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Cum Deposit

2022-10-19 00:21:53

The time is 7:45am, its a warm morning. Mid summer, the sun is glaring. You wake up to your boyfriends cock pressing up against your back. You have half an hour to leave the house and walk to work.

You begin to get out of bed, suddenly you feel a hand on your arm tugging you back in. You turn towards your boyfriend. He has a perfect view of your perky 'c cup' tits and blonde hair. You ask him what he wants. He replied "Suck my Dick". You refuse and continue to get out of bed, you drags you back in and whips out his big vainy cock. At this point, 8 inches not erects he forces you down to his cock as he throws off the covers, sticks his cock in your dry mouth and makes you suck him off. His cock grows in your throat. You gag, this doesn't stop him. You can taste your pussy from the night before on his cock. You satisfy him until he comes close to climaxing when he pulls you off. You scream for a gasp of air before he pulls you up, sticks three big meaty fingers deep into your pussy to widen you up for his cock... He then puts your hands behind your back and sticks his throbbing 10 inch cock deep inside your pussy. Your legs quiver as he enters. Your eyes roll to the back of your head and you bite your tongue so you don't scare the neighbors with your screams! He fucks you deep and hard until he fills you with him warm bubbly cum. Unfortunately, he did not allow you to cum. You lye there is shock, filled with his jizz, and only 5 minutes to set off. He gets off the bed and says...

"Hold that cum in you all day slut, I want it in their for tonight. I have a cuckold to come and suck it out of you! If its not in their, I will kick you out today..." He was an abusive boyfriend but his cock was out of this world, uncut, veiny, big head and girthy as fuck.

You clench your pussy muscles and get changed, unfortunately no time to shower for work. Your breath stinking of big juicy cock and your pussy full of a huge load. You slip into a cute dress for your job at the bank. You are an accountant. Lots of customers to talk to with that fishy breath.

You set off to work with minutes to spare. You feel your pussy all lubricated as you walk due to his cum. You feel extremely uncomfortable. As you approach your work, a homeless man, in his 40's, fair gray beard and long hair shouts "You are sexy, I would give you the time of your life". You look at him and I say "You wouldn't have a chance". You finally arrive at work. 2 minutes late.

The day goes by, you day-dream about your pussy being eaten by the cuckold, how he will grab your waist and hold suck on your clit like its the only meal he has had in weeks. His cock will ooze with precum, it will drip on the floor as he sticks his tongue deep into your moist smelly pussy. Thinking about it so much you go and grab your pussy from your dress. You're so horny just thinking about later on! You rush to the toilet and finger yourself under your dress. You get faster and faster, biting your lip while the blood rushes around your body, down to your small feet in your open toe heels. You manage to fit three fingers in there, the cold cum acts as a lubricant... before you come to climax you suddenly remember, that cum is supposed to stay inside you. You panic, its all over your fingers, not in your pussy. You wipe your hands on your dress accidentally, your tight black dress now has a cum streak... Its only 3pm, 2 more hours until you finish work.

You now have 2 problems, you have no cum in your pussy and now its on your dress while at work... Your breath stinks of cock and your body is all sweaty from fingering yourself in the toilet...

How much worst can this get?

You take a minute to compose yourself. Your mouth is moist and lips perky, your nipples are erect and your pussy is gushing. Somebody will be able to tell you have been up to something erotic. You wipe your pussy with some toilet paper and empty out all the left over cum left by your boyfriend. You go to wipe your nose with your finger, to your surprise, your three fingers smell of old cum, sweat and your boyfriend big juicy cock. You spit on your fingers and drive them up your pussy to clean out the smell. When done, you flush the toilet and leave the cubical. Shockingly, you had no clue that your colleague 'Deb S' from sales was washing her hands. You had no clue she was in there.

"I get right horny too sometimes" explained Deb,

"Wh, what?" you questioned,

'Deb S', Easily the hottest in the office. Always wearing bare legged pencil skirts to hug her outstanding figure, brown soft hair, perky succulent breasts and to top it off, perfect well maintained feet. No surprise she is always horny.

"I heard you moaning in that stall, is that a cum stain?" Deb asks,

"Y, Yes... its complicated. Please don't tell nobody" you beg,

"Your secret is with me babe. Get back to work, Shaun is looking for you"

You rush out of the restroom and back to your desk. Only a couple of accounts to go through and then home time...

Shit! What about the cum? You are going to get kicked out... or he might invite his friend around to use you again... not again. You couldn't walk for 3 days after that, your jaw took so much dick it was stiff for 2 days. That cannot happen again!

Shaun, the ginger manager, lanky but always smelling good. Clean blue shirts and tight trousers showing his meat approaches your desk, your eyes level with his cock...

"Don't forget the cum" Shaun explained,

"What?!" you question anxiously,

"Don't forget the code... for tomorrow, you are on safe duty. Are you ok?" Shaun repeated,

"Ye- Yes Shaun. I am fine. Just things on my mind"

"Go home, I will move your client over to Amy, come back refreshed tomorrow"

"I had a client?!"

"Exactly, see you tomorrow. Also, bring some mints, have you been eating Tuna?"

That was a close one, you nearly had a big client have to see you in a cummy dress and smell like cold cum. You grab your coat and leave work.

As you walk home, you take the little alley way you take daily. The sun is shining, in 3:45pm and you need some cum... Soap? Toothpaste? Spit? Non of these will work. Your boyfriend will be home at 5:30. You have time to think...

Suddenly you are grabbed from behind, one dry crusty hand on your mouth and another squeezing your tit. You are dragged off your feet, your heel collapses. There is no escape now. You try and scream, you can't! A cold dry hand goes up your dress and up your inner thigh. Seconds late your pussy is being groped while this man whispers into your ear from behind...

"Don't worry, as soon as I cum in you, you will be free to go!" licking his lips with excitement. As he says so, he slips one finger into your pussy, deep inside it goes, sending a tingling all through your body. "I haven't got a chance? Well, I do now" the man whispered as he slipped another finger in, your legs tremble. This is the homeless man you passed on the way to work this morning! The homeless man is raping you... but this can help you...

The stench of piss and alcohol over powers your perfume, the taste of cum from this mans hand enters your mouth as he grips you, you gag leading to clenching your pussy. For revenge he sticks 4 fingers into your helpless pussy. 4! 4 fingers have never entered your pussy before! Before you can get used to it, he lets go off you and bends you over, pulling your dress up and exposing your red raw, moist, smelly pussy to him. You don't run, you don't scream. This is a blessing...

You hear his belt latch undo, you close your eyes and not turn around. You have not seen this mans face. You don't dare. A small cock, full of precum hits the walls of your pussy, you release the tension and let him in. He pounds and pounds balls deep, a shame his balls were only 4 inches from his tip... The fact that you were getting raped by a homeless man to not get kicked out of your home tonight really made you think. 10 seconds of thinking, the man cums into your pussy... the warm cum oozes through the moist walls of your pussy. He pulls out, slaps your ass and pushes you away. He runs down the alley and leaves you full of a strangers cum. You hold them muscles and run home!

You get in, you cannot shower, you cannot go to the toilet, you must wait for your boyfriend and the cuckold to arrive.

You feel drained, dirty and absolutely horny! Your wide pussy has been raped twice today and has been filled with cum all day. Only 30 minutes until you will be used again and again and again.

The clock strikes 5:25pm. You are sat on the sofa, legs closed tight to keep that sticky rape cum deep inside your pussy. You sit there, confused, horny and tired. It's been a long day, raped twice. Your pussy is feeling stretched and sore, unfortunately, that pussy is not finished with today. You sit and wait... only a couple minutes now until your boyfriend and his cuckold comes in...

The cuckold; 'Dave G' they call him. Short guy, some meat on him and a small 3 inch cock. Clean shaved face and cock, ashame he gets no action. His 3 inch erect is cut, white and veiny. You don't see it much out of its cage...

Your flat is a single bedroom flat, the front door is connected to the living room. One double couch facing the television, full of cum stains. You can usually taste the cum while getting fucked face down ass up on that couch. As they pound, your tongue drags across the cloth, every pump burning that moist tongue.

Any minute now... your small arched feet, red painted toe nails, well maintained, veiny feet ache in the heels. Due to being dragged off your feet, the back of your foot is cut into your shoe. It stings.

The door swings open, 'Dave G' is pushed into the room, he falls to the ground. Already naked with his tiny cage on. Your boyfriend grabs him and picks him up! You can feel your labia pulsating and your clit dance! Its time! As your pussy throbs, it also throbs with pain, the 4 finger fucking really worked that pussy today.

Your boyfriend, Tommy. Big muscled man, well maintained hair, nice stubble and a monster cock. His sweet 'Hugo Boss' after shave marinaded his body. Some times he sprays his monster cock and fucks you, the burning sends you into a combination of orgasms of pain and pleasure... until he forces it into your mouth.

Tommy comes towards you, grabs your tiny wrist and drags you off the couch with his huge forearms. You stand erect, waiting. He makes his way down to the end of your dress, on the journey he squeezes your cold neck, feels your curvature, squeezing your perky tits, gropes your fine ass. At his destination, he grabs the bottom of your dress and tears it up and off your body, jolting you across the room, your bra falls down your body as you collapse to the ground. There you lie, in your heels and bra down your waist. Your small perky 'c cup' breasts lay apart, small erect nipples, red raw from being pinched the night before. As you fell, some cum leaked out of your sore moist pussy and down your leg.

"Good girl, you held my cum all day. Dave, you ready to eat some cold cum out of her pussy!"

Tommy drags you onto the couch, the cloth rubs against your skin. Your knees are red raw from all the blowjobs you give. Tommy only lets you stay on the floor when his friends are around.

"Dave, tie her hands behind her back!" Tommy instructed.

You didn't know this was happening tonight! Getting tied up wasn't on the agenda. You refuse... Tommy walks over and slaps your pussy, sending an electric shock of pain through your body. Dave grabs some rope and ties your hands behind your back. You are helpless.

"Clean that pussy Dave, I want her screaming!" Tommy commanded.

Dave makes his way to your soft moist, raw pussy, gets on his knees and pushes your legs appear, your lips, stuck together, separate like tearing sellotape off a wall. Thoughts run through you mind, he has full control down there, he can bite! He can finger, he could really hurt you! Before you have the chance to say anything, Tommy stands on the sofa, straight over you. Undoes his belt, zips down his jeans and whips his huge cock out. Dave goes straight in licking your dancing clit, you get pins and needles all down your smooth inner thigh. You gasp for air, as your mouth opens, Tommy shoves his monster juicy cock down your throat, tears fill your eyes, you close your eyes and let this happen. Sluts like you deserve this.

As Tommy fucks your throat, you can feel his dick pulsate, the head pumping with his heart. Dave drives his tongue deep into your pussy and spits inside! This drives you insane, you scream in pleasure but stopped by the giant cock in your mouth.

"She is getting tighter up here Dave, give her more to scream about! and don't swallow that cum!" Tommy explained

Why not? You don't want to taste it, you know where it has been! Tommy keeps pounding your throat, you try your best to breath through your nose. All of a sudden you feel three fingers get driven into your gaping hole, you cum for the first time, your body quivering in orgasm, blood rushing up and down your body, your nipples getting harder, your eyes roll to the back of your head, you clench your toes in them tight heels, you tug on the ropes holding your arms together and moan as loud as you every have in your life. Following this, Tommy slows down and you feel a bulge work its way from his balls touching your chin, work its way down his shaft on your tongue, push your tonsils out of the way and work its way down to the head where a huge load flows down your throat.

Dave keeps pounding your raw pussy with his fingers, constantly hammering your g-spot. Tommy pulls his saliva soaked cock out of your well used throat. You gasp for air, your heart pounding, body stiff in shock. Tommy rubs his cock all over your face, the smell of a big juicy cummed cock is outstanding, the smell of power and dominance. You scream as Dave finger blasts you, you close your legs onto his arms as he works your pussy.

"I think she is done now Dave, show her what them fingers taste like, and give her that load in her mouth. It should be warmed up now" Tommy instructed.

Dave slides his fingers out of your gushing pussy. Your legs tremor in pleasure. Unable to comprehend what Tommy just instructed, Dave shoves his wet sticky fingers into your mouth, grabbing and playing with your tongue. Once done his spits all of the rape cum into your mouth! It tasted disgusting, you gag, Dave goes to kiss you swirling all that rape cum, mixed with Tommy's cum around your hurting mouth.

You feel something dripping onto your smooth, silky stomach. Its Dave's cum, Dave has came over kissing you. His load rolls down your body and glazes your vagina.

"Shit, I have to go. Work needs me... Dave, I will be back in an hour. Have fun." Tommy explains while leaving. The door slams close before you can say anything.

You are alone, bound and naked with a cuckold...

Next thing you remember, you blacked out. You cannot remember anything. You wake up, eyes fluttering staring at your sealing. Your mouth is stuffed with boxer shorts, soaked with water. Your pussy, on fire! Your pussy is burning, you are squirming about, your legs are bound too. You smell toothpaste. That's what it is! Your helpless pussy is full of toothpaste.

You lie there, your throat full of Tommy's warm sticky cum, mouth full of a homeless mans cold smelly rape cum, face covered in juicy cock saliva, stomach glazed with cuckold unworthy cum and to continue the torture, your poor pussy is filled with dry burning toothpaste.

Now you wait, you wait until Tommy comes and saves you...