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Incestuous Affair - Chapter One

2022-09-17 00:44:00

I was thoroughly shocked by what I just witnessed. I was hoping to find my sisters essay on her laptop and wanted to copy some of her work so that I could pass in my assignment which was due the next day but instead I found a sex tape of my sister with her boyfriend, Alex.

It all began with my English teacher forcing me to pass in my English essay, normally I would be excused for essays and projects due to my special privilege of being an athlete. I was one of the best wide-receivers in the state leading my high school to state and national championship, I had some of the top universities in the country scouting and trying to recruit me. Due to this I get to skip several classes and don’t have to do unnecessary assignments.

The majority of my teachers were fine with this mainly due to the reason that if you go to my school either you are very smart or a gifted athlete or a hybrid of both. The only person who was against this was my English teacher, Mrs. Dempsey, who detested the fact that I get to skip her class and miss her assignments. She decided to get her revenge by making my senior year miserable with ridiculous assignments and essays.

Fortunately I was in the same grade as my younger sister due to the fact that I stayed back in 3rd grade due to aggressiveness and violent tendencies. Apparently I was blessed (cursed) with too much testosterone, my body produced more than it needed and I hit puberty much earlier and to relieve the pent up testosterone I reserved to sports and lifting. My mom often said I inherited it from my father who passed away overseas.

My sister, Ashley, on the other hand got her genes from my mother. She was athletic, genius, and an absolute blonde bombshell. She was 5’6 with wavy blonde hair and gorgeous green eyes which could be spotted from across the room. She had a body only a cheerleader to possess with tight slender figure and large breasts which seem to defy gravity. Her long legs were toned and muscular making men restless as she floundered around in short skirts. Her ass was simply mouthwatering with perfect amount of fat on it to make it jiggle as she bounced with each step.

I knew she already did her essay and passed it in so I skipped practice and went home to get a head start on this essay. I knew her password so I easily bypassed her security and looked for her essay. While I was searching around her files for her essay I stumbled upon a folder which read, Kinesiology. I knew my school didn’t offer this course and curiously opened it to find a video which I played.

“Mhmm Ashh…” Alex moaned as my sister sat on his lap grinding against his groin. They were heavily making out and he had his hand up her shirt grasping her firm titties. Ashley took her top off revealing a tight white bra which barely constrained her large breasts. I could feel my cock stir as Ashley slowly took her bra off revealing her large breasts.

Alex grabbed them with his hands and quickly began sucking on her tits like a hungry child. I rubbed my cock as it stood to its’ magnificent 8in long and 3in in width, glistening with precum. I slowly began stroking as I watched Ashley get on her knees and unzip Alex’s pants before pulling them down and revealing his cock. I smiled when I saw how minuscule it looked compared to mine. She took him into her mouth and began bobbing her head back and forth as she slowly began to jack him off.

“Ohhhh Ashhh…Mhmmm” Alex moaned as he moved her wavy blonde hair out of the way to reveal her pretty face to the webcam. Ashley began to suck on his balls sucking them into her mouth and letting go with a plop. She took off her panties and straddled him as she lowered down his hard prick. Alex grabbed her large breasts and pulled her down driving his meat into her tight cunt.

“Ohhhhhhmhhh” Ashley moaned as she bounced on his cock with delight. Her blonde hair flew up and down as did her large juicy breasts. I let out a moan as I pumped my cock harder and harder imagining my sweet sexy sister riding my large manhood and her large bosoms in my face.

“I wanna fuck you doggy” Alex groaned as he lifted her up and made her face the camera. She grabbed her desk and looked into the webcam biting her lip in a seductively as her breasts hung from her slender body like mangoes. She let out a gasp as Alex fucked her harder and faster grabbing her slim waist as he drove into her. Ashley moaned sweetly as she rubbed her clit, her mouth formed a perfect “O” as she rubbed herself faster.

“I am gonna cum” Alex moaned as he pulled out and Ashley quickly got on her knees and jacked him off. He let out a groan as he shot his load all over her face and breasts. “God that was so hot Ashley…”

“Mhmmm…this will keep us both satisfied when you are overseas…” Ashley giggled as she kissed him hungrily. She looked back at the webcam and parted her sweet vaginal lips and licked her fingers before shutting off the video.

I groaned at the thought of me fucking my sister and pumped my cock furiously as I felt the familiar urging in my balls. I let out a groan as I shot my load all over the desk and my hand. I let out a sigh as I imagined me fucking my sister, I had plenty of sex but this was the first time I had ever fantasized about my sister and it was driving me absolutely nuts.

“Hey bulb! What’s for dinner?” Ashley groaned as she threw her practice gear on the kitchen table and grabbed juice from the refrigerator. Normally her calling me bulb would usually offend me as I am not the brightest kid when it comes to studies but I was looking at her under a new light.

“Mom’s not home yet…but there’s some leftover pasta in the microwave” I answered as she leaned over to grab a bowl. I looked at her mouthwatering bubble butt in her cheerleader costume and it took me all my willpower to not bend her sweet ass over and feast upon it.

“Mhmmm…why weren’t you at practice today?” She asked

"I need to finish the English essay by tomorrow and I haven’t read the book yet”

“Oh that sucks! It’s gonna take you forever to read that book”

“But you already read it though…”

“uh uh uh I am not gonna do your stupid essay for you and I can’t help you either…I am skyping with Alex tonight” She answered as she finished eating and stuck her tongue out at me. “Sucks to suck bulb!”

I just grinned as she went up the stairs to her room. I waited few minutes and followed her up the stairs, I went into my room and grabbed my laptop and opened the folder which had the Ashley’s sex tape. I made several copies of the video and placed them in USB’s around the room so even if she managed to delete one I would have several more to blackmail her. Blackmail…the thought itself is turning me on.

“Liam! What the fuck are you doing? Get the fuck out of my room” Ashley snapped as I strolled into her room and sat on her bed. She had a white tank on with no bra underneath followed by a pair of neon shorts. Her hair was still damp from her shower and you could faintly see the outline of her large breasts.
“I need you to do my English essay by tomorrow…” I said

“or what?” She said with her hands on her hips.

“I was looking through your computer this afternoon for your English paper and I stumbled across a video…” I said with a smirk on my face. She looked confused for a second and I played the video on my laptop so she could see it. Her face went from shock to fear to anger in a matter of seconds.

“You fucking asshole!” She screamed as she threw herself at me. I quickly pushed the laptop away and grabbed her by the waist and flipped us over so she was pinned underneath me. She screamed and thrashed around as she tried to push me off. Her futile attempts could barely budge my 6’2 figure packed with slabs of muscle. “Get off me you fucking asshole! I am going to fucking kill you”

“Shut the fuck up Ashley or I am going to show this to mom and everybody” I whispered into her ear as I grabbed her damp hair and pulled it back. The smell of her shampoo was absolutely intoxicating and I could feel her large globes pressing into my chest tightly. I drove my hips into her, pressing my growing member into her warmth.

“Get off me…” She hissed as I buried my face into her neck inhaling her smell. I ran my hands through her hair and squeezed her arms which were pinned over her head.

“You are not in control anymore Ash…” I replied using the nickname her boyfriend uses for her. I cupped her face and looked into her innocent green eyes which were filled with anger. She looked unbearably attractive and I took a second to drink in her beauty. I glanced at her rosy lips which were begging to be kissed before looking back at her, “You are going to finish my essay for tomorrow understood? I expect it to be perfect…understood?”

“Fineee…” She said as she tried to push me off once again. I pushed my dick into her hips and crushed her lips underneath mine. She let out a squeal as I kissed her passionately. Her soft lips felt like heaven as they were pressed against mine and it took all my strength for me to not take her. She looked shocked as I broke the kiss and got off her. I went to my room with a major hard on. It took me nearly half-hour before my dick was back to normal and I used a whole box of tissues.

“How was your day today guys?” My mom asked as we all sat down to eat. She works at weird times due to her being a doctor at the Emergency services, she wakes up late during the day and tends to work all evening comes back for dinner and works most of the night.

“Nothing much…Ashley is helping me with my English essay”

“Really? That’s so nice of you honey…” My mom said giving her a big smile. Ashley just glared at me and looked back at her food. “Well I have to go back to work in a little bit but goodnight guys!”

After my mom went to work, I simply finished up the rest of my homework and went to see how my essay was coming along. After I was satisfied that she was actually working on it and not typing random shit, I decided to call it a night and went to sleep.

I woke up to shuffling in my room and a faint light coming from my desk. I looked up to see a shadowy figure playing with my laptop and quickly realized that it was Ashley. I just laid there quietly wondering what she was up to and realized that she was deleting the video on my laptop.
“What the fuck are you doing?” I asked her as she yelped in response and looked at me in fear. I stood up and quickly blocked the doorway so she couldn’t exit the room.

“I deleted the fucking video dumbass so you can’t blackmail me” She spat out.

“I know I might not be the smartest guy but do you really think that I am THAT stupid…I saved the video on my USB and even emailed it to myself you idiot…now I really am going to send that video to all your friends and show it to mom” I said as I walked towards her. Even in the dark I could see her face filled with fear. She knew that if this got out and made a scene, her chance of going to Ivy League college would be shattered.

“Liam please…don’t send it to anyone! I wrote the essay like you promised and I will write more essays for you but please just delete the video and don’t show it to anyone! I will do anything! I’ll do anything”

“I don’t know Ashley…you tried to delete the video and you were giving me attitude…I need to punish you”

“Punish me?”

“Yeah…come here” I said as I sat on the bed and she walked over nervously. I grabbed her hips and pulled her so she fell over my lap. She yelped in response and tried to get up but I held her down firmly so her breasts were pressed into my lap and her sweet little ass was out in the open. “You need some spanking”

“Spanking? Liam what the hell-




“Shut the fuck and take it like a good girl and I won’t show it to anyone” I said as I ran my hand over her plump ass. It was so soft and round. I squeezed her left cheek before giving it a quick swat watching it jiggle. I moved on to her right cheek and did the same thing. The feeling of her breasts pressing into my lap and her face so close to my raging flagpole was turning me on.

“What are you doing!?!”Ashley squealed as I tugged on her shorts and pulled them down to her ankles exposing her gorgeous bubble butt. I gave her ass a quick slap in response and she quickly shut up.

"You naughty fucking whore!” I whispered as I slapped her left cheek. She groaned in response as she gently bit into my leg sending me forbidden pulses. “You fucking like this!?”

“You fucking like being spanked? Your pussy boyfriend never did this to you?” I growled as I squeezed her ass and slapped it hard. I ran my finger along her asscrack and heard her let out a moan. I continued my assault on her ass as I felt her rub her hips against my thigh. I felt warm wetness along my skin and heard a moaned as I rubbed a finger along her wet asshole.

“Mhmmm what’s this?” I asked as I grabbed her sopping wet snatch and she let out a gasp in response. I slowly rubber her clit in firm circles making her whimper in pleasure. I pulled her up and pushed her onto the bed and spread her legs apart.

“Liam stopppp…” She whispered as I moved on top of her and pressed my lips onto her hot inviting mouth and ran my hands through her soft blonde hair. I let out a low groan as I kissed her lips passionately, she clutched my hair tightly pulling me into her inviting body. I massaged her lips with mine before pushing my tongue into her mouth exploring her with a frenzy. She attacked me with her own fervor as we battled for dominance.

“Oh…whatareyoudoiin…I am your sister” She moaned as I kissed her neck with my lips and tugged on her skin with my teeth bringing her a wave of pleasure mixed with a hint of pain. I grabbed her white tank and tore it in half revealing two large globes armed with long sharp nipples.

I cupped them both in my hands and squeezed them tightly as I sucked her nipples into my mouth and washed them with my tongue. She helplessly tried to push me away as I continued my attack down her body making love to her tight stomach

“Pleasseee no!Don’t!” She cried out trying to close her legs as I pried them open and placed my warm mouth on her burning sex. She whimpered in pleasure as I rubbed my nose against her blonde sparse of hair and sucked her clit into my mouth. She brought her knees up and arched her back as I ran my tongue over and over her clit while sucking it.

“Ohgawdohgawdohmygod” She chanted in response as waves of pleasure washed over her body. I parted her love lips and kissed them softly. I pulled and sucked on them as I pushed my tongue inside her getting a taste of her ambrosial nectar. It was divinely sweet making my throat dry as I craved for more.

“STOP!IAMPEEEING!” She urged as she tried to close her legs but I held them open as I brought her closer and closer to her climax. She gave one last attempt before thrashing around the bed as her nectar's flowed through her tunnels and into my mouth. She shook in pleasure as I watched her amusement. She clearly never had an orgasm.

I took off my shorts revealing my strong erection standing out in the cold night. It was glistening with precum waiting to penetrate her tight pussy.

“Come here” I growled as I leaned against the pillow and pulled her into me. She looked at my raging erection and slowly wrapped her warm petite hands around it as I moaned in response. I ran my hands through her hair and pulled her into me as I planted a hot kiss on her mouth. “Wrap your lips around it”
She slowly began to pump my cock with her hand as she wrapped her rosy lips around my purple knob. I let out a gasp as she licked the precum off my cock and bathed it with her tongue. I closed my eyes and ran my hands through her long blonde hair as my sister slowly took me deeper and deeper into her throat.

I pushed her deeper until my dick hit the back of her throat and groaned as she jacked me off furiously.

“That’s it baby mhmmm suck it!” I groaned as she bobbed her head up and down expertly while milking my cock with her hands. It wasn’t long before I could feel the familiar churning in my balls and I grabbed her head and pushed it down my cock.

“Ohhhhhhh!” I groaned as I shot my white spunk deep down her throat. She began to gag as I kept her head firmly locked and kept on shooting.

“Ohmyf- ” Ashley began but I cut her off as I kissed her hungrily. She just moaned back in response and kissed me back in a frenzy. I lined up my throbbing cock against her pussy as I slowly massaged her clit. She looked at me with her mouth hung open and wrapped her arms around my neck. I grabbed her hips and with one swift movement our bodies clashed against each other as we both let out an animalistic groan in pleasure.

I felt my cock stretch her warm walls as it traveled through her hot tunnel, her soft ass was pressed tightly into my lap and her large melons were constrained tightly against my chest. I grabbed her hips and began to fuck her as she bounced on my cock.

“Arghhohhhmhmhmmm” She groaned as her blonde hair bounced up and down. We soon matched our rhythm and began to fuck as one. I drove upwards just as she would come clashing down on my cock and we began to fuck!

“Ohhhhhmygoddddd” She moaned as we fucked vigorously. All you could hear was the sound of our sweaty bodies clamoring against each other as waves of pleasure washed over us. She placed her hands on my shoulders and drover her fingernails into my back as she squeezed her walls tightly.

“IAMCUMMMMING!” She cried out as molten lava flowed around my cock making my toes curl in pleasure. I threw her on the bed and pinned her hands over her head as I drove into her tight pussy. I pressed my lips against her as I fucked her hard and fast. The feeling was indescribable; the sweat, the smell of sex, and her sweet chanting in my ear was driving me crazy.

“OhmygawdOHGOD!!” She bit my lip hard drawing blood from it as her body convulsed underneath me as she approached her second orgasm. Her hands squeezed mine as her pussy clamped down so hard I could barely enter.

“Fuck that feels so good!” I groaned as her warm juices flowed around me. I flipped her over so her face pressed against the bed and her ass in the air. I wasted no time as I plunged back into her warm hole. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head backwards so she was looking up at me with her lust-filled eyes.

“Ohmhmmmm” She cried as I squeezed her throat and kissed her while slowly increasing my tempo. I released her neck but grabbed her hair as I rode her from behind. Her large breasts were swaying back and forth as I hit her G-spot from behind. I could feel my own orgasm approaching as my balls constrained.
“I am gonna cum” I growled as I rubbed her clit from behind as I fucked. She collapsed on the bed as I continued fucking her. I felt my cock ready to explode as I rubbed her harder and harder. I felt like my dick would explode if I didn’t come and I thrust in one last time as I released my spew inside. She screamed wildly as she thrashed around underneath me.

I closed my eyes and collapsed on her with my dick still buried inside. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep with my sister pinned underneath me.