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Evil Stepmother's Revenge

2022-06-28 00:00:03

Disclaimer : This story contains extreme cruelty that most readers will find morally repugnant. This is not my first time posting stories online that are just outright evil. I've been trying to push my limit, to see how cruel I can write a story. This may have been one that I can definitely say "READ AT YOUR OWN RISK".







Oh, all characters are above the legal age of whichever country you happen to live in, even when it is implied otherwise.


The door opened. A middle-aged blond woman walked in accompanied by a large black man. The woman seemed intimidated by the man’s presence and was keeping herself at least an arm’s length from the man as much as possible.

“Astrid.” Mike greeted from behind his desk. He rose from his leather swivel chair and walked to the blond woman. “Nice to finally meet you again.”

“Hi Mike. Long time huh.” She smiled meekly, still clearly aware of the presence of the six-foot-five black man standing by the doorway.

Mike noticed her discomfort and promptly sent the man away. The black man turned on his heel and left, closing the door behind him.

“What a lovely place you’ve got.” Astrid was finally able to relax. She went to the three-seater couch and took the left most seat.

Mike followed her and took the single-seater adjacent to her. “Thanks.” Mike said fondly. “I got this place for dime. The previous owner got killed. Lots of unsettled debt. The bank auctioned it out and since not a lot of people like idea of owning a place that belonged to a cartel boss, I only needed to pay pennies. It even has a basement.”

“Basement?” Astrid perked up. The familiar school bag at the corner of Mike’s office was not missed by the observant blond woman. “Is she there?”

“Yeah. She’s there. The only place that can keep the noise in, you know.” He shrugged. “Add a layer of studio-grade foam and wham, no one’s going to hear that little bitch screams.”

“Good. I trust you to keep this just between the two of us.” Astrid leaned in and handed Mike a wad of hundred-dollar bills.

“Just helping out an old friend.” Mike took the cash and began counting what would eventually tally up to ten grands. “Whew, you really hate this bitch.”

“Let’s just say she and I have a little history.” Astrid smirked victoriously and took the pitcher on the coffee table in front of her. “Whiskey?”

“You know what I like.” Mike remarked.

Astrid poured herself two fingers of whiskey into one of the many tumblers. She positioned herself in a more comfortable position as she nursed the hard liquor. Mike helped himself to a tumbler of whiskey too.

“How’s business?” Astrid waggled her eyes knowingly at Mike.

“It’s going good. Been getting a lot of sweet young girls willing to sell their bodies for a bit of green. Business is booming.”

“Glad to hear you finally are making money.” Astrid sniggered. “Last I check, you can’t even balance your account.”

“Been having a lot of practices, you know. Ain’t got an accountant for myself.” Mike said, downing the last finger of whiskey into his mouth.

“Still selling ‘meat’?”

It was a term the two used during their times together as slave merchants. The products, usually young girls, were called ‘meat’.

“Sometimes. But not a whole lot these days. Renting them out is always more cost effective. Girls these days ain’t easy to train.”

“I hope that bitch isn’t too hard for you to train.” Astrid nodded at the schoolbag on the floor.

“Her? Nah. She’s not much of a challenge. My men can break her in a matter of weeks. Before you know it she’ll be back to your doorstep a well-behaved daughter.”

“Step-daughter.” Astrid corrected. She took another sip of the strong drink. The alcohol was already doing things to her mind, lowering her mental defenses. “She’s been a real pain in the ass for me after my worthless husband died.”

“Mind telling?”

Astrid stared at her long-time friend for a moment. She bottomed up the last remaining ounce of her whiskey before pouring herself another two fingers worth.

“What the hell. My husband took up a premium insurance last year. A lot of money was involved.” She clicked her tongue. “Naturally, he had the insurance split fifty-fifty between me and that bitch. Some stocks here and there, some long-term mutual funds, properties, assets, the whole shebang. Each of us would have made off with money enough for two lifetimes. But that bitch wanted it all. She started telling the cops about my past and how I planned to poison my husband and get the money rolling in.”

“Did you though?” Mike cocked his eye. “Poison your husband.”

“That man has a bad heart. I may have increased his daily consumption of cholesterol from time to time.”

“You devil you.”

“Hey, he didn’t die of a heart attack. He had an aneurysm, and no one found him until he started smelling funny. But I digress.”

“So, your step-daughter wants it all for herself and plan to leave you in the dust.” Mike surmised.

“Exactly. The bitch even tried to get herself a lawyer.”

“Wrong move.” Mike quipped.

“Yeah. Tell me about it. That bitch has no idea that bringing in lawyers mean our money will be bleeding away at court battles and consultation fees.” Astrid rolled her eyes in frustration.

“So why me? What made you think that I can help you out with your problems?”

“Come on, Mike. I know what you are. I’ve seen you turning even the most recalcitrant girl into a submissive obedient slave.”

“I take that as a compliment.” Mike smirked. “But I trained girls to be sex slaves. Not good little daughter.”

“What makes you think I want a good little daughter?”

“Well, what good a sex slave is to you?” Mike asked, knowing that Astrid was as straight as a lamppost and had no sexual interest towards girls.

“She can help get me a new husband. Nothing attracts a rich powerful man better than a woman who has a teen daughter for him to fuck.”

“Well well well, and here I thought I’ve sold my soul to the devils.” Mike let out a low laugh.

“Just planning a good life for myself, Mike. Besides, if you do your job properly, that little bitch is going to love what I plan to do with her.”

“Then I better not disappoint.” Mike bowed his head slightly. “If you do happen to marry another man with daughters of his own, mind sending those girls to my way too. I won’t mind having another couple of sweet holes for rent.”

“Only if you get this one done up properly.” Astrid smirked. After a moment of thought, Astrid turned to Mike. “Can I get a look at how she’s doing?”

“Don’t trust me now, do you?” Mike teased.

“I just want to watch the show, that’s all.” Astrid shrugged.

“Follow me, my friend.” Mike rose to his feet. He walked up to the door and opened for Astrid. “After you.”

As Astrid followed Mike down the stairs from fifth floor to the basement, Astrid was greeted with the obscene sights of women being fucked in crudely erected cubicles at every level she passed. Finally, Mike brought her to a steel door leading to the basement.

As she walked down the final stairs, she noticed every inch of walls had been covered with sound-dampening foam. She wanted to make a snarky comment of her friend being overly paranoid when a loud shriek erupted from afar.

Astrid quickly recognized the voice to be her step-daughter’s. Brooklynn. Her voice sounded muffled as if she’s screaming through a gag.

Once Astrid descended the steps, Mike followed behind her, Astrid started to hear the unmistakable sound of flesh slapping against flesh. The sound was still far away, like it was coming from behind a closed door.

She turned to the source of the sound and was greeted with the sight of half a dozen naked men sitting around a table with playing cards in their hands.

These men were large hunks. Their bulging tattooed biceps to their perfectly chisel pecs indicated to Astrid that they hit the gym as often as she did yoga. Three of them were blacks, including the man that had escorted Astrid to Mike’s room. Two were whites. And the leanest of them all looked to be of Hispanic descent.

The naked men turned to look at Astrid. Their momentary look of confusion quickly turned into that of a predator looking at a delicious prey. Astrid felt the hair behind her neck stood up.

“Settle down boys. She’s a guest.” Mike said from behind and the men instantly dropped their look of lust.

“Hey boss.” The Hispanic guy greeted. “Not expecting to see you today.”

“My guest here wants to see the ‘training’ process.”

“Bobby’s taking her on right now.” The Hispanic guy said.

“Right.” Mike nodded. “Don’t mind us, just continue on with your game.”

As Astrid followed Mike further into the basement, the slapping sound grew in intensity just as much as the intensity of noxious stench of alcohol and smoke from those men. Astrid did not miss the plaid skirt and baby blue blouse bunched up at the dirty couch by the wall.

Astrid recognized those clothes. They belonged to Brooklynn. It was her school uniform. Among the bunch of girl’s uniform were a pink bra, a matching cotton panties, and a mechanical watch her father bought for her on her last birthday.

By the couch was her bag and hanging from the zipper was a student ID. Astrid picked up the bag and checked the student ID attached to it. Sure enough, the ID had Brooklynn’s name on it and a picture of the girl smiling.

Astrid still couldn’t fathom how beautiful Brooklynn was despiteher dead father wasn’t much in the looks department. Balding head, square jaws, large, crooked nose and narrow eyes. Those were what her father had.

Brooklynn had a full head of hazel brown hair, pillow lips, round blue eyes, narrow jaw and a sharp nose with an angled tip. The fact that she had been approached by modelling agency twice was a testament to her natural beauty. A trait that Astrid planned to capitalize on once the girl was fully trained.

“She’s in here.” Mike informed. His fingers were already around the knob of the metal door they were standing in front of.

When Mike cracked open the door, the slapping sound grew exponentially louder. The noxious fumes from the men were quickly replaced by the unmistakable scent of sex. Other than the slapping sound, Astrid could also hear the whimpering moaned of her step-daughter.

Mike opened the door wider still and Astrid was presented with the sight of Brooklynn. The girl was naked. The only things she was still wearing were her glossy black leather school shoes and white ankle-length stockings.

She was on a raised wooden platform that was angled upwards. Her legs were bound at the ankles and knees and the bindings kept her wide open. Her arms were restrained with leather belts which kept her dangerously sharp nails safety at the side of her wide hips.

A man who Astrid presumed to be Bobby was humping away at the girl’s crotch. His substantial manhood slid in and out of Brooklynn’s wet hot hole at a sickening rate.

Even as Bobby turned around, a handsome young man really, he did not miss his pace. He gave Astrid and Mike a curt ‘sup’ before turning his attention back to Brooklynn’s B-cup breasts.

Brooklynn was gagged with a red ball gag. The ball gag was too large for her mouth and it had made her drool like a pathetic slut. Whip marks covered every square inch of her barely five foot stature. Her dirty brown hair was now a mess on the leather support she’s leaning on.

When Brooklynn saw Astrid, she trashed against her restraints and pleaded through her gag for help. Bobby clicked his tongue in frustration and then gave the girl a hard slap across her cheek.

Brooklynn quickly stilled and settled down, accepting Bobby’s harsh thrusts like a good little teen slut she’s trained to be.

Astrid stood there and stare in still silence, relishing at the sight of that little bitch begging silently for her help. When a smile cracked on her face, Brooklynn’s hopeful looks disintegrated as quickly as ice in fire.

“Bobby, can you give us a minute?” Mike said.

“Sure boss.” Bobby pulled his cock out of Brooklynn’s pussy, turned on his heels and went out the metal door Astrid came from. Astrid took notice of the man’s hefty package between his legs in all its glory as he left.

Once Bobby was out, Mike walked out too. With the door shut, Astrid was now alone with her teen step-daughter.

Astrid took the time to look around her. The room was small, cramp even. There was a small ventilation inlet that circulated fresh air in what seemed like a tool shack. A single LED lightbulb was hanging on its wire from the dusty ceiling.

“Nice place.” Astrid murmured sarcastically.

She turned back to the helpless teen girl. The girl’s body had been thoroughly ravaged. Aside the whip marks, her petite body was also covered with colored spots ranging from red, blue to purple. Most notably was the one on her left eye.

The girl’s makeup was ruined by her tears. Streaks of black eye shade trailed down her cheeks, an artifact of her tearful experience. Her lips had a small tear at the right end and the fresh blood told Astrid that the injury was probably caused by Bobby just now.

“I hope you are enjoying your stay.” Astrid whispered into the girl’s ear.

The girl jerked and trashed in frustration but the restraints kept her still. She mumbled something through her gag. It wasn’t clear but Astrid knew what the teen girl was trying to say.

“If you would just agree to the fifty fifty, I won’t have to take such drastic measures, Brooklynn.” Astrid informed, trialing her index finger along one of the many whip marks on the girl. “But you just have to do it the hard way.”

The teen girl mewled, throwing out promises of agreeing to the fifty fifty deal. Astrid merely smiled and patted on the girl’s smooth and flat stomach.

“Too late, my dear. Once the training starts, it is not supposed to stop until the end. You do know what those guys are trying to do right?”

Brooklynn whimpered in defeat.

“They are trying to turn you into a cock-hungry slut. One that is obedient to me. I have big plans for you Brooklynn. Plans that are going to see us living the high-life.” Astrid chuckled. “Well, for one of us anyways.”

“Of course, I know what you are thinking. You think you can come out of this in one piece. You think that when you come out, you are going to spill the beans on me, sending me to jail along with those men out there for eternity. But I personally know the leader of this group. He’s really good at turning honest and innocent girls like you into mindless cock-loving fuck meat. You can resist, but these men know exactly how to break a girl like you. You won’t last very long. In a week or two you will start to enjoy them raping your holes. By the third week, you’d be begging them to fuck you. In two months’ time, there won’t be much of this left” Astrid twirled her index finger at a defiant Brooklynn.

Brooklynn screamed through her gag. This time, it was clear that what she said had nothing to do with pleading for help.

“These restraints really keep you still and open, don’t they?” Astrid turned her attention to the teen’s pussy. It was hairless, not to Astrid’s surprise.

The pussy was visibly well used. Its delicate lips puckered outward. Astrid remembered walking into Brooklynn showering one time and remembered the girl to have an ‘innie’ pussy. A pussy with lips neatly folded into a narrow slit between the legs.

That was no longer the case. Her neat little package had been mangled by the constant rape that it could no longer form a clear seal. Red and swollen. A troubled hot hole.

“You must be really aching down here.” Astrid teased, rubbing her thumb against the swollen pussy lips. The girl yelped as she arched her body.

“How many times have you been fucked?” Astrid asked rhetorically. She didn’t expect the girl to be able to remember. There were so many of them.

Traces of cum was still leaking out of her puckered pussy. Looking right down, Astrid saw what she expected to be there. A five-gallon water bottle with its cone top cut off was placed right beneath the girl’s gaping pussy. It was there to collect the cum leaking out of her pussy.

Astrid remembered her days with Mike where they would collect the cum shot into the slave’s holes only to dump all the cum down the slave’s throat. And she enjoyed watching their shocked faces whenever she showed them just how much cum was collected.

Picking up the clear container from the floor, Astrid placed the container on the heaving chest of her stepdaughter. Fisting into the girl’s hair, Astrid lifted Brooklynn up and made her look at the clear container.

Brooklynn trembled and made a guttural scream as she stared at the white cream sloshing inside the container. The cum was about two inches deep.

“That’s a lot of cum, Brooklynn. How many cocks do you think your poor little pussy has milked to get this much?” Astrid sniggered into the teen’s ear. “My guess is about a hundred. But then again, I’m not the one counting.”

Astrid turned the container until the black line drawn with Sharpie was facing the girl. She tapped at the line which was about five inches above the current cum level. “That’s how high they need to get before they’re going to stop.”

Brooklynn wailed and howled in desperation. She trashed against the restraints once more. As expected, the military grade restraints didn’t even budge. Her hot little teen holes remained obscenely accessible.

Astrid placed the container back to where she got it from. Then, she walked up to the girl and planted a long gentle kiss on her forehead.

“This is just the beginning, Brooklynn.” She said to the teen girl.

Astrid opened the door and called for Mike whom was sitting at the couch outside. The man gave Astrid a questioning look.

“I’m done talking to her.” Astrid said.

As if on que, Bobby came back into the room. The young man was still hard.

Astrid cracked a grin the moment she saw the young man shoved his thick meat into Brooklynn’s wet little baby-hole.

“Oh yeah.” Bobby growled. Clearly pleasured by the sensation. A sentiment not shared by Brooklynn.

Her petite teen body trembled as Bobby pulled his fat cock back out of the girl’s tight hole. Her juice coated Bobby’s shaft.

Bobby slammed his cock right back into Brooklynn’s tight hole. A loud squeal exploded from the teen girl’s gagged mouth. Her thighs tensed, desperately trying to pull her parted legs together.

But it was of no use. The restraints did a remarkable job at keeping her legs far apart and her poor pussy accessible.

Astrid went on watching Bobby spend the next fifteen minutes savagely violating Brooklynn’s young hot hole. The teen girl trashed and squealed throughout the raping. Not that they did her any good.

Bobby finished with a final hard thrust and sprayed his cum straight into Brooklynn’s womb. He growled. His perspiring body shuddered. Brooklynn shook her head in protest as the young man deposited his seeds deep inside her.

After bobby pulled his fat cock out of her cum-soiled cunt, thick milky white goo followed suit. Bobby’s cum leaked out of Brooklynn’s brutalized pussy and dropped into the container below. The level barely increased.

Bobby went out of the room and in less than a minute the very same black man who had escorted Astrid to Mike walked in. The black man had his pants removed. His cock was rock solid and stood twelve inches tall. Its girth was stunningly massive. Thicker than a can of beer.

Astrid gasped in surprised. She had never seen a cock this thick and long despite her illustrious illicit career as a sex slave trader. Clearly, she was not the only one shocked at the sight of that piece of meat.

Brooklynn was screaming bloody murder. The teen girl pleaded through her gag for Astrid to save her. She trashed against the restraints like a rabid dog being held down.

Astrid had no intention of saving the girl from what was going to be a painful fate. In fact, she was genuinely curious to see if that piece of meat could actually go inside Brooklynn’s pussy.

The black man stepped forward until he’s right between Brooklynn’s spread thighs. The size of the towering menace that was his cock could truly be appreciated when compared to Brooklynn’s petite body.

While the girl’s pussy had had a good stretch from all those rape before this, she’s still clearly too small and tight for something as large as this man’s cock. That thing was as thick, if not thicker, than Astrid’s forearm!

Still, one could never judge too quickly.

“Alright, slut. Open up for big daddy.” The black man smirked. Using his index finger and thumb, he parted the girl’s pussy lips wide apart. With his other hand, he guided his colossal meat until its huge head was snuggly pressed against Brooklynn’s young moist hole.

The black man leaned forward. Brooklynn arched her back. Her eyes rolled back. A guttural voice erupted from her gagged mouth. Her legs tensed – desperately trying to close and shield her young hole.

The pressure continued to mount as the black man pushed further. There wasn’t much room for Brooklynn to move away. There wasn’t much choice for her either. Her pussy was at the mercy of the black man. And the black man didn’t seem to be sparing any.

Suddenly, something gave. Brooklynn let out a low and pained shuddering groan as her body quivered.

Astrid watched in amazement at the teen’s tight pussy lips flowered up and engulfed the black man’s cock head.

Three brutal pumps were all it took for the cock to slip all the way into the teen girl’s pussy. Even then, a third of the man’s cock was still outside of her.

“Oh yeah. She’s real tight down there!” the black man hummed appreciatively. “Your step-daughter sure has a fine pussy, ma’am.”

“I’m glad you like it.” Astrid smirked. “Please, don’t stop on my behalf. Give her a good hard fucking!”

The black man started humping at Brooklynn’s pussy. The girl’s pussy was pulled outwards whenever the black man moved back.

The teen girl had her eyes rolled back. Her face was more flustered than when Bobby rode her. Her young and lithe body trembled.

The black man fucked the teen girl for about ten minutes before finishing off with a big wad of hot cum pumped right into the overwhelmed pussy.

When the black man pulled out, the girl’s pussy was a big round hole. It didn’t even clench to push out the cum. It was just a gaping hole and the cum took ages to leak out of her.

Though the black man came a lot, it made absolutely no difference to the level of cum collected in the container below.

He left the room and could be heard talking to himself that he needed to blow another load into Brooklynn after lunch.

Brooklynn was completely drained. Her eyes fluttered about, struggling to stay awake. Her body was limped against the sadistic furniture. If it weren’t for the restraints, she would have fallen off it.

A second later, a naked Asian man walked in. His body was covered with tattoos of what Astrid believed to be Chinese mythical beasts.

The Asian man did not have a cock as thick and as long as the black man but he was still on the big side. He walked in between Brooklynn’s spread legs, aimed his cock at the overused pussy, and pushed his cock into the deliciously slippery orifice.

Brooklynn tensed and her head bounced up. She saw what the Asian man was doing and frantically shook her head. Incoherent words of pleas poured out from her gagged mouth, begging for mercy.

The Asian man either didn’t understand or didn’t care. He continued with his leisurely perusal of Brooklynn’s teenage cunt until he seeded the girl with a huge load of cum. As with before, the cum leaked out of Brooklynn’s hole and into the container below.

Astrid spent the next six hours watching the girl being fucked silly. She tried not to touch herself as she witnessed the degrading debauchery unfolding in front of her where her sexually-innocent stepdaughter was being raped and creamed by what would eventually be amounted to seven black men, fourteen white men, eleven Hispanic men, and four Asian men. Each of them fucked her at least once. Some went for the fifth time.

By the time it was decided that the teen girl earned her well-deserved rest, the cum level in the container only rose by half an inch.

It was already eight in the evening. Mike had told Astrid on their way out of the building that the girl would be allowed to sleep until four in the morning.

After that, she would be in for another round of gang rape by some forty men Mike had arranged for.

Astrid left the building with a victory smile on her face. In her pocket was a USB stick containing today’s recording of Brooklynn’s gangrape. She would go home, plug it into her flatscreen TV, lay comfortably on her king-sized bed, and masturbate to her step-daughter's obscene fate.


“Where’s dad?” Mikaela asked, demanding to know her father’s whereabouts.

“How many time must I told you? Your father is having a father-daughter time in the Bahamas with Brooklynn.” Astrid told the troublesome girl for the tenth time.

“Why didn’t he bring me again? I’m his real daughter.” Mikaela, the teen daughter of Astrid’s current billionaire husband, asked.

“Because you need to study for your exams.” Astrid gave the usual reason.

“Ugh. Like hell I need to study. Even if I fail, daddy’s going to pay my way to graduation.” Mikaela folded her arms and pouted.

“Someday, you will get to be like Brooklynn. I promise.” Astrid sighed and patted the girl on her head. “Someday, you will get to go with ‘Daddy’ on special trips.”


“When the time is right.”

“You might as well not say it.” The girl snapped and then stormed out of the dining room. “I’m heading out to a party.”

Astrid pulled out her phone and gave Mike a text. After a minute, Mike replied. When Astrid saw the message, a smile curved on her face.

As she watched Mikaela pranced to her sports car wearing nothing but skimpy bikinis, she wondered how the five feet two, hundred- and ten-pound teen girl is going to handle the dozens of hard cocks her inexperience holes were scheduled to milk for the foreseeable months.