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My Anal Obsessed Daughter

2022-05-13 00:00:03

Fbailey story number 798

My Anal Obsessed Daughter

I had a very busy and quite taxing day at the office. My brain was fried. I felt like a zombie. So I went home an hour or so early.

I parked my car in the garage and entered the house through the kitchen. My wife was starting to prepare some items for dinner.

As I normally did, I gave her a kiss, felt of her breasts, and cupped her pussy. The kiss was not as passionate as it normally was and I think she realized that too. Her breasts felt very nice through her T-shirt without a bra to get in the way. My hand went up between her legs, under her short skirt, to rest up against her wonderful pussy. I could feel the heat that radiated from her…the moist heat.

My wife whispered in my ear, “Why don’t you go lie down on the couch? I’ll wake you when dinner is ready.”

She walked me the short distance to the couch, pushed me down, and tucked a throw pillow under my head. She leaned down to give me another kiss and her breasts hung down enough to touch my chest and then they swung around a little as she teased her own nipples on my body.

A few minutes later my daughter bounded into the house. She must have come in through the backdoor. I know that she parks her bicycle back there. In any event, she did not know that I was home, that I was out of sight on the couch, and that I was merely fifteen feet away.

My wife said, “Welcome home sexy girl. What did you do with my three pounds of carrots? I was planning on using them to make a raison carrot salad. Go get them.”

Ingrid said, “Can’t! I used them.”

My wife laughed and said, “I know that! Now go get them. I’ll wash them off, peel them, and feed them back to you. Hey, you get to eat your sex toys. How wonderful is that?”

Ingrid said, “I’m not eating those…I know where they have been.”

My wife giggled and said, “You can slip a condom over them first.”

Ingrid said, “Not the same feeling. That’s why I don’t use a lubricant either.”

My wife said, “Just go get them! I’ve had your shit on my hands before. Remember I used to change your diapers.”

Ingrid said, “But that was years ago.”

My wife said, “Ingrid, you’re an Anal Whore! You should ask your father to take you to the Adult Sex Shop later and get you a few butt plugs. A girl like you needs something in there constantly.”

Ingrid asked, “How would you know?”

My wife laughed and said, “Do you really think that you are the only girl in the world that prefers something up her butt as to something up her pussy?”

Ingrid said, “Well…no.”

My wife then said, “I have to beg your father for anal sex. Then I only get it when my pussy is bloody.”

Ingrid said, “After all these years he doesn’t know that you are an anal whore too!”

My wife said, “I’m sure that he knows but he loves the feel of my pussy around his hard cock. I think he gives me anal sex just to say thank you for all of the vaginal sex that I give him.”

Ingrid said, “I want a real cock in my ass.”

Again my wife said, “You should ask your father…”

My daughter interrupted her, “I know! I know! So he can take me to the Adult Sex Shop later and get me a few butt plugs.”

My wife replied, “If you had allowed me to finish…I was going to tell you that my father took my anal virginity…maybe your father will take yours.”

Ingrid asked, “When does he get home?”

My wife laughed and said, “He came home early. He is on the couch. Oh! There he is now!”

My daughter turned around and just stared at me in disbelief. She said, “I…I…I…”

I put my finger up to her lips to silence her stuttering.

I looked over at my wife and asked, “Do you mind?”

My wife smiled and said, “I want your cock up my ass twice for every one time you stick it up her ass. Is that clear?”

Ingrid said, “Yes, mommy!”

I mimicked her by saying, “Yes, Mommy!”

I chased her cute butt up the stairs and into her bedroom. She lowered her panties, raised her skirt up her back, and knelt on the edge of her bed, offering herself to me.

I said, “You need to be naked.”

I watched as she jumped up and stripped all of her clothes off as quickly as she could. Then she knelt on her bed and offered herself to me again.

I said, “I know that you want it up your ass but I am a pussy man. I need to stick it in your pussy first.”

Ingrid said, “Anything that you want! I just want it up my ass.”

She gave it a little thought and added, “If you stick it in my mouth then you get all three of my virgin holes.”

I thought about how gross she thought those carrots were so I said, “Your mouth will be last.”

She didn’t say a thing. All she did was get back in her position, lean over, and twitch her ass for me.

I was naked and standing behind her. My hands were holding her hips and my hips were gently thrusting my cock at her.

Her hand reached back between her legs to help guide my hard cock into her virgin pussy. It was a nice tight fit and I knew that I would want more of that in the future.

After a dozen nice slow strokes into her wonderful pussy I pulled it all the way out of her. She then pushed it up a little higher and aimed it at her own asshole. I pushed into her and she pushed back. The little girl really wanted it…and badly.

I felt the head pop just inside of her and then I felt her push back some more. Her asshole was even better than her tight pussy.

I had always known about my wife’s anal desire. How could I not know after being with her for fifteen years? I liked anal sex with her but I just liked to tease her. Besides I did prefer cumming in her pussy. After all, that is how we made Ingrid.

I leaned over her a little further and I cupped her small firm breasts in my hands and I plowed my cock into her.

She grunted, she cooed, and then Ingrid said, “Daddy, I love you.”

I gave her a few more very intense strokes and started to spurt cum into her rectum as I said, “And I love you too.”

When I pulled my cock out of her ass, Ingrid turned around and sucked it right into her mouth. She sucked me until I was clean and semi-hard again.

She looked up at me and said, “I think I can eat those carrots now.”

My wife was standing in the doorway and said, “Good! You get to wash them off and grate them too.”

Ingrid asked, “How long have you been standing there?”

My wife replied, “Not long!” My daughter breathed a sigh of relief then my wife added, “I only saw you pulling your father’s cock into your virgin pussy and into your virgin ass and then you sucking it clean afterwards in your virgin mouth. But other than that I didn’t see anything. However, I got it all on video.”

Then she held up the camera, looked at me, and said, “Now you owe me two anal.”

The End
My Anal Obsessed Daughter