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12 Grimmauld Place Harry Potter_(0)

2022-09-12 01:02:17

Ok so this is set in 12 Grimmauld Place in order of the phoenix. I'm going to take the basic setting around and then twist events to suit the story.
Ron stood in the middle of Harry's with his mouth open a scarlet prefects badge in his hand. "prefect" harry said incredulously" George and Fred started cracking up with laughter as Ron passed the badge to Harry as if for confirmation that it was real.
at this point Hermione burst in "Did you get it, did you get it" she spotted the badge in Harry's hand and let out a shriek of delight "i knew it! me too well done Harry"
"no" harry replied quickly "it Ron not me, Ron is prefect" as he said it it was like a punch in the chest, how was it Ron surely he was a better choice, he hated himself for thinking these things, but they were true...weren't they
"it.. what?"
"Thats right little Ronnie is prefect" Fred said mockingly
"i wow.. well done Ron thats really..."
"unexpected" George supplied joining in his brother's mocking
"no it.. Ron has done loads....he is really ..."
mr Weasley came into the room "ok give me your book lists i'm going into Diagon Alley this afternoon as your going back to school in a few days and i need to get Ron some pajamas his are at least 6 inches too short what colour dear?"
"why not scarlet to mach his shiny new prefect badge" Fred suggested
"his what dear...OH RON PREFECT" it took her a few seconds to fully understand what had been said but practically milliseconds to reach Ron and smother him while Fred and George made reaching noises in the back ground, which stopped when mr Weasley said yes to Ron getting a new broom. as mr Weasley left the twins cracked up again before dissaperating the three remaining could still hear then laughing in their room. Ron still a bit dazed Dashed from the room to catch his mom before she left to tell her which broom to get him. leaving Harry and Hermione alone Harry found that for some reason he didnt want to look at Hermione. "Harry" she asked tennetivly
"well done Hermione" he replied so heartily it didnt sound like him at all
"err thanks could i borrow Hedgwig so i can tell mum and dad about this they will be so happy prefect is something they can understand."
"yeah sure" he replied in the horrible hearty voice. he bent over and rummaged about in his trunk and waited until he heard the door close and stood up and looked around Hermione had left with Hedwig. he had completely forgotten about prefects being chosen in year 5. but if he had remembered what then would he have been expecting it to come to him did this make him as arrogant as Malfoy did he think he was superior to Ron he spent the day brooding the part for Ron and Hermione made it worse he tried not to show it but he couldn't understand why it hadn't been him. later that night he sat brooding in his room when there was a small knock at the door "Harry" Hermione whispered
"what?" he replied before realising that he should have just pretended to be asleep he didnt really wan to talk Hermione right now. too late though as she pushed the door open and slipped inside in her silk night gown.
"Harry why are you still dressed you. you should be getting some sleep"
"so should you"
"well yes but i had a feeling you wouldnt be, whats up"
"nothing" that horrible hearty voice again. Hermione just looked at him skeptically head on one side her hair falling over her mouth. "all right fine, but you wont like it, hell i dont like it i just dont understand why i wasnt made prefect"
"oh Harry, i understand but think about it you get everything Ron is always in your shadow and he puts up with it"
"I know and thats why i feel such ad tit for feeling like this, i guess im just used to getting everything and take it for granted, i just..."
"shhhh" Hermione put her fingers to his lips to quieten him and then leant in and kissed him
"What about that jealous petty speech turned you on?" Harry asked as he broke away
"i dont know, just seeing you so vulnerable i wanted to show you that you still get stuff" with that she pushed him back down softly kissing his lips. she pulled his top off and let her silk nightgown softly brush against him. Harry put his hands on her tighs and rand them up pulling the night gown with them running over her ass and over her smooth hips and up her curved back until he pulled it off completely Hermione sat back and unzipped his trousers and pulled them down along with his boxers. his dick was half stiff and hung slightly to the side as she wrapped her soft hands with her long delicate fingers around his dick and started pumping it gently causing it to jump slightly and stiffen. Harry looked up at Hermione impossibly beautiful straddling his legs naked he stared at her large full breasts, they we soft and round not at all saggy. her skin shown in the moonlight shining through the window, her soft supple curves glistening. he sat up pushing her backwards until she lay on the bed her legs spread open. he looked at her soft shaven pussy. he bent his head down to smell it. his hands running around her thighs before he slide them to her clit. he rubbed them around in circles slightly Hermione was moaning quietly but was getting louder. he sat up and pointed his wand at the door whispering a quick charm before bending back down no one could hear them now. his tongue flashed out flicking her clit while his finger ran up and down her slit before he finally slid two into her moving them in and out gently while flicking her clit with his tongue. he disengaged himself from her pussy, leaving one hand there with one finger inside her and his thumb rubbing her clit but he moved up to her head kissing her and fondling her boobs. they were soft and smooth. Hermione lay beneath him in a state of bliss moaning and groaning. one of her hands slid up the inside Harry's leg cupping his balls and running along the bottom of his pinis before grabbing the head she started to pump it Harry was very exited by this point, Hermione was the first girl he had eve gone this far with he kissed her deeply his tongue exploring her mouth running over her teeth. his hand ran over her body caressing her boobs and hips. Hermione felt something in deep inside her as if a cauldron had been boiling and had started to boil over a hot sticky fire flowing out of it spreading through her body. her muscles tensed and she bucked slightly under Harry her hand stopped being able to jerk Harry off smoothy her hand moving is fast jerky movements Harry realizing what was happening intensified his assault on her pussy speeding up with three fingers inside her soaking cunt. the realization he was giving one of his best friends one of the hottest girls he had ever met a huge orgasm sent Harry over the edge too and his cock started pulsing shooting it hot sticky load over Hermione's flat stomach and her ample breast. before he aimed a final few shots at her face. He took his hand out of her pussy which was still quivering from her orgasm. he took his hand to his mouth and tasted Hermione's sweet juices the scent of her made his cock jerk sending out another small spurt of cum which landed on Hermione's pussy.
tasting her juices made him almost instantly horny again his cock started to grow and harden again while Hermione watched incredulously "you ready for another one Harry?"
"ohh god yes." he groaned
"well then.. what are you waiting for?" she lay back and opened her leg wider Harry positioned himself between them placing his cock at her entrance and then thrust in with a grunt. Hermione yelp in pain.
Harry stopped "What is it?"
"I'm sorry i just didnt realize it would hurt so much, its ok its fading now keep going it feel good too"
so Harry continued gently sliding in and out slowly at first Hermione winced slightly with each thrust but eventually she got used to his size and lenght and started moaning in pleasure as he thrust deep inside her. Harry sped up his pace slightly with each thrust until his rhythm suited both his need and Hermione’s sensitivity he was thrusting in and out grinding into her while his hand ran over her perfectly crafted body. Hermione started to thrust back onto him and clench her pussy in time with his rhythm, finaly his lover began to rock and squirm beneath him.
“Ohhh. Ohhhhhh God. Harder Harry. Ohh. Harder please.” Hermione begged as she neared her climax.
Harry sped up only a little, but his thrusts became more forceful and he buried himself into her with a burning need to satisfy her wildest dreams.
Hermione’s orgasm hit like a tidal wave. Tingling bolts of pleasure erupted along every nerve in her body. Her legs clamped together on Harry’s waist and her arms clung to him with strength he never guessed she had. For twenty seconds she rode her climax as her last moan turned into a high pitched note of ecstasy.
Seeing his beautiful partner hit her orgasm as well as the clamping and fluttering of her vagina around his dick made Harry pump once…twice…. as she was a the top of her peak Harry finally thrum with feeling as his cum erupted from his shaft into Hermione’s wet crevice.
it was still pumping in load after load when the door opened and Ron and Ginny walked in Harry looked up shocked still pumping cum into one of his best friends while his other best friend stood shocked by what was happening, Ginny burst into tears and ran out closely followed by Ron who seemed to barely be concealing his rage.
Harry and Hermione dressed quickly "you go after Ron I'll deal with Ginny" Hermione said.
Harry ran out of the room and up to Ron's he opened the door quietly "Ron?"
"GO AWAY!, you had to have everything didn't you you could have the prefect so you took Hermione instead you could face not being first for once, you knew i liked her but did that stop you noooo, Im Harry Potter and i deserve to have everything while Ron just tags along behind"
"Ron it wasnt like that i swear, she came on to me im soo sorry"
"Yeah right, its not just me you should apologize to there's Ginny as well"
"why does she fancy Hermione too?"
"no you douch bag she likes you, she never shut up about you when your not here"
"Oh" Harry sat down unsure of himself Hermione was far more beautiful than Ginny but Ginny had something some quality that just made her... special he hadnt noticed until now that he had know this all along but hadnt been admitting it to himself. he was sitting at the end of Ron's bed still unsure of himself when Hermione and Ginny came into the room.
"Ron" Hermione said sa she dashed over to him "im sorry i didnt realize you felt the that way I..I'm sorry i dont know what else to say."
Harry called Ginny over "why didnt you say something?"
"why would you pick me your Harry Potter you could have anyone you wanted, theres no way you would pick me"
"I'd pick you every time"
"but you and Hermione"
Harry looked over his shoulder at Ron and Hermione gazing into each others eyes then turned back to Ginny "i dont think we will have a problem." Harry and Ginny closed in and shared a deep passionate kiss when they broke apart Harry held onto Ginny bottom lip with his for a second longer. they turned to see Ron and Hermione entwined on the bed in each others arms.
"Hermione, shall we end what ever it was we had i think we both have realized who we truly wanted" Harry said
"Im not done with you yet Potter" Hermione grinned Ron looked a her horrified until she looked back at him "Dont worry Ron im not choosing him over you, im choosing both of you at the same time."
"Ginny are you ok with this" Harry asked, it wasnt every day mini orgy presented itself
"it was my idea Harry" she said with a grin
Harry's dick jumped at that thought. Hermione started to strip standing over Ron who was looking up at her shocked by the sudden turn of events. Harry was similarly transfixed by the sight of Ginny stripping. she unbuttoned her pajama top sliding it off over her shoulders thrusting her chest forward giving Harry a magnificent view of her pert breasts. he shivered with excitements as more of her milky white flesh became exposed. then she turned round pulling down her pajama bottoms exposing her ass to Harry who reached out to caress her impossibly flawless ass. he stripped down in seconds and started to grind his dick into Ginny's ass crack "eager" she giggled as Harry's hands ran over her curvy hips. mean while Ron was writhing naked on the bed with Hermione making out while letting there hot naked flesh rub together. Harry and Ginny fell onto the bed next to them. then Ginny and Hermione both knelt up and told the boys to stand up against the wall Harry looked at Ron they seem to have spent time planning this. but they both stood while the girls shuffled up to them Ginny grabbed Harry's hard shaft and kissed the tip making it jump which made her giggle. she then took the tip in her mouth her lips making a seal at the base of his bell end while her tongue worked in circles around his tip. it was a bit sloppy and she made a few slips, she obviously hadnt done this before but she also seemed to know what she was doing and it worked wonders. she slid down the length of his cock. her lips softly touching every part of his erect member her hands rubbed his balls and her tongue licked every part of his cock it could reach. she start to slide up and down when she pulled away she grazed her teeth over his cock making Harry shudder with joy. he was panting he was so worked up when Ginny broke away looking over at Hermione who was looking back then they swapped over Hermione went straight on to Harry's cock, Ginny paused for a second doubt crossing her face Ron looked down horrifed "Wait no she's me..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" he stopped and groaned in pleasure as Ginny's soft young lips slipped over his cock. Harry turned back to Hermione who seemed to be much more practiced at oral, he was intrigued as to how but didnt want to ask just yet. both Harry and Ron were close to coming Ginny motioned to Hermione to swap back and the tounch of her sweet lips sent Harry over the edge he bent over slightly as his muscles spazmed his hands grabbed Ginny's shoulders holding her close to him as he shot burst after burst of warm sticky cum into Ginny's mouth it was dribbling out the sides she obviously wasnt comfortable with swallowing it but she looked up at Harry who smiled as he saw her face with cum dripping from her mouth, she couldn't disappoint him and swallowed licking her lips afterwards smiling that it hadnt been at all bad she proceeded to clean the cum off his dick this time swallowing it with relish. Harry looked over just in time to see Ron unload hard into Hermione's mouth her eyes widened in shock at the force of it. Ginny watched her brothers balls jerk as he sent wave after wave into Hermione's mouth. he groaned as he came "ooohhhhh you have no idea how long i have wanted to do this" this made Hermione chuckle causing her to choke a little and allowing a wave of cum to leak out of her mouth and over her chin before she regained control and continued swallowing. Ginny moved in and started to suck the cum of Hermione's chin she switched fro this to sucking and licking her brothers balls. this stimulation made him unload a few more waves of cum into Hermione's waiting mouth. Ginny kept swapping between Ron's balls and Hermione's lips. Hermione knelt to the side of Ron's cock wrapping her mouth around it while Ginny knelt the other side her lips mashed with Hermione's as the sucked around Ron's dick. Ron stayed hard despite having just cum and moaned as Ginny fondled his balls and Hermione fingered round his ass. Harry was getting hard again watching this and climbed over the bed and lifted up Ginny hips to get good access to her wonderful ass. he knelt behind her and placed his cock in her ass crack the tip nuzzled against the small puckered hole, he tried to enter but his cock wasnt lubed up enough. Hermione saw what was happening and left Ron and Ginny for a minute to tend to Harry's cock lubing it up with her spit, she fingered herself and brought up her finger dripping with her juices and rubbed the all over his cock, she finished with a quick peck on the tip and went back to Ron's cock, Harry turned and repositioned himself at the entrance to Ginny's ass, this time he slid in much more easily she was still very very tight but he pulled at her hips and finally slid all the way in he gyrated a bit in there widening the hole slightly before slipping back until he was almost out of the hole, just his bell end in before he slammed back in Genny made a little squawk. letting go of Ron;s cock with her mouth she sat panting Harry stopped fearing that he may have hurt her. "dont you stop that Potter i have never felt anything like that before, i love it keep fucking my ass" Ginny moaned Harry needed no further encouragement and slid back before ramming himself in up to the hilt. Ginny gasped in pleasure grinding back against him Ron moaned quitely that he was about to cum and Hermione swiveled him round to face Ginny as he started to cum, his cum hitting her int he face repeatedly until she lent forward and took his cock in her mouth swallowing the last of her brothers cum. Harry kept pounding her as she and Hermione started kissing swapping Ron' cum between them, the sight was unbelievably sexy making Harry grind in deep one last time and kept thrust in there hard and his cock exploded the cum ripping out of in in waves that sent a shudder through him Ginny gasped with the force of the cum shooting inside her ass. Harry collapsed on top of Ginny while Hermione turned back to Ron and pulled him down on top of her, he got the message and inserted his unbelievably still hard dick into Hermione waiting pussy. Ginny turned to Harry cum still dripping from her ass. she took hold of his cock and started to rub it between her breast titty fucking him until he was hard then climbing on top of him and sliding his dick into her pussy riding up and down on his hard shaft they could hear Ron and Hermione grunting in the back ground harry hands went to Ginny's hips to steady her on his cock, she was going a bit funny gasping and moaning with pleasure as she rode up and down on his cock her breast bouncing up and down in front of harry until she screamed tensing up and doubling over Harry roled her over and continued to plough into her as she was rocked by a massive orgasm she shuddered and writhed under Harry gasping for breath ere eyes glazed over it didnt seem to abate and as Harry kept fucking her she seemed to peek again and again until Harry blew his load in her quivering cunt he pulled out and lay next to her holding her as she slowly calmed down, Ginnys orgasm's had been so intense they hadnt noticed Hermione and Ron were laying together cum dripping out of Hermione's wet crack, they lay together in the way all satisfied couples do after simultaneous orgasms.