taking a white cunt’s virginity, which she had done maybe fifteen times over the years since her first, a younger and quietly shy Chinese-American girl she had seduced when in her final year at high school. As Jolene had got older, she found it even more satisfying to have a naked young white girl pinned down on the bed under the weight of her powerful black body, legs thrust apart by Jolene’s muscular ebony thighs, and to relish the girl’s sobbing cry of surrender as a sharp thrust from Jolene’s strap-on ripped through her hymen. Jolene had walked back to her apartment block, well-satisfied with the outcome of the day’s reconnaissance, having spotted two promising whilffs (it was her own variant on the well-known term, and stood for ‘white hottie I’d like to fuck and fuck’).

So here was Jolene two days later, back in the mall to see if she could scoop up the blonde shop assistant. She had deliberately put on an even hotter outfit – frankly, a slutty and sensuous one that was almost over the top, not least because the African-American woman’s tits were nearly over its top. It consisted of a pair of skimpy tight black shorts, cut low on the hip, and above this a front-buttoned bustier, with flat panelling below the bust and very prominent moulded half-cups for her size 34F breasts above, which drew the eye and emphasised their size and thrust. This sexy ensemble was set off at the bottom by a pair of silver strap shoes with five-inch stiletto heels, and at the top by Jolene’s large silver hoop earrings and her jet-black hair, which tumbled down in thick curls to the middle of her back and framed her nipples at the front.

At first, when Jolene arrived at the store there were several people shopping in the clothes department, and the young assistant was busy and preoccupied. Jolene decided to go for a coffee in the Starbucks that was located on the ground floor and return in about twenty minutes, when this little flurry of activity would have subsided. She was about to turn away, when she saw the supervisor of the section approach the blonde shop assistant and speak to her for a moment, after which the girl departed on some errand – hopefully a brief one. The supervisor was probably in her early thirties, tall and slim, with short blonde hair that gave her a slightly butch appearance, and Jolene noticed with interest that she was covertly watching her junior assistant’s ass as the girl walked away. Then the supervisor turned her gaze in Jolene’s direction, and the black woman quickly pretended to be engrossed in the rack of clothing in front of her. Jolene was acutely aware that she was being checked over with more than casual interest, and decided to follow this up as well if the opportunity presented itself. Although nearer to her own age, the supervisor was a handsome and attractive woman, and the black lesbian had no objection to adding the spice of experience to her diet of white pussy – taking a white woman who thought of herself as a ‘top’, and breaking her in to her proper place as a subservient ‘bottom’, was always a great pleasure as well.

After spending a few moments in apparent browsing, Jolene was pleased to see the young blonde reappear, bringing with her a small wheeled rack on which a batch of dresses were hanging, still in their polythene wrapping. The black woman had followed a meandering course through the stands of clothes which had brought her round behind the supervisor, and only about three yards away. This paid off, as she heard the older woman give instructions to the effect that the assistant should put these items out now, before taking her scheduled mid-afternoon break, during which someone called Signe would cover for her, and the supervisor herself would return in about half an hour, to check that it had all been done correctly. Well, mused Jolene to herself with satisfaction, this had turned out to be fortunate timing indeed – the blonde bitchlet was scheduled to be on her break soon, which would give an ideal window opportunity during which no one would be monitoring her.

Jolene noted with pleasure that the supervisor had turned around and was deliberately taking a route out of the department that took her past where the scantily-dressed black woman was standing, and she rewarded the woman’s interest by waiting until the perfect second, and then dropping down onto one knee, apparently in order to look at the hemline of one of the dresses in front of her. This posture provided a truly amazing view from above down her ample and well-displayed cleavage, and Jolene smiled inwardly as she heard the footsteps behind her falter for a moment, and a soft exhalation of escaping breath, before the supervisor collected herself and walked on.

As the young blonde shop girl started to take the new dresses out of their plastic coverings and hang them on the clothing stands, the dynamic black lesbian set her trap in motion. Placing the shoulder bag that she had been carrying next to a mirror on the side wall, where she could still see it but it was out of the way, Jolene extracted her cell phone and then took a few steps towards the racks of clothes near to where the shop assistant was working. After switching the phone on but putting it in silent mode, she pretended to carry on a conversation with a female friend, though in fact no call was taking place. The purpose of this play-acting, which she had used effectively several times before, was that firstly it lifted her right arm up to an angle that both drew attention to her breasts and thrust them out even further; secondly, as she moved around almost in twirls, her head going back from time to time in a peal of laughter, it made the poses that she struck which highlighted her tits and tush seem quite natural, and, thirdly, it gave every opportunity and encouragement for the shop assistant to ogle her, by appearing to be so engrossed in her phone call that she would not notice this.

The plan worked to perfection. Jolene’s outfit, when worn by such a handsome and physically imposing black woman, was guaranteed to draw the eye and wet the slit of even the shyest and most virginal of lezzies or bi-girls. Without giving any sign of it, Jolene kept the white girl in her peripheral vision, and noted with satisfaction that the shop assistant was clearly moving around with only one aim in mind – and it wasn’t where the new dresses should go (for they were being almost randomly distributed), it was stealing peeks – ever longer and more blatant – at the ebony fuck-goddess in her tight hot pants and almost-indecent top. The young shop assistant seemed almost hypnotised by the prominent display of Jolene’s 34F cup breasts, whilst in response Jolene was getting turned on by the young blonde’s attention, and her own pussy was starting to feel itchy and seep dampness into the crotch of her panties.

Now it was time for Phase B of her plan. From a nearby rack, Jolene collected a dress which she had chosen earlier – it was a very short, bright red, party dress in a quite trashy style, strapless and with only limited bust coverage (which would be even more minimal on Jolene’s bulging pair), and with a bow-tied band just below the breasts to make them even more eye-catching. It was an item that Jolene actually wanted to buy, because if she wore it in the lesbian clubs, maybe combined with plastic white boots, she knew that she would score with any cunt she wanted to have, whether white or black. However, for now it had another – equally sexual – purpose.

Carrying the red dress on its hangar, Jolene picked up her bag and walked over to the service counter, where the young shop assistant was now standing, having accomplished the distribution of the new items. The magnificently curvaceous and charismatic black woman paused in front of the pretty blonde and casually rolled her shoulders to make her breasts rise and fall, noting with satisfaction the glazed look on the mesmerised girl’s face. The policy of the store was to have their staff dress in items from the latest range, and the shop assistant was attractively outfitted in a pre-faded blue denim jeans-style mini-skirt and a white camisole top with an elaborate ruffle front, both of which went very well with her long straight straw-blonde hair; her lightly tanned legs were bare, and below the skirt she was wearing only a pair of open-toed shoes with a khaki block sole. Apart from the ruffle effect, the camisole was made of thin cotton material, and Jolene noted with interest that the slender babe was wearing no bra beneath it – the points of her nipples were quite visible through the fabric, and indeed more so now than they had been only seconds before. The mature lesbian took this in whilst also glancing at the identity tag that was clipped rather precariously to the top edge of the camisole, which revealed that the shop assistant’s first name was Astrid, followed by something Scandinavian that ended in ‘strom’. Given her Nordic looks, this was not surprising – the city was in a part of northern mid-West where there had been substantial immigration from Norway and Sweden in the later nineteenth century, and with many families inter-marrying in subsequent generations, Scandinavian names and looks were still very common in the area.

Jolene gave Astrid a warm smile, which set the young blonde unconsciously to nibble at her lower lip with her teeth, and the handsome mature black woman lifted the red dress up and draped it skimpily across her own bust.

‘Hi there, I’d like to try this on – I think it’ll look good on me, don’t you think? Would you show me where the changing rooms are, please?’

Astrid swallowed, looking a little like a rabbit caught in the headlights of an onrushing juggernaut (which, of course, Jolene certainly was in the lesbian sense), and stuttered a reply:

‘Oh! ... mmm ... er ... oh, yes ... yes, it would! ... umm, right ... ma’am, yes ... they’re just here, ma’am ... this way, please ...’

The shop assistant was a slender girl, nowhere near as well-endowed in the bust or ass as Jolene, but her pair of nicely perky B-cup breasts were matched by an attractive slim butt, which the mature black woman eyed acquisitively as she followed behind Astrid. The entrance to the changing room area was only a few steps from the service desk, which was placed so that it could monitor those going in and out. At this quiet time of the afternoon, as Jolene had expected, there was no one else using any of the half-dozen white-walled cubicles. The black woman selected the one furthest from the entrance, nodded to Astrid, and entered it. However, instead of closing the door behind her, Jolene casually – but very deliberately, for this was a key part of her plan – let it swing ajar behind her, as if she had not noticed that it was unlatched.

As she had hoped, the temptation that this offered was too much for Astrid to resist. In the three weeks since the young blonde had started working in the womenswear department, she had found herself increasingly drawn to checking out the figures and looks of the most attractive customers – especially the more mature ones. Astrid wasn’t quite sure what this signified, or rather she preferred not to follow that line of thought at all. She had always thought of herself as ‘normally’ bisexual: that is to say, mainly but not exclusively interested in guys. But in the last couple of years there had not been any particularly interesting guys, and in truth she hadn’t really been bothered to try and find them. She had never had any real experience with girls, only a fairly innocent kiss-and-cuddle friendship when she had been fifteen, but now it seemed that she was thinking about them and their bodies quite a lot! Oh, well, Astrid thought to herself unconvincingly, it was probably just a natural reaction to working in this job, with hot women constantly around you, preening and posing, dressing and undressing. This black woman was a case in point, with her big tits and jutting ass displayed in that provocatively skimpy figure-hugging outfit! She had fascinated Astrid from the moment that she had walked through a couple of days previously, and did so even more today, as she had wandered around chatting on her cell phone, quite oblivious to the shop assistant’s stares. Keen to see what the statuesque mature woman was wearing under that amazing bustier and those tight little shorts, and eager to see what her undressed body looked like, and the incompletely closed cubicle door drew Astrid like a moth to the flame.

The shop assistant checked her watch, and saw that it was a minute after the time that her break had been due to begin. A glance over her shoulder out into the store showed that Signe was making her way through the stands of clothes towards the service counter, so that was covered. Astrid quickly decided that she had the time and opportunity to satisfy her curious curiosity – just for a moment, she told herself, and then she would slip out when Signe wasn’t looking this way, and go for her break. Looking through the open side of the cubicle door would be too blatant, too easily spotted if the woman looked that way, so instead Astrid moved up close to the hinge side of the door, licking her lips, and peeked through the narrower gap there.

The young blonde nearly gave herself away with an audible gasp in reaction to what she saw. The black woman had removed her tiny shorts, revealing a skimpy thong beneath: it was scarlet-fronted with black trimmings, in a real ‘whorehouse’ style, and so brief that it covered almost none of the woman’s ass, with its black back section vanishing only a few inches below her waist into the crevasse between the ripe swell of her buttocks. As if that was not enough to rivet Astrid to the spot, the woman had folded down the top section of her bustier, to display the other half of the matching lingerie set: a half-cup bra, scarlet with black lace edgings, from which her large breasts were almost spilling out, and jiggling with every movement.

When Astrid had first looked through, Jolene had been standing in profile to her, holding the red dress on its hangar and looking at it. However, she now placed it on one of the hooks on the side wall, and turned with her back three-quarters towards the door (which relieved Astrid) to face the large mirror that took up the end of the cubicle. Jolene was quite certain that the cute young blonde was watching her; she had listened carefully, and there had been no sound of anyone walking away. In confirmation, Jolene took a quick glance in the mirror on the far wall, and smiled inwardly. The shop assistant was not very smart, or perhaps not thinking clearly, for her ankles and feet were clearly visible through the wide gap at the bottom of the cubicle door.

Jolene decided to up the stakes and give the pretty blonde a view worth having, one to warm up and wet her pussy. Posing as if she was examining her own body in the mirror, she ran her hands over her bust, cupping and fondling each of her breasts in turn, briefly scooping them completely out of the flimsy bra and then dropping them back in. Then she ran her hands down her stomach and shifted her stance to a more open posture, before rubbing her right hand over the crotch of her thong several times. Finally, she reached round behind to caress her butt, in the process turning back towards the mirror so that her ass was pointed straight at her voyeur, and she was rewarded with the faintest sound of a soft gasp from just outside cubicle.

The powerfully-built mature black lesbian smiled to herself – now was the moment to act, now was the time to take what she wanted!

With no warning at all, and with lightning speed, Jolene whirled on her heels, took two long strides to the door, yanked it wide open, and seized the astonished shop assistant by the arm. Jerking the white girl almost off her feet, Jolene dragged her into the cubicle, and slammed her back against the side wall. The capture had been so sudden and unexpected that Astrid had no chance to do anything more than give a frightened squawk, being violently pulled one way whilst her name-tag was dislodged from her top and went flying in the other direction, to land unheeded on the polished pinewood floor. With her left hand, Jolene quickly fastened the door on the inside, whilst her right hand went around the young woman’s throat, pinning the shocked and bewildered blonde to the wall. Jolene had long ago found this grip to be very effective, for it was ideal for muffling any protests or cries for help, and it established a rapid mastery – physical and psychological – whilst occupying only one hand, and so leaving the other free to strip away clothes, maul breasts, pull on tits, or spear up under a skirt and seize a vulnerable vulva.

Astrid gave a little frightened whimper, as she didn’t know what to say to her captor, who now stood very close to her – oh! so overwhelmingly, overpoweringly close! – with a furious expression on her face. Jolene glared intimidatingly at the slender white girl; the black woman’s anger was faked, of course, but her surging lust gave her voice convincing heat and a raw edge, as she snarled:

‘I saw you, you little bitch, don’t think I didn’t! – I saw you spying me on me, you cunt, watching me get undressed! I know what you are, you’re a lezzie, a dirty fucking lesbian!’

‘Oh, oh! No, no!!’ gasped Astrid, trying to shake her head in denial, though the woman’s grip around her neck prevented much movement. To her horror, the angry customer continued:

‘I’m gonna complain about you, sneaking and peeking’, Jolene hissed fiercely, ‘you lesbo cunt, I’ll see that you’re fired! I’ll speak to Ms. Beecher, she’s an old friend of mine, yeah! She’ll sack you, bitch, and with no references too!’

Astrid blanched as Jolene named the store’s austerely authoritarian deputy manager, who was a mature black woman of similar age. Jolene was not exactly bluffing – she had no intention of reporting Astrid, of course, but she did indeed know Ms. Beecher from their college days, and they still regularly met up and shared a few drinks, before sharing a double-ended dildo. Ms. Beecher only liked black pussy, so she would not be interested in this quaking blonde, but she had an amazing knack for seducing African-American high school girls and college cheerleaders, and would invite Jolene to her house to double-team them, as the pair of powerful dominants drilled the panting pretties in all of their holes and taught them obedience to their mature mistresses.

Of course, Astrid knew nothing of this, and she whimpered miserably as she realised just how foolish she had been, putting herself in danger of being dismissed. Jobs were very hard to come by for unqualified young women in these hard times, and she had been lucky to get this one – she didn’t dare lose it, that would be a catastrophe. She wailed in desperate supplication:

‘Oh, ma’am! Oh, no, please don’t ... oh, please, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean anything! Please, please don’t .. don’t complain, please ... I can’t lose my job, oh! please, I’ll do anything, please ...’

That was exactly what the black pussy-hunter had been manoeuvring to hear – those three magic words of surrender: ‘I’ll do anything’. She made a pretence of seeming to relent a little, and was rewarded by a spark of hope in the frightened blonde’s eyes.

‘Oh, yeah? You will, huh? You will really?’

Clutching at this hope, Astrid nodded vigorously, and frantically gushed in reply:

‘Oh, I will, yes, I will! Anything! Anything, anything at all – just please don’t complain about me!’

Jolene gave her white victim a steely look, not showing a hint of the exultance she felt inside. She made a pretence of considering this vague offer, whilst keeping her hand around Astrid’s throat to pin the girl to the wall. Then she slowly nodded, as if reluctantly granting a great favour:

‘Well ... I suppose, I could punish you myself, right here and now – I’ll teach you a lesson, bitch, and one you won’t forget!’

Jolene smiled secretly to herself: it would indeed be a lesson, a fast track course in becoming a lesbian submissive, and the blonde cunt would certainly never ever be the same afterwards. Astrid’s heart was fluttering in her chest, for all sorts of reasons, but she made herself swallow and express her thanks. However apprehensive she felt about the proposed ‘punishment’, being sacked would be much worse.

The black dyke kept her right hand around the white girl’s throat, ensuring her captivity, and ran her left across the pretty blonde’s upper chest, groping and squeezing her small firm breasts through the thin cotton of the ruffle and camisole. Astrid was still stunned by the turn of events, and she offered no resistance, although her eyes went wide and she gasped at the overtly sexual molestation. There was no bra to protect the shop assistant’s nipples, and Jolene pinched each of them briefly between her thumb and index finger, eliciting a whimpering moan from her young captive.

Certain that the slim blonde was too intimidated to struggle or attempt an escape, Jolene quickly changed her grip on the white woman’s throat to her left hand, and then roughly shoved her right hand up under Astrid’s denim mini-skirt and gripped her crotch. The young shop assistant squealed and quivered as her Venus mound was seized and squeezed in an iron grip, and then she squealed a second time as Jolene, dropping to squat on her haunches, ripped Astrid’s plain white bikini panties down to her ankles in one powerful muscular wrench, and then whisked them away to land in a corner of the cubicle.

The black dominatrix kept her grip at Astrid’s shoulder with her left hand, whilst two sharp slaps from her right hand to the blonde’s inner thighs gave the unmistakeable instruction to spread her legs open. Astrid unquestioningly hastened to comply, despite her astonishment and anxiety about where this was going – the black woman had accused her of being a lesbian, when she was obviously a dominant dyke and cunt-muncher herself! However, although the threat of a complaint may have receded, more dangerously the bitch had influence with Ms Beecher, and in any case she was just so awesome, so physically voluptuous and such a sexual dynamo, that Astrid hardly wanted to resist.

The white girl was very aware that as she parted her thighs, her denim skirt had ridden up above her hips, exposing her naked cunt to the lascivious gaze of the big-busted black bitch, whose face was level with her pussy and barely a foot away. Astrid leaned supinely against the wall behind her, an uncertain expression on her face, as butterflies fluttered in her stomach and she became aware of a damp warmth in her pussy. She looked downwards, and her arousal increased as she took in the amazing bird’s eye view of Jolene’s big breasts and the deep valley between them. As she watched, almost blank-faced, the mature black woman slid her right hand up Astrid’s inner thigh to her clean-shaven cunt, stroked her vulva, parted her outer labia with two of her long fingers, and began to rub up and down, and probe in between, sending hot and cold shivers coursing through the blonde’s body.

No one had touched Astrid in such a way before, as none of her handful of boyfriends had shown much interest in foreplay, or indeed in whether she had obtained any satisfaction at all from their intercourse. The blonde shop assistant began to moan softly, as Jolene’s expert touch aroused her erogenous zones, tickling apart her inner labia and poking into the tight cleft of her vagina. And then something truly amazing happened, something that Astrid had known unconsciously was bound to happen from the moment that the black lesbian had ripped off her panties. Spreading the white woman’s curling labia apart with two fingers, Jolene leaned forwards and placed her mouth over the shop assistant’s pussy, sucking the outer folds and ridges in between her teeth and nibbling on them, and then pressing down and stabbing her thick muscular tongue deep into Astrid’s slit.

Never before had any mouth come close to Astrid’s cunt, and so she had never experienced oral sex or cunnilingus. The effect on the inexperienced blonde was explosive, sending racking shudders through her slender frame, as her mouth hung open and her eyes bulged in shock. But even more powerful than surprise was the incredible sensations that convulsed her, as Jolene ate out her pussy with the sleek practised expertise of a woman who had feasted on hundreds of vaginas for more than twenty years. Astrid was now gasping and groaning, and without even thinking about it, she thrust her legs as wide apart as possible, to allow this Amazonian black dyke the best access with which to feast on her pussy for as long as possible.

‘Aaaaaahh! Oooaaaahhh! Oh, yes! Oh, fuck me – yes, yes, eat me, fuck me, fuck me – aagghh, aaaahhhhhh, yes!’

Aware that the young blonde was near to orgasm, Jolene moved her lips upwards and sucked on the tasty babe’s clitoris, whilst ramming two of her long fingers into the shop assistant’s vaginal passage, and then pumping then in and out with tremendous speed and force. Astrid was, quite literally, blown away – sex had never been anything like this before! She had not even dreamed that it COULD be anything like this! The sensations were unbelievable, so intensely erotic they were like fireworks bursting in her head. Oh, she thought, let this not stop, don’t stop ... and then her climax exploded, ten times – no, she realised, a hundred, a thousand times! – better than any orgasm she had ever known, whether with a boyfriend’s cock or (as had been mostly the case this last year) her own fingers.

Jolene was fully attuned to the signals that the white girl’s body was broadcasting so loud and clear, and the mature black lesbian smiled with complete satisfaction as she released Astrid’s labia from between her lips, and then licked around the blonde’s clean-shaven cunt, savouring every drop of her pale pussy-juice. The dominant dyke knew for certain that she had just made a conquest, that she had utterly blown the girl apart sexually, and could now use her any way that she wanted. Jolene also knew well that the essential thing was to follow up that advantage, to keep the momentum and carry the girl so far down the road of lesbian submission that there would be no way that she could ever, ever come back.

First, the powerful and big-titted black woman rose to her feet and pressed against Astrid, sandwiching the young blonde’s body to the wall. Her hands pushed up under the camisole top and grabbed the girl’s breasts, massaging and mauling them, whilst her mouth latched onto Astrid’s, consuming her in a passionate French kiss. To her satisfaction, but not surprise, the pretty shop assistant responded vigorously and with no hesitation, twining their tongues together and even – very promisingly – trying to fondle Jolene’s heavy breasts as well.

After a long moment Jolene broke the kiss, and then leaned back slightly to undo the front buttons of Astrid’s camisole top and pull it off over her head. This was followed at once by reaching down, unsnubbing the button of the shop assistant’s jeans-style denim mini-skirt and pulling down its zip; the skirt quickly came open and tumbled down around her ankles, leaving the young woman completely naked apart from her shoes.

Jolene took Astrid by the hand, and the shop assistant stepped out of her fallen skirt and, without any resistance, followed mutely as she was bidden. The changing cubicle contained only one piece of furniture, a small bench with a padded seat, about three feet in length, on which customers could sit whilst taking their shoes on and off. It was normally placed neatly against the side wall, but Jolene hooked a foot around its nearest leg, and dragged it out into the middle of the cubicle. With a wordless gesture that was at once obeyed, she instructed the white woman to lie down along its length on her stomach, so that her cunt and ass were stuck out over one end, and her head at the other.

Jolene had previously placed her bag underneath the bench, and now it was revealed in easy arm’s reach. The capable black pussy-hunter had come well-equipped for just this moment, and the first item that she removed from the bag was a strong black leather belt, three inches in width. Straddling the prone shop assistant, Jolene quickly passed one end of the belt under the bench and then wrapped it across Astrid’s back at her waist, cinched it tight, and fastened the buckle. The blonde was now securely fixed to the bench, and Jolene continued the bondage more for its psychological and erotic effects than from real necessity. She took four short lengths of white cord from the bag, and in turn fastened Astrid’s wrists to the front two legs of the bench and her knees to the two back ones. The bag then disgorged a further item: a round red rubber ball-gag, which was shoved into Astrid’s mouth and tightened behind her head – this was not so much to prevent calls for help, but rather that to ensure that her orgasmic moans and shrieks did not attract unwelcome public attention.

After admiring the captive naked white bitch for a few seconds, Jolene walked round to the front of the bench where Astrid could see her. Slowly, tantalisingly, sexually, Jolene removed her bustier and then slid her panties down her legs, to end up standing in bold authority, legs braced apart and hands on her hips, naked apart from her silver strap stiletto shoes and her flimsy bra – her breasts were so big that some support was usually needed, as well as the fact that near-nudity was always more sexually arousing than complete nudity, for both the wearer and the beholder.

Astrid gazed up in mesmerised awe at the Amazonian figure of mature African-American womanhood that was standing in front of her, with massive breasts barely restrained by the gauzy lace cups of her skimpy bra, and her protuberant fleshy vulva displayed. Then the blonde’s eyes widened further still, for the black woman reached again into her bag, produced an intimidatingly long black plastic dildo in a black strap-on harness, pulled it up her meaty muscular thighs, and buckled it in place around her pelvis. Astrid could feel her own pussy gaping and almost drooling at this incredible sapphic sight, and she gave a shiver of anticipation as Jolene disappeared from view to walk round and kneel at her butt. Then there was the sudden hard demanding pressure of the dildo’s knob against her vaginal entrance – Jesus Christ, the thing was huge ... no, impossibly so ... aaahhh! oooh! yes ... ah, yes, oh FUCK!!

The young blonde’s wails were completely muffled by the ball gag, as to her astonishment she found that Jolene had worked the whole length of the massive phallic rod into her, and it was now filling her to capacity – almost, it felt, to splitting point. Jolene began a steady rhythmic humping, withdrawing the dildo for about two-thirds of its length, and then with a powerful surge of her hips thrusting it back in right up to the strap-on’s faceplate.

Astrid’s awareness shrank to this small timeless bubble, in strange detachment from the world outside. She no longer cared about that or gave it any thought: all she wanted was to be taken and taken again by this powerful mature black woman, this incredible ebony fuck-machine – the white blonde now longed with cunt-gushing intensity to surrender herself utterly, to be used as a lesbian sex-slave.

Jolene was experienced enough to be able almost to pinpoint the precise second of sapphic surrender; at once she stepped up the face and force of her penetrations, as Astrid shuddered with every pussy-slamming impact. There was a sheen of sweat on both women’s faces, chests and backs, and Jolene was wearing a wild feral teeth-baring grin as she exultantly hammered the massive plastic cock into the cunt of the young white girl who was bound and captive beneath her.

The conquest of the pretty blonde bitchlet – whom she knew that she would now have at her submissive command, to be taken again and again – was so arousing that Jolene was actually the first to climax, without the need of any greater stimulation that the satisfaction of her dominant dyke lust and the hard slap of the inside of the strap-on’s faceplate against her pudenda as she drove home each ravaging insertion. The mature black lesbian released her grip on Astrid’s hips and almost tore open her own flimsy bra in her urgent need to maul her own breasts. Just as she seized and twisted her nipples, with the dildo buried full-length in the white woman, she came in a drenching bone-shaking and utterly satisfying orgasm – to be followed barely a second later by Astrid, who writhed convulsively in her tight bondage.

‘Ah, yeah’, thought Jolene, ‘I’ve nailed that white cunt well and good, yeah – fuckin’ good fuckin’, that is! Bitch is mine now, for sure ... tasty little blondie, she’ll go down well with – or rather, on – ha, ha! – our group, yeah, she’ll soon learn her proper place is serving black pussies, and we’ll fuck her brains out, oh yeah!’

The imposing mature African-American reached an arm into her bag and produced a small white cotton towel, with which she quickly wiped her face, chest and back. Then she arose, sliding the dildo out of Astrid – which made the girl quiver again in near-orgasm – and used the towel to wipe the length of its shaft. Still wearing the harness, Jolene leaned against the wall of the cubicle for a moment, enjoying the view of the naked bound shop assistant, and making no move to release her from captivity. The dyke had accomplished her main objective, but her plan of campaign was not quite complete. Then her face creased into a wide smile, for it seemed she had timed it to perfection.

There were footsteps in the open space onto which the changing cubicles fronted, and a voice enquired questioningly, in a slightly petulant tone:

‘Astrid? Astrid! ... where are you, girl? Signe said she saw you come in here – are you still here? Astrid?’

It was clearly the supervisor for this part of the store, the tall slender older short-haired blonde, who Jolene had noted earlier taking more than a casual interest in Astrid’s ass and in looking down Jolene’s jaw-dropping cleavage. Just then the black woman heard a muffled exclamation, as the supervisor stopped immediately outside the cubicle door, having spotted Astrid’s name-badge lying on the floor.

‘Perfect!’ thought Jolene, ‘I couldn’t have designed it better!’

Kneeling down to pick up the badge, the supervisor was taken completely by surprise when the cubicle door next to her was suddenly flung open and a powerful big-breasted black woman, almost naked apart from a bra and high heels and – Jesus! a fucking strap-on dildo!! – grabbed her by one arm and a handful of her short blonde hair, hauling her upright and pulling her into the cubicle. The supervisor was so astonished that she made no struggle, and her shock was redoubled by what she saw inside the little room, as the black woman closed and relatched the door with her left hand, whilst taking a choke hold at the stunned supervisor’s throat with her right. Almost oblivious to this, the older white blonde gazed down at the naked and bound body of the pretty new assistant in her department, who she had been lusting after herself, and who had clearly just been given a real hard fucking by the voluptuous black woman. The supervisor’s mouth hung open, and she could only stutter incoherently, her mind in a whirl and her pussy wetting in response to the sapphic scene before her.

Jolene gave the supervisor no opportunity to catch her breath or regroup her thoughts – with older and more experienced women in particular, it was essential to keep your target confused and off-balance. The black woman launched into a hissing tirade of pretence fury, this time claiming that Astrid had attempted to molest her in the cubicle whilst she was trying on the dress, that Jolene had confiscated the strap-on from the young assistant and then given it to Astrid instead, ‘to teach the bitch a lesson’, and then she repeated her threat to complain to Ms. Beecher, unless perhaps the supervisor could ‘make it up to her’.

As she said this, Jolene noted the name on the supervisor’s staff badge: Ms. Nadine Kolvskya, obviously of Polish descent – they were another large group in this city – which explained her stronger jaw and brown eyes. The black woman reinforced her message by groping the supervisor’s small firm pointy B-cup tits through her white shirt, and then getting a hand up the unresisting bitch’s khaki A-line skirt. As Jolene had expected, the gusset of the white woman’s panties was soggy with arousal, and the supervisor moaned in pleasure as Jolene pushed a finger into the camel-toe groove along her seeping slit, poking the cotton fabric an inch deep into her. Nadine’s nipples had hardened at once under Jolene’s rough mauling, and now the supervisor shifted her stance to open her thighs further to the black woman’s probing hand.

Nadine was 33 years old and a closet lesbian; that is, she had not come out to her work colleagues (with just one exception, another woman who was also a secret pussy-fucker) or her family, despite having been actively and solely lesbian since her college days. She lived in a small one-bedroom apartment, to which she regularly brought the lovers who she met in the lesbian bars and clubs or over the internet, for one-night stands. The supervisor had found her new young assistant highly attractive and had even considered breaking her lifelong rule of keeping work and pleasure apart, and making a pass at the hot little bitch, but had not yet summoned up the nerve to do so. Now it seemed someone else had broken Astrid in, but, still, this meant that the pretty blonde was definitely fuckable. And, as to the powerful dyke who had done it – Nadine moaned with desire, for it had always been one of her most erotic masturbatory fantasies to be dominated by big-titted black bitch, but it had never happened ... until now! At once, she eagerly promised to do anything at all that the charismatic powerful African-American woman wanted – anything, anything at all!

‘Wait, no, please … yes, I’ll do anything you want – please, aaahh! oh, my cunt, ooohhh! ... just wait a moment, please – oh, fuckit, ooohh, aaaahhhh ... aaaggghhh!’ gasped Nadine, as Jolene worked her fingers inside the crotch of the woman’s panties and probed more firmly into her vagina. The supervisor pulled her phone out of its pouch at her belt, showed it to Jolene, and added: ‘Hold on, I’ll need to get some cover for our section, please?’

Jolene nodded her consent, and Nadine quickly dialled the internal number of her colleague who managed the lingerie and nightwear section – the one person here who knew of her sexual orientation: they had been friends and lesbian fuck-buddies for years, and knew each other’s tastes very well indeed, for they shared a lust for innocent-looking teenage and college girl pussy.

‘Marge? Hi, listen – can you get one of your girls to cover my section for a while? I need to have a private talk with Astrid, y’know, like with no interruptions … yeah … yeah, she’s all tied up at the moment, ha ha! … mmmm, yeah ... Signe can again? sure, that’s great – thanks babe, I owe you one! Ciao!’

Nadine slipped the phone back into its pouch at her belt, and then undid this and dropped it to the side. Thoroughly aroused by the sight of the pretty nude girl and the mental image of her getting fucked by this amazing Amazonian African-American woman, she was eager to participate, and quickly undid the buttons of her shirt and unfastened her skirt. As the white woman stepped out of these, Jolene seized her bra cups and gave their contents a hard squeeze, making the supervisor gasp and almost buckle at the knees from the sexual charge that coursed through her body. Jolene unclasped the supervisor’s bra and let it fall, and then – partly from impatience, and partly to show her dominance, she seized the supervisor’s sky blue bikini panties at the front and literally tore them apart. Wide-eyed at this show of strength, Nadine gave a whimper of submission as the fragments of fabric fell at her feet. A second later, her unclasped bra followed them downwards, and now Nadine was in the same condition as her young assistant – stark naked, apart from her shoes.

Jolene pressed forwards, squashing Nadine’s nude body between her own firm flesh and the ungiving cubicle wall behind. At six foot in height, she had a couple of inches even on the tall slim supervisor, together with more weight in her full lush body and more strength in her muscular arms. Even if Nadine had fought to escape, it is unlikely that she could have done so, but no such thought crossed the white lesbian’s mind. Part of Jolene’s greater weight was already making an incredible impression on her – the black woman’s massive breasts were mashed against her own small cones, swamping them utterly with their rich dark expanse. Jolene leaned her face down to Nadine’s, and gave the Polish-American woman an electrifying thrill as she ran her tongue from left to right across the blonde woman’s lips. Nadine sighed and opened her mouth in further surrender, and at once Jolene pressed her lips against it and thrust in her tongue, in a long deep and arousing French kiss.

Confident of having established the upper hand, Jolene used her lower hand to devastating effect. She slipped her right hand back between the supervisor’s legs, found the opening at the lower end of her cunt, and then rammed in two fingers, side by side, for their full length, before starting to pump them in and out of the white woman’s loose and sloppy slit. Under this assault, Nadine broke from the kiss for a second, her head going back and a deep groan bursting from her throat. Jolene used her left hand to deliver a warning, pinching Nadine’s right nipple, and then – as the blonde gasped from the brief jab of pain – forced her tongue back into the supervisor’s mouth. Jolene’s finger-fucking was merciless, and after only about thirty seconds, Nadine’s eyes bulged, her legs shook, her torso trembled, and she was riven by an earthquake of an orgasm – better than any she had had in the last five years for sure, maybe ten ... maybe even since her first times with an older college professor, nearly fifteen years ago.

As the supervisor gasped for breath, Jolene twirled her round to face the wall. A quick dip into the black woman’s capacious bag produced another goodie – this time it was a pair of handcuffs, which Jolene clamped on after pulling the supervisor’s arms together behind her back. Then, keeping a firm, and rather painful, grip on the supervisor’s short blonde hair, she led Nadine over to where Astrid was strapped to the bench seat. The older woman was crisply instructed to lie down on top of the younger blonde, in the same direction, with her chin resting on the back of Astrid’s head and her ass and cunt sticking out just above those of the shop assistant. Being about five inches taller, Nadine was able to straddle across Astrid’s captive body and arch her legs over those of her assistant, which had the effect of spreading the supervisor’s vagina and ass even more vulnerably wide open. Jolene then produced three more lengths of bondage rope, using two short pieces to tie the supervisor’s ankles to those of her younger colleague, and then she passed a much longer rope three times across Nadine’s back and around under the bench, strapping the two white bitches tightly together into a very fuckable femme sandwich.

During all this, looking over her shoulder, Astrid had watched in disbelief the stripping and finger-fucking of her immediate boss, and was blown away by Nadine’s evident lesbianism and her swift submission to the black dyke’s desires. The young blonde almost thought that she might be dreaming all of this (if so, what a dream, wow!), and if she had been able to move a hand, she would have pinched herself to be sure – but the throbbing ache in her stretched and ravaged cunt was proof enough that indeed this was for real. She admired the sexy slender shape of Nadine’s naked form – her supervisor might be more than a decade older, but she was slim and clearly worked out regularly at the gym, for there was no sign of flab or sag anywhere, and her breasts, which of similar size to Astrid’s, looked firm. As her supervisor bent over, Astrid shivered in arousal at the feel of the lithe older woman’s naked body lying down on top of her own, with Nadine’s hard erect nipples pressing into her shoulder-blades, her firm stomach resting warmly just above Astrid’s butt, and her panting breath on the young blonde’s neck.

Jolene dropped to her knees behind the delectable sight of the two white women’s matching wide open cunts and butts, and she began by lapping her tongue into their slits and tasting the flavour of their oozing pussy-juice. Whilst she licked one pussy, she used two fingers of her right hand to tease and rub and flick the other, alternating back and forth between them. The two white women moaned softly (Astrid being muffled by her gag, but still audible) at this tantalising treatment, knowing that it was only the preliminary.

After a couple of moments, Jolene rose to a squatting position, and brought her strap-on dildo into play, with devastating effect. Her technique was simple but sure: she thrust the plastic phallus deep into Astrid’s cunt, withdrew it, rammed it into Nadine’s vagina for its full length, pulled it back out, and then started the sequence once again with Astrid. However, as both of the subjugated white women became more wet and open, alternating the fucks became too slow a process. Jolene reached into her bag for one more weapon from her arsenal: a bulky ribbed vibrator, which she switched on and shoved into Astrid’s pussy-hole until only the control button was protruding. This allowed the powerful African-American bitch to concentrate on breaking-in the older of the white women; whilst Astrid jerked and gasped beneath her boss, Jolene began a pounding pistoning of the supervisor’s slit, faster and harder than any before, until Nadine climaxed with a series of harsh nasal grunts. This revealed that the older blonde was a squirter, and of a surprising amount. As Nadine came, a fountain of cum-juice sprayed across Astrid’s buttocks and into the cleft between them, trickling down over her ass-hole and the base of her cunt, and giving her a lesbian baptism.

Jolene had judged both the pace of her fucking and the setting on the vibrator well. The quakes and shudders made by Nadine as she came were transmitted directly downwards into Astrid’s pelvis, and they combined with the insistent rasping of the vibrator in her pussy. Rendered mute by the ball-gag, Astrid violently tossed her head from side to side, her lovely long blonde hair flying in every direction. However, her only road to release was to keep going, to let things take their course – and, sure enough, only seconds later, that is what happened, as the young shop assistant trembled in another mind-blowing climax.

Jolene smiled, though with a slight tinge of regret, as her campaign of conquest was nearly complete, and it had been a tremendous turn-on. Still, she wasn’t quite finished yet! Sliding the cum-coated vibrator out of Astrid’s pussy, she then touched its throbbing tip to the tight sphincter of her supervisor’s anal hole. Nadine’s eyes bulged and her mouth